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As March approaches, start dates disappear from +Coursera courses

The Coursera homepage ( now categorizes certain courses as Courses Under Development. Start dates have disappeared from the class websites of these courses as well as a few others. The following courses have had their start dates disappear:

* Making Green Buildings by Martin Fischer [1]
* Probabilistic Graphical Models by +Daphne Koller[2]
* Game Theory by Matthew Jackson and +Yoav Shoham [3]
* Human-Computer Interaction by +Scott Klemmer [4]
* Anatomy by Sakti Srivastava [5]
* Computer Security by Dan Boneh, John Mitchell, and +Dawn Song [6]
* Information Theory by +Tsachy Weissman [7]
* CS 101 by +Nick Parlante[8]

Some of these courses had previously announced [9][10][11] that they have been delayed due to administrative and legal issues.

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"Machine Learning" has also had its start date removed. It now says "Class starts To be announced". Before it said it was starting in February.
All the Stanford courses seem to be indefinitely postponed for now, sadly.
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