As March approaches, start dates disappear from +Coursera courses

The Coursera homepage ( now categorizes certain courses as Courses Under Development. Start dates have disappeared from the class websites of these courses as well as a few others. The following courses have had their start dates disappear:

* Making Green Buildings by Martin Fischer [1]
* Probabilistic Graphical Models by +Daphne Koller[2]
* Game Theory by Matthew Jackson and +Yoav Shoham [3]
* Human-Computer Interaction by +Scott Klemmer [4]
* Anatomy by Sakti Srivastava [5]
* Computer Security by Dan Boneh, John Mitchell, and +Dawn Song [6]
* Information Theory by +Tsachy Weissman [7]
* CS 101 by +Nick Parlante[8]

Some of these courses had previously announced [9][10][11] that they have been delayed due to administrative and legal issues.

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