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Fix to show Google+ Locations with maps for rooted devices!
+Steve Jones is the one who helped me and told me that Google plus needs to be a system app in order for locations to work. There is an adb method but I don't know how to do that so I did it manually with root explorer.
First you need to go to /data and move to /system/app then you have to go to /data/app-lib/ move all the files out of that folder into /system/lib reboot and you're done. You should now have the locations feature with maps working. While you are moving Google plus it will force close on you. Just hit OK until you are done and can reboot. I attached two pics, one is the adb method the other my method. I hope this helps some of you who want to locations feature to work. Edit: #missingmaps #google+locations #blankmaps #mapsnotshowingingoogle+
Edit: Root Explorer has been giving me issues not copying the lib files. So I used another file explorer with root access and it worked! Just an FYI
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I will have to try that. But what about all the people who didn't get G+ as a stock app and don't have root, aren't millions of people affected?
Thanks!!! this did fix the problem! I'm on an HTC One running Sense 5 ROM (Trickdroid 8).
+Claude A Robinson III Maybe edit your original post and add the words "no map tiles" and "missing map". I tried Googling everything, but your post never came up because it doesn't say anything about the map in Google+ Locations.
You're the best.  Thanks so much!

Those running CM, don't forget to add the apk and libs to your backup scripts!
Thanks for the tip. I've been looking for a solution for quite a while now. My Note 2 is running beanstown rom from xda and I did not need to move the /system/lib files. Only the .apk was moved and it's now working fine.
I"m not finding in the Data folder of my SD card or storage? Using root explorer
sdcard\android\data\ no plus-1 apk
also looked in:
Am I looking in the wrong place? 
+If Google terminated latitude they need to fix Locations in G+. This is way to complicated. G+ locations doesn't work on either my android phone or tablet. Not ever rooted and still having a problem.
CC +Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz 
Haven't tried this on my SGS II LTE running CM10.1 yet (am having this exact issue), but just wanted to add that I have rooted my N7 as well (running stock still) and the map tiles show up fine on the N7. So my guess is it's not rooted devices, but rooted devices running custom roms?
I'm not rooted or have a custom rom on my Asus Transformer tablet and it isn't working for me. 
Awesome, this worked perfectly.  I'm glad someone finally figured this out.
I don't seem to have a /data/app-lib/ folder?
After moving the .apk, the app force closes trying to start
Actually, on second though, the Google+ app would have come as a system app with the Nexus 7...
+Shawn Medeiros look in /data/app - that is, in an un-technical way,  folder " / " (which is the "topmost" one), subfolder "data", subfolder "app"
This works great on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (I535).

Thanks for the fix!
+Shawn Medeiros the folder may be hidden if I recall. Make sure you have hidden folders & files viewable.
And just for the record, mine was -2 not -1 at the end and it still works flawlessly. 
I did the command line in terminal, and had no problems. Except for my typing.
Skyler Call
The text in the picture can be confusing because it isn't clear where the line breaks are intentional.

> su
> mount -orw,remount /system
> busybox mv /data/app/ /system/app
> busybox mv /data/app-lib/* /system/lib
> reboot

For some people, is actually You can type the following command to see which you have:
> ls /data/app/
for those on CM (10.1+) use the file manager but go into Settings > General Settings and tap Access Mode.  Select "Root Access mode".  now back in the file viewer you should be able to back up to the true root level of the device.  just be careful!! :)

from there you should see data > app-lib ... 
+Owen Iverson I dont' have CM, i tried ES file explorer with root r/w, and rom toolbox pro's root browser, and they both can't see any /data/app/app-lib/ folder. I tried also to input the commands with terminal emulator, but when trying to move the folder in app-lib it says "no such file or directory"
could anyone list or upload somewhere the files in /data/app-lib/

+Owen Iverson I'm running NeatROM for galaxy s2 which is basically a stock Samsung rom with bloatware removed.
NICE!!  Works perfectly now!!  Running AOKP.
this worked like a charm for me! Thanks to the folks who made the fix known.

