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Whist is a strategic trick taking card game played in pairs. While it was created in the United Kingdom, it is popular in countries all around the world like Ireland, United States of America, Serbia, Romania, Russia, Germany, Pakistan and others.

Together with another player controlled by your mobile phone, challenge and defeat your adversaries! Use your trump cards to destroy your opponents strategy and implement your own!

Practice your game knowledge, experience and strategies on the Normal Mode. Proceed to the Professional Mode to win and unlock championships and discover more about several European countries! Hire new partners to help you progress and unlock 35 achievements!

- Normal Mode with a scoreboard of 10 points;
- Professional Mode, where you have to manage a budget to register and unlock championships, as well as hire more intelligent partners;
- 35 Achievements to unlock in Professional Mode;
- Integration with Facebook to share Achievements;
- Weekly and Monthly Missions;
- Saving of Games Online;
- In-App purchases to increase budget.

Whist Champion is available for free on Google Play:

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Crimson Warden - Resistance of the Southern Realms is an open world mobile role playing game with its huge and fantastic environment.

After an ancient curse has reawakened in the southern realms of The Crimson Kingdom, the king sends one of his elite warriors, who is the main character of the game, The Crimson Warden, to secure these lands until he arrives with his army.

Game Features:
- 10 upgradeable special skills
- 8 upgradeable character stats
- Endless leveling
- More than 20 different enemies
(Mermaid, Goblin, Orc, Dark Elf, Cursed Warrior, Enormous Ant, Treant, Giant Hornet, Skeleton, Ogre, Pitcher Plant, Ghost, Zombie, Golem, Dark Ogre, Harpy, Bear, Bandit, Vehimorse, Banshee, Spirit Guardian, Hellhound, Wolf)
- Fantastic story with 117 questline
- 6 side quest chains
- Minimap that allows tracking quests
- Interactable objects such as gold, crate, chest and mines
- Breakeble objects such as crate and barrel
- Original soundtracks from Derek and Brandon Fiechter brothers
- Action moment soundtracks
- Pleasure without ads

Crimson Warden is available for free on Google Play:

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Eplpsy is an addictive and easy-to-play arcade game framed in a colorful space setting. Eplpsy is easy to learn, though hard to master. After each level, you have to survive special "Crazy Modes" and sometimes dodge a frenzied UFO. As you proceed through the levels and worlds of the Eplpsy continuum, you will have to escape black holes, dodge explosions, and much more.

As soon as you feel confident, you can enter the voids of duel mode and challenge random players from all over the world! Improve your reaction time, duel with others, and gather a collection of unique spaceships!

All you have to do is this: Dodge everything, get as many coins as you can, and don't lose yourself in the perils that lurk in the voids of space.

How far can you get?

- Colorful and intuitive arcade game
- Endless gameplay
- Randomly generated levels
- Online duel mode
- 5 endless maps in single-player and 6 in duel mode, with different mechanics and scenery. More maps are coming!
- 12 unique spaceships to collect
- 3 different control types
- More than 500 beta testers!

Eplpsy is available for free on Google Play:

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CastBox is the largest podcast app on Android with 5+ million users, 1+ million shows and 50+ million episodes.

CastBox offers continuous playback with customized playlists, the ability to download episodes for offline listening, and one-button subscription options.

- Subscribe to over 1 million podcast channels including top networks like NPR, Gimlet, BBC, Earwolf, HowStuffWorks, PRX, This American Life and CBC.
- Stream or download 50 MILLION+ episodes of podcasts, radio channels & audio books for FREE.
- Search or listen to your favorite podcasts in 70 different languages.
- Discover new and trending podcasts from 16 different categories.
- Listen to podcasts in your native language or try learning a new language with our many language teaching podcasts.
- Keep track of your subscriptions with cloud syncing. Listen from any device anytime and anywhere.
- Easily upload or record your audio content via mobile or desktop device to create awesome podcasts.
- Unlimited storage with no audio uploading restrictions.
- Personalized recommendations based on your listening history and channel subscriptions.
- Powerful search function that allows you to find your favorite podcasters, channels and episodes.
- Discover new podcasts with CastBox’s daily trending and most popular lists.
- Simple one-click subscribe for your favorite podcast channels so you never miss an episode.
- Comment on podcasts to share your opinions with others.
- Share your favorite podcasts with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

CastBox is available for free on Google Play:

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Reweyou Forums is a platform to create and join groups that really interest you. Our app lets you get specifically connected with like-minded people and their ideas, unlike other social-media that have become chaotically undirected. For instance, if you are a fitness freak, you can directly join the 'Fitness' group and learn lessons; and even give some of your own. Or if you want to know about travelling and stuff, or want to share your experiences of the same- maybe even guide people about it- you can easily join or create a group of the same, and enjoy real-time discussions with an equally passionate bunch of people.

We aim at providing you the company of compatible people, and look forward to a healthy exchange of ideas and knowledge of things that you are really interested in- through our app. So, next time if you wish to find a hilarious meme, or write your first poem, you can easily get on it through Reweyou Forums.

What can you do on Reweyou Forums?

1. Explore Groups - Explore among hundreds of active groups related to Fitness, Physics, Chemistry, Movies, TV Series, Astrology, Travelling and many more.

2. Create Groups - You can create a group of your choice, use cool gifs to represent them and set rules.

3. Follow your interests - Equally passionate people are sharing a lot of interesting information, discussing it. Follow your interest groups to get access to such information.

4. Earn Badges - More Knowledgeable members have higher badges. They have earned it. There are already Editors trying to become a star; Stars trying to become an expert; and Experts trying to become a Legend.

Reweyou Forums is available for free on Google Play:

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Yo Browser is made to improve your internet surfing experience. Yo Browser is a Smart Mobile Web Browser which lets you explore the internet quickly and easily. You can also call it 4G browser as it is faster than other browsers available in market. It also helps you download your files more quickly and safely from internet. Yo Browser doesn’t only provides the ease of internet browsing but it also takes care of your privacy and security. With features like swipe, ad block, incognito, fast downloading, fast browsing and white-list Yo Browser is all set to become your default and most loved browser.

- Swipe: Swipe from top to bottom to watch and close tabs or settings. Swipe from bottom to top to access features like history, night mode, download, incognito mode.
- Fast Browsing and Downloading: Yo Browser is the fastest android browser which offers fastest browsing and downloading speeds to make your internet browsing experience more better than ever.
- Play Or Download: Play music/videos directly in the browser or if you want than you can download them with just one tap.
- Data Saving: Save your mobile data by enabling ad-block and no-image options.
- Night Mode: Don’t let the brightness harm your eyes while you’re using the phone in dark! Just turn on the night mode.
- White-list: Control what websites your child can browse by enabling whitelist feature.
- Incognito Mode: Someone else also using your phone? Don’t worry! Just Go incognito if you don’t want others to see your browsing history.
- Barcode Scanner: We have included barcode scanner in our browser so you can easily browse websites using barcodes!
- Language: Everybody loves to use internet in his own favourite language so Yo Browser comes with 9 Languages (more language coming soon)

Other features include JavaScript, Notification Priority and other controls! Many more features are coming soon, we are working hard to make Yo Browser Awesome! Stay tuned with our free browser, right from Google Play:

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With you can create your own personalized GIF TV experience by selecting from over 1000 free and hilarious GIF TV channels!

Never a dull moment in your life again! No registration required. No fees and No advertising!

To get started it is as easy as:
- Download Now!
- Select your channels... as many as you like!
- Watch your personalized stream and Chill!
- Share GIFs through your own favorite social or messaging network
- Save your fave GIF to share later

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of GIFs with us! Download for free from Google Play:

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Phase Spur is a casual puzzle game with cute little creatures. When they are happy, their spirit and cuteness endear everyone, so much so, it’s easy to get carried away by their cuteness. However, when they are disturbed, they can be quite annoying. So, here's a thing, MAKE THEM HAPPY! The task is, arrange no more than two creatures in a line. As they are adamant in nature, no three creatures (not more than two) can exist along a line (vertical, diagonal and horizontal) from their point of view.

The game is made for both casual gamers and serious puzzle lovers. Solving a level requires careful analysis and observation. Improvisation works very rarely in this puzzler.
So, embark on a stylized visual journey by solving puzzles and make these cute little creatures smile again.

Phase Spur Features:
- Two game modes: Classic Normal Mode and a taxing challenge mode
- A leader board to watch out your friends
- Five different and adorable creatures
- Has 78 Levels each in Normal Mode and Challenge Mode. Overall there are 156 levels to test and challenge your brain. Can you solve all the puzzles?
- 41 Interesting Google Play Achievements. Can you unlock all of them?
- Dynamic difficulty system that assists and adjusts as per your play that provides an excellent replay value. Are you ready to face the challenge?
- Phase Spur is optimised for tablets
- Clean, intuitive design with a relaxing soundtrack
- Share your level completion mastery (Screenshot) with your friends
- Phase Spur is a Family friendly game, sharpens your observation skills and can help you train your brain
- Phase Spur is localized in French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

Phase Spur is developed and published by Vishtek Studios LLP. Enjoy and have fun playing Phase Spur. The game is inspired by 'the no three in a line problem' introduced by Henry Earnest Dudeney (1917).

You can get it for free from Google Play:

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Wallpaper Studio 10 is a unique wallpaper app for all Android & Windows 10 devices even for Xbox One. Thousands of high-quality HD & Ultra HD wallpapers for your devices. Set or download them with the click of a button.

Collect your favorites backgrounds. Create new themes using folders and set your own individual slideshow on any or all of your devices. You can upload, share and get likes for your own wallpapers. Be the first publisher who has the most liked wallpapers.

Wallpaper Studio 10 is available with tens of thousands of high definition wallpapers for you to download for any Android & Windows 10 device (PC, Tablet, Mobile, Xbox).

- Total synchronization across your Android & Windows 10 devices
- Set slide show for background on any or all of your devices with one click
- Upload your own wallpapers and share them with millions of users
- Top publishers list with amazing collections
- Create your own folders and individual slide shows
- Set or save wallpapers
- Daily new pictures
- Search through categorized wallpapers, tags & colors
- Sort the wallpapers by date or popularity
- The most popular wallpapers within reach
- Rate and share wallpapers
- Add your comments
- Save and view your Favorite wallpapers
- Find your previously used background on your History folder

Wallpaper Studio 10 is available for free on Google Play:
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