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Some people cannot love you the way you want to be loved. - Bryant McGill
Those who cannot love Some people cannot love you the way you want to be loved, because they are emotionally and spiritually frozen. They recoil from or avoid affection. You will never meet a deep penetrating gaze from their shallow eyes; only a surface glance. They will touch your hand with their hand, but never with their heart. They will serve your body but not your soul....
There are times in your life when you might feel like a boost in your ability to do things, to go beyond surviving day to day life and actually start to thrive. Amy Cuddy shares a very interesting and fascinating way to boost your confidence via body language
I don’t watch many commercials but when State Farm aired this one, it grabbed my attention. WHY? Because they were showing a stepfamily getting married. Today’s family. And what I liked even more was they kept it real. No pretending that everyone was…
Being a parent is not easy, especially if you happen to have married someone with children. Great tips that will help you have a better relationship with your family.
How to avoid being a Stepmonster. An interview with Stay Happily Married.
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Using social media also means to understand what the ground rules are and being respectful of others. It's not a place to badger or harass people. Here is what Blab is all about. I know I plan on using this to connect with others and share my message. Are you on Blab? Let me know so we can connect.  
Quick Links 1. What is 2. Finding & Viewing a BLAB 3. Hosting a BLAB 4. Your Settings & Profile 5. Tips and Tricks What is We thought we’d go straight to the source, so we asked BLAB’s CEO Shaan Puri for a short description: You can reach BLAB via desktop by going to or …
Are you having a hard time dealing with difficult people? Download your cheat sheet that will help you.
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Join me at 10:30am ET at #Periscope for another episode of Stepmom Wisdom. Today's topic? What is a #stepmom ?
Never heard if Periscope? An even better reason to come check me out.
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And if you can't be there live, come back for the replay. It's only good for 24 hrs.

Claudette Chenevert (The Stepfamily Expert)

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Nice synopsis of your day. Glad to see you had fun.
This is simply AMAZING! Thanks Google! When I hover my mouse over the picture, it says Happy Birthday Claudette. How cool is that?
The Real cost of divorce for stepfamilies. It's more than just numbers. It's about the impact on the children.
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More than half of married couples are divorcing, some more than once. We think that once we get a divorce, our problems will be solved and we can start over again. Really?
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I provide solutions to stepfamily problems and issues and take them from surviving in their relationship to THRIVING, one STEP at a time.
I can help you see possibilities and solutions and help you be accountable by listening and supporting you along the way.
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Taking Stepmoms from Surviving to THRIVING, one STEP at a time.

Stepfamilies don’t have more or less issues than traditional families. They're just different. Therefore, stepfamilies need different set of rules, tools and skills in order to live a cohesive family life.  

Claudette Chenevert, known as "The Stepmom Coach" provides advice, support and guidance to women who enter the “Instant Family” realm, feeling overwhelmed, misunderstood and isolated.

When Claudette became a stepmom in 1990, she soon realized just how different this was going to be compared to being a single mom.Claudette needed some answers not only for herself but for others. She became a Master Certified Stepfamily Foundation Coach as soon started her practice so that other women could find support and help for their relationships.

When she is not speaking to women’s groups, or conducting teleseminars, she offers group and one-on-one coaching to women around the world.

She is a contributing writer for Xpanded Family Magazine and Stepmom Magazine and is the author of "31 Days to Better Communication" and "Words of Hope, Inspirations and Wisdom for Stepmoms" Claudette is an active participant on many Facebook groups and has her fan page at 

For more on how to create cohesive and harmonious stepfamilies, go to and sign up for the FREE audio “The 3 Biggest Mistakes Stepfamilies Make”

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Proud Mom to a great son, proud Stepmom to 2 beautiful grown women, 2 great sons-in-law and grandma to 4 beautiful grandkids. Oh! Did I mention that I have the most wonderful husband ever??? I'm so blessed.
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Your Dad Kissed My Mom

I don't watch many commercials but when State Farm aired this one, it grabbed my attention. WHY? Because they were showing a stepfamily gett

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