This seems like something +Google+ and +Google+ Help should be interested in....
It doesn't matter if you are rooted or not. If Google + is not installed as a system app the locations feature will not work. There is also a gapps zip on goo which has Google +as system app in it. Trevd aka +Steve Jones made it. The same guy who gave me this solution. Use at your own risk, I use it on my Nexus 7 running CM and it works great! 
It will break again after a Google+ update if it really is because of the /system versus /data. Google didn't do their work properly..
+Calvin Uijlen will it? What's the difference between moving the APK to /system and then installing the update versus the APK being preinstalled there and then installing the update?
Just to point out, your plus apk might also be called /data/app/ and the libraries, /data/app-lib/ (it's named that on my N4)

so like +Skyler Call said, just do a quick ls to find the exact name. :)
Thanks for posting this.  If I followed your directions correctly, I would have gotten it to work on the first try!  Oh, well, second try is the charm.
For anyone running older than 4.2.1
> mount -orw,remount /system
> busybox mv /data/app/ /system/app
> busybox mv /data/data/* /system/lib
> reboot

+Paolo Zanetti Your /lib/ folder will be like ^^
Got it to work. Moved just the files in the lib folder to system/lib
Les H
Works like a chizarm. Nom sayin? 
it works! I hate to type command so i finish it using Root Explorer + Titanium Backup though :P
Thank you!

Like Paolo, I found the libs at /data/user/0/

mount -o rw,remount /system
busybox mv /data/app/ /system/app
busybox mv /data/user/0/* /system/lib

Running deTmobilized_1.4 on my AT&T SGS3.

+Rumos Mok I tried TB it didn't work. I can push the apk with root explorer but when i try to push the app-lib files they are already in /system/lib So right now i can't get it to work even though this method worked before for me. I am on the Google Experience rom on my S4. maybe they is why the lib files are there already... Not sure.. Going to keep playing with it, or see if a buddy can make me a flashable zip file. 
move to /system/app Only

do not move  /data/app-lib/ folder into /system/lib

If you move the app data lib you get constant force closes
+Terry Wrennall you don't move the entire folder to system/lib just the contents of the folder. If you just move the apk you only moved half of the app to system and it won't work. 
+Claude A Robinson III i did it in a two-step process
first copy the lib files to the new location using Root exploer
then convert G+ to system app using TB

the issue with TB is that after converting g+ to system app, the lib files are gone and you cannot find it in the old location - looks like TB has copied them to a wrong location
Ok, so I'm having this exact problem, BUT, there is no OR file ANYWHERE on my system to move (GalS3/Att/CM10.1.1/Google+ App  Anyone have any ideas?
+Chris Miller just wondering.. Could there be a version named PlusOne.apk? I found that file on my nexus 7 in /system/app and it has the g+ icon
G+ seems to fix the issue.
I just reflashed the ROM (wiping the /system partition) and the location section is rendering properly even after the flashing!
Can anyone confirm?
+cocker dunn FYI
+Rumos Mok do you mean to carryout the factory reset before re-flashing it?
I am glad this post helped so many. Thank you to +Hans Hong for suggesting to make my post more searchable. It seemed that it worked... I posted this on 6/20 and since yesterday this post has gotten a lot of attention. ;-) 
Probably due to yesterdays announcement that latitude is being retired.
I suggest not to use root explorer, even though it worked at first but they updated it and it had been giving me trouble. I used another root file explorer and it worked again... 
I just SSH'ed in and did it with command line. 
mount -orw,remount /system
mv /data/app/ /system/app
mv /data/app-lib/* /system/lib
I was attempting to move app and lib files via terminal emulator. I moved the app fine, lib files were not found. So I rebooted and G+ was broken. No surprise. So I moved the apk back the other way, which seemed to work, no complaints and entered the "reboot" command. When the phone was back, G+ locations had map tiles. Odd, but I'm happy it's working. 
This didn't work for me. I had to move lib files (was plus2 not plus1) then apk. Other way around the lib files were not there to move
+Adrian Price did you by any chance reboot after moving the apk and before moving the lib files? Just curious... Glad you figured it out and it worked for you. I didn't think it would matter what you move first. But every device and rom are different... 
+Calvin Uijlen What you said is not true. I just updated G+ this morning with the new version and it still works. Or, maybe they fixed it right quick? Doubt it though.
Make Google+ App a system App wird Titanium Backup. Then Google+ will crash. So go ahead and restore Google+ with Titanium Backup and everything works fine. I did that on my N4 and N7.
+Claude A Robinson III yeah several times I tried with reboot, without. Clearing app data didn't work either. Every time I moved the apk the lib files were not there. But moving the lib files first worked a treat. Although was named plus2 not plus1
I had to delete the lib files and move G+ to system, clear caches on app. then reboot and reinstall from system using root explorer. that worked well for me hope it helps anyone else
I have NO IDEA why this is not working for me, but it's starting to really get on my nerves
I've tried all suggestions here, except for Shell commands bc i have no luck with them, and nothing has worked. Im about to say F*CK IT and let +Google+ deal with this!!
Stock T-Mobile G2. No map layer. Can't try any of these workarounds since I'm not rooted. Fix it, Google. Or better yet, don't kill Latitude.
Thank you, I tried several solutions listed online but yours was the only one to fix this issue.
On CM 10.0 I was able to move /data/app/ to /system/app/.

