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A gift for all your facebook friends on behalf of Google+'s first anniversary!

I made this mashup a few days ago, I think all your facebook friends will love it!

Hint: You might want to save the picture to your desktop, and share it to your facebook account!


( Dark Side of the Moon themed g+ from
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Great gift! Thank you, Claude :)
And yes, I'll share this on Facebook.
Great! - But it's the false logo for G+ I can't share this logo on FB, I've to modify it ... ;-)
Excellent! I encourage all Facebook users to display this on their page!

Get your friends over here to join the party!
Love this, Claude, thanks for sharing it - going to put it on my facebook page, if I can figure out how - I'm almost never there ;D
Brilliant. I can think of a few uses for this.
That's well done. haha :)
No difference as both are social networks.
To me the difference i'm seeing between G+ and FB is that Google have a road map for G+. Google are trying to solve real world issues with the integration of other goolge products. Add to this their vision for things such as the glasses project i have a sense that G+ (and Google) is far more than another simple social network.
let's hope betamax wins this time :)
I dont know why people dont just switch to G+ is waaaaaay better ...i say ..try it u might like it !!!!!
by the time people realize how annoying facebook is - G+ will be feature rich and waiting open arms :)
I have only one real problem with G+ it still feels a bit techie. Mainly due to the fact that most of my 'friends' still use FB but i can use G+ to find new connections around subjects i am interested in.
yeah my old friends use facebook too
G+ needs to have some sort of custom css overlay on client's browser to be even readable. It is too left heavy. Apparently G+ users are fine with breaking their necks reading on such a lobsided layout. Magic fail.

Fb is naturally center aligned.
Conclusion, Facebook's interface is better designed than the current G+ regardless of how much hate its Timeline receives.

Good thing on my Firefox with greasemonkey + stylish addons, I am able to apply and overwrite the custom interface that are designed by total random strangers on the internet who are not paid as highly as Google's design team but still wants to bring a better net experience for others in the same boat.
This is also the home of Einstein.
I don't think too many people will get the dark side of the moon reference, probable just assume it is something to do with LGBT.
Well never was into the face with a book
Because people just don't want to let go of what they already know and don't even know what they're missing.
Very cool.

I would share it on facebook had I not closed my account and requested it be deleted!
More like just because it is Google pushing out these terrible layout designs, fanbois will immediately think it is cool. Any other company that pushes out the exact same layout, people will scream their heads off.

Something to consider:
Ubisoft was the first to push the whole "always online drm" and people were screaming at how terrible the idea is. When Blizzard pulled the always online drm on Diablo 3, all of a sudden people were buttkissing Blizzard's awesome idea.

Same can be said for Google's fanbois
What world do you live in where people like Diablo 3's always-on requirement? All I hear is crabbing about it from people who want to play single player.
Only the few who are mad about D3's always online drm are more vocal about it.
The fans defending Blizzard does seem to be more than the few angry customers.
Be prepared for their rage once they see the current G+'s left heavy layout :p
i love google + its the best place to meet some new ppl 
and thats what i like 
what about Twitter? But I agree.
Um...Hi i'm Princess Unicorn Buttercup, to tell truth this is my first time on Google+
Nice graphics for G+ tribute....Yes indeed this is a magical place to meet many friends around the globe....Let the magic begins....
Funny. I thought the reason people come to Google+ is they hate their friends on Facebook. Why would you want your Facebook friends here.
Matt V
None of my friends are on g+. I'm pretty lonely here. 
I love g+:)
Simply awesome... G+ is where the magic happens! :-)
Ashok N
Half the G+ "What's Hot" stream is made of posts, that say why G+ is better than Facebook. 
These ad drawings became boring. Stop this commercial shit, you harm g+' prestiege.
Too many fake people on G+
Thanks, I'll mod it then post it to Facebook. No doubt people will all winge about it and complain about their lives
Love it, dropped straight into my fb feed!
Hey Dustin....calm down. Haha. joke. I promise there are way more problems in the world to be so serious about. I have both and still thinks it's funny. 
+Claude Rieth Love it, Claude! I can walls of rolling eyes when I post this on FB :-)
Already posted...... :)
Brilliant, I've done it, posted to Facebook profile!
My hat is off to the person who created this. Well done!
Actually, according to "Did you Know" on Google+, facebook makes people depressed.
My take is, not all people were depressed on facebook you just cannot please everybody.
+Claude Rieth thanks and shared on my facebook account. I think Google+ is great but it doesn't seem to be taking off in the UK
+Bob Foyers not really taking off here in the states either.  But as more people begin to hate Facebook because of their unscrupulous policies and general lameness, hoping G+ takes off.  The recent upgrades and the events thing may help.
I love this. Thanks for sharing. I deleted my facebook page over a year ago, but I'll share this with my friends to post on their fb pages.

I love the Google+ community.
 That is true for the people who don't have Facebook's.
where the truth and future is
Nice post, but I fear a mass migration from Facebook to g+ might bring along some bad Facebook habits with it. I prefer that they find out by themselves how awesome g+ is. Just saying. nevertheless very nice post and thanks for sharing it :) 
Lol I posted this to Facebook and it won't show up in new feed....
To be honest, I think I want 80% of my FB contacts to stay there and never discover g+.
thats cool... I dont have facebook so where the magic happens is on Google+ for me...! :)
Should i make my first facebook account to be able to share this?
Valla, es algo mmm cierto, lo que pasa es que tambien los amigos estan allá en fb este cambio tardara poco a poco
Ilove it google+1 and thanks its great community shore to share in myvprofail
alls friends hw r u............................
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