Fix to show Google+ Locations with maps for rooted devices!
+Steve Jones is the one who helped me and told me that Google plus needs to be a system app in order for locations to work. There is an adb method but I don't know how to do that so I did it manually with root explorer.
First you need to go to /data and move to /system/app then you have to go to /data/app-lib/ move all the files out of that folder into /system/lib reboot and you're done. You should now have the locations feature with maps working. While you are moving Google plus it will force close on you. Just hit OK until you are done and can reboot. I attached two pics, one is the adb method the other my method. I hope this helps some of you who want to locations feature to work. Edit: #missingmaps #google+locations #blankmaps #mapsnotshowingingoogle+
Edit: Root Explorer has been giving me issues not copying the lib files. So I used another file explorer with root access and it worked! Just an FYI
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