I did a quick reboot (probably not necessary)

Click on the apk in /system/app to install, said yes to everything and it works great.

Thanks for the info Claude!
+Jason Brennan's solution is what worked for me, otherwise I was  just getting force closes all the time. Thanks! (Note II, CM10.1) 
I have converted Google plus to system app with titanium back up and now works alright. 
So what do we do when no variation on any of the above suggestions works? I've got a i9300 running the latest LiquidSmooth and I've tried all the above suggestions as well as several variations and G+ just force closes as a system app. I even factory reset and tried from scratch. Blank map.
Excellent Info. Corrected problem on N7 and VNex both running CM10.1.2. Thanks for the post.
After I moved .apk and libs, reboot. I can't see G+ anywhere. When I tried to launch it from /system/app folder, it says, that package is corupted.
That is so weird +Petr Řezníček . I use that gaaps zip for my nexus 7 and it works. Have you looked with titanium backup to see if it is there? If it is i would uninstall it with TB, then reflash your rom and the gaaps without wiping data. Then just wipe cache and dalvik. Let me know if that works. Maybe the reason the zip isn't working is because g+ is already installed ( but not correctly). 
I converted to a system app using TB, but then i had to go into the Sytem/App folder and install it again from there for it to actually work. Only get the basic map though, no satellite or street view. 
+L. Ennis the map view is normal, you only get the other map views in Google maps. Glad it worked, never thought of doing it that way. 
+L. Ennis Your method seems to be the easiest. Thank you! Thanks to all of you for trying to help we simple folk out.
Thanks +L. Ennis , after I used TB to convert it to a system app I got force closes. Didn't think of just installing it again :o)
my GS3 does not have a /data/app-lib directory.  Could it be somewhere else?
Did it on CM10.1.2 on my GS3 using terminal emulator.  Slow to reboot but perfect results.  Thanks!
I did it via TB, no reinstall instead
Yes,I am rooted, with CleanROM 7
After reinstalling, a few days later it started force closing again. :-( 
Is anyone else having a problem sharing their location?  
+Jochen Gumb Excellent, confirmed that Making a G+ backup in TB first, converting to System app then restoring App+Data works on Gnex with CM10.1.2 toro
Worked perfect using terminal emulator on CM 10.1.. Thanks :)
I think I did something wrong and bricked my G+ app? Help! How can I start fresh?
I've got an HTC one x and can't find /data/app-lib anywhere. Please help?! 
+Zachary Morris yes you can do that but you need an additional step. After converting it with TB you need to go into your system apps, find g+ and click on it to install it. People have reported that method to work as well. 
+Zachary Morris you have to use a root explorer and go into
/system/apps (in the root directory of your system/SDcard) and find g+, click on it and it will install. (You do this after your converted it into a system app via TB) 
can anyone help me here please.. i have the same "no one's on your map" problem .. I have nothing in my data folder, its completely empty.. However i found the file named "PlusOne.apk" in system/app/ ... What should i do to make it work?
Maybe a stupid question, but has anybody shared their location with you guys?
yea my friend is sharing location with me .. and i am also sharing location with him .. but neither can he see me nor can i see him .. both of us are using HTC

Sorry guys but double posting your original post is not going to help you figure this out. Read through the comments. There have been other methods mentioned. If that doesn't help you, do a Google search. But if you are running an AOSP Rom I mentioned a gapps zip that you can flash which has Google+ as a system app in it. Read the comments and your shall find your answer ;-)
i am sorry about the double post.. i refreshed my browser and the same comment was reposted.. sorry about that :)
Note that I had to chmod both the apk and libs to the same permissions as the surrounding files to get G+ to show up in the launcher and work (Galaxy S2 intl / CM10.1 Nightly)
I found that gapps zip but I have no idea what to do with it, can u tell me in detail (consider me as a dummy) :)
New question.. How do I check Locations on my iPad?
I didn't get any message on hangouts 
I'm using HTC one s .. what is Rom
I got it working! .. Thanks! :D ... But now there are region restrictions :(
Aha yea that might be true then, I don't know what is rooted device 
I live in the Faroe Islands (between Iceland and England) .. According to forums there are many countries that are restricted :(
Crap. I moved the files as instructed, rebooted and now it G+ doesn't show as installed. So I moved them back and it's still broken.
+Ryan Mann just uninstall it with TB or manually delete it from system apps. Then try again but make sure you move both apk, and files then reboot. Let me know how it worked out for you. 
Thanks. I got it all working. I restored my backup and then used TB to move the apk to system manually moved the lib files. 
Not sure what to tell you +Seanette Blaylock . I noticed that Some file explorer's don't show the data folder correctly. They show it as empty. Not sure why, but I know root explorer works for sure. 
+Seanette Blaylock try clicking on the g+ apk in system/app and see if it will give you the option to install it. If it does, that should put the files automatically into lib. If that doesn't work convert the regular g+ to a system app with titanium backup and then do above mentioned steps with clicking on it to install it. For some people that worked. I would also recommend to read through all the comments, several other methods have been mentioned. Good luck
Fixed it for me. Thanks for posting.
I also didn't have the "data/app-lib", but Claude's hint about just moving the apk into the "system/app" directory, then installing Google+ from there, using a root browser, worked great. I think i used the free Root Browser.
For me, it was working by converting the google+ app to system app via Titanium Backup
worked for me :-) only moved apk.,., no lib folder was there.,., Xperia S 4.1.2
I just, moved the app to a "APP SYSTEM Converter" using Titanium Backup, and then restart the phone, and  it works fine too.
None of this makes any sense to me and many others who do not know what adk or rom or root app or system app..very confusing..can someone please walk us through the steps in terms we will understand?
+Theresa O Donnell if all these terms are foreign to you then I am assuming that you are not rooted. Is that correct? If your answer is yes then this will not work for you unfortunately. In thy case you would have to wait until Google fixes it. Most stock roms ( out of the box state of your phone) should have Google + installed as a system app. Therefore the map tiles should show under locations. If you phone did not come with Google + pre-installed then I don't know how to help you. I am sorry... 
If you do a Google search on a term used here you will find plenty of useful information about it. ;-) 
+Theresa O Donnell My title of this post is Fix to show Google+ Locations with maps for rooted devices! which should tell you that you need to be rooted... 
The initial instructions worked just great!  Thank You!
I have done this copy and it work's !!! Thank's !!!!
 Galaxy S3 (rooted)
"/data and move copy to  /system/app "
does the new google+ apk fix the problem? the workaround doesnt work with devices running gingerbread... the 4.1 apk gives me parsing errors... guess ill have to wait till the update gets pushed to my device...
Thanks! My file location is difference but it works after I moved them to system folder 
/data/app  for apk file and
/data/data/ for lib file
Moved as per the post about and worked now!
Thank you, but I think there is no "latest" gapps for 2.3 gingerbread
I think the latest update fixes this issue. A friend of mine, +Tony Simons confirmed it yesterday to me... so just wait for the update guy. +Martin Brunnhauser you can always follow the steps to do it manually like I posted above. Good luck
I have a Galaxy s4 verizon and only map tiles will show up. I opened Titanium backup and scrolled down to my google+ app. select that and scroll down to convert to system app. I did this and now it shows the location map as it should. Before it only showed tiles. I didn't even have to reboot. Hope this helps you. By the way my Phone is rooted with a stock rom..
Just tried this and now my maps work on locations, thanks! 
did anyone get this to work on a MIUI rom? (using Asnet miui v5 on i9100) and it still doesnt show location after moving apk and lib-content.
Moved the apk to the system folder and then copied the lib files per the instruction. One issue with the process was that the folders were located at different levels in the file system tree. I used root browser to do the job. Cheers +Claude A Robinson III 
Awesome ! I figured that hot used those because just using TB didn't work for me. .. 
Where data?
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