October is the start of the shooting star season. At the beginning of October, the earth is moving through a swarm of meteorites left by the comet P21/ Giacobini-Zinner. There is no better moment to let starbursts bloom, so let’s work together and build as many starbursts as possible! The city with the largest starburst will be the winner of the StarBattle of Draconids.

That was the idea that came up two months ago; the word went quickly around the globe and more and more cities joined the group.

With the start of October 6th in Australia, the first stars also appeared on intel. Over the next 48 hours over 1000 agents created the most beautiful starbursts in over 100 cities around the world resulting in more than 39k links all together.

Some stats:

Largest Starburst: Wachtebeke, Oost-Vlaanderen 2272 Links
Longest Links: Franciac, Girona, Spain 206k km link length combined
Single Agent: Anglesey, Wales,UK. 175 Links - Agent drove 140 miles
Top Country: Germany 9791 Links
Top Mountain Portal: Chelyabinsk, Russia 1480 Links
Top animal themed Portal: Austin, TX 929 Links
Top star themed Portal: Genève 824 Links

More Stats: https://goo.gl/dPdV3B

The amazing SitReps: https://goo.gl/KoLvzx

Thank you to all agents who joined us for the StarBattle. :) It was a huge fun to see all your starbursts and hear your stories!

#vanguard #ambassador #ingress #Niantic #StarbattleofDraconiden

+Andrew Krug +Dominik Schönleben
StarBattle of Draconiden
StarBattle of Draconiden
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