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New study finds about 70% of responsive sites surveyed are slow to load, due to heavy image use. I guess that kind of makes sense -- with a dedicated mobile site, you might pay more attention to dropping out images.
While many brands are using responsive design to create websites that deliver a consistent experience across multiple platforms and devices, mobile web developer Trilibis found that image-heavy responsive design mobile sites are taking an “unacceptable” time to load. Evaluating page weight, images and load times for 155 prominent responsive design websites — including, and […]
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Cool +Josh Trout. You'll have to share your thoughts and/or slides with me sometime. 
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Clark Taylor

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Yes! I knew there was something deep and special about #caturday . Share your cat memes freely and without shame!

Thanks +David Amerland!
Why Cat Memes Matter

In her book on games, titled Reality is Broken researcher and game designer Jane McGonigal goes on to explain that a game engages us because it helps provide clear goals, a strong sense of purpose and a powerful feedback loop that is immediate in its response. This seemingly simple formula activates the part of our brain that first made us step out of the relative safety of the cave when we had an imagination big enough to visualize all the horrors awaiting us out there and a self-awareness that was sufficient to make us realize we had no really powerful weapons to fight back with. No claws, teeth or overly developed muscles. 

But we had our brains. And they craved activation. This is also why Caturday, for all its apparent silliness and naysayers, has such a strong hold on us. At its basest form it provides a laugh. It allows us to connect with other people over a common understanding of a joke, in a safe interaction that breaks the ice and allows more meaningful contact and communication to next take place.

That’s the creation of a communication framework. And it’s global. 

But there’s more to it than that. A cleverly constructed meme is heavy with semiotics and semantically dense. The one I’ve chosen here, for instance, can be taken at face value given the analysis I am carrying out, but it is also self-deprecating. A signal that despite the expenditure of thought, time and energy I put into the subject and the post I am also poking fun at myself. The thinking is important. The person should not be. There is a deep humanity to our connection in this way that makes everything suddenly approachable when, perhaps, it might not otherwise have been. 

Google’s Head of the Agency Strategic Planning team, +abigail posner , explains this in more detail when she says that “The research showed us that far from distracting us from more serious things, these viral pictures, videos, and memes reconnect us to an essential part of ourselves.” ( 

Neuroscientists explain that synapses occur inside the brain when we’ve made a connection between various different things. The more random the components connected, the more synapses occur. Synapses are the basis of creativity. In other words, synapses firing equals creative joy.

So a cat meme (or even a cat pic) shared in a familiar environment can challenge us, make us think, cause us to laugh, empower us, help us connect, fire up our synapses and give us a fleeting moment of pure joy. Which is why we will do it again, and again and again, but in true human fashion, we also understand that the rules of the game require a challenge as well as a restriction. A framework though which we can both attempt to succeed and experience the thrill of participation. 

We do not post cat memes every day or even every hour of the day. We wait. Until Caturday. And we think. We look for clever ones or ones that really push the envelope. We share personal ones, because they are unique. We add to the visual internet. And in the process we learn, grow, expand, laugh, connect and interact. Globally. Netizens of a brand new culture. Creators of a world being born.

Check out some of the most popular cat memes ( and have an awesome #Caturday . 
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+Clark Taylor you're very welcome. :) 
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 Street View algorithm helps Google engineers crack CAPTCHAs...
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The conversation SEOs are having with brands who ignored Google+ and chose to focus on Facebook.

HT +Eli Fennell

#seohumor #fridayfunny #postads
I imagine there are more than a few brands whose SEO's are going through this right now.

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Are Hangouts Disruptive Technology? Uh, yeah!

I so wanted to watch this live! This isn't so much a book review of Google+ Hangouts for Business by +David Amerland as it is an in depth discussion about how Hangouts can "make brands more personal and make people more like brands." 

As +Mark Traphagen points out in this HOA, Hangouts allow any of us to become media producers. Or at a minimum we can meet with people more personally.

Another great Hangout you've put together +Eric Enge!
+Eric Enge and +Mark Traphagen host +David Amerland, the author of the G+ Hangouts for Business book, and +Ronnie Bincer, the Hangout Helper.

The show will air at 12:30 PM EDT (Boston time) on Monday April 14th.
Just say YES to get access to the video for live viewing, or later viewing.

The YouTube link is: G+ Hangouts for Business - The Book

Also, INVITE others (please)!  Or SHARE the event with others.  Your help in promotion is much appreciated!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Eric Enge. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
G+ Hangouts for Business - The Book
Mon, April 14, 12:30 PM
Hangouts On Air

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+Clark Taylor thank you so much for sharing this and, as always, "Mark is right". HOAs democratize what primarily used to be a means of communication controlled by few. 
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Clark Taylor

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Well, Google isn't broken but far from perfect...especially the regional Google engines as you can see in the examples in this post by +State of Digital.
Why Google is Broken...

+Gianluca Fiorelli writes about how the Hummingbird update has caused all kinds of issues for regional Google versions, which the search quality team are in no hurry to resolve.
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First photo taken with Google Camera using the new Lens Blur technology which helps smartphone photos look more like SLR photos.

Yeah...should have tried something other than my dirty old WVU hat...but that's the first think I thought of.

#lensblur #google
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FYI +Chris Poli just found out the default setting for Lense Blur Quality is "low (fastest)". Just changed it to "High".
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Leaf blower + paint roller + 2 rolls of TP = Tons of Fun
Toilet Paper Gun - I've got to have one of these.
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Clark Taylor

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In Your Face, Facebook! Google Launches +Post Ads

If you're wondering what Google +Post Ads are and why they're important for brands, this +Eric Enge article on Forbes will provide a simple explanation.

For a more detailed summary of just how big of a deal this is for Google and how truly revolutionary +Post Ads are, check out +Mark Traphagen's article on Linkedin ( As Mark explains, Google figured out how to monetize Google+ without cluttering it up with ads like Facebook.
Why +Post ads are Important For Brand Pages

Here is my take on the +Post ads program from Google.  I think this is a brilliant move by Google to draw new users into the platform.  Brands will use this program to drive their content marketing program, and in the process create exposure to Google+ to a whole new generation of users.

Here is the article:

Thanks to +martin shervington and +Mark Traphagen for their clear thinking on this new development from the Google + team.  And, Watch for the May 1 edition of the #DMEShow  that will feature +Christian Ashlock who is the product manager for +Post ads at Google!
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Thanks +Clark Taylor!
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Clark Taylor

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This is a must read for any serious SEO. My favorite is #4 - Google is broken...makes me lol. Great article +Eric Enge 

#seo #mythbusters
7 Modern Age SEO Myths

SEO is a field that is loaded with myths.  You can still find people who think that SEO is all about metatags. But, the last few years have brought us some new myths, which +Stone Temple Consulting's CEO +Eric Enge  summarizes here in his latest post on Forbes (link is below).

Please SHARE the article if you like it.  Thanks!
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Thanks +Clark Taylor!
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Marketing Geek, Mountaineer, Husband, Daddy, Believer
Most of my posts are about marