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Just noticed that I uninstalled the Book-Face app from my phone...

... already 2 weeks ago!

Seems I didn't really miss it!

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I wish I could uninstall the facebook app from my phone...damned HTC.
Because it's build into the system, or because there wasn't any fb app to install firsthand? 
It came with the phone and there's no option to uninstall. Super irritating.
Haha nice one.

I share the same issue. Came preinstalled and I never used fb, so I wanted to get rid of it...

Even tried oldschool tricks, like dragging magnets
Any non-vital apps should be removable.

I think the next iPhone will have deep fb-integration too, not a clever move to anchor those 'features' deep in the os.
"Any non-vital apps should be removable." YES!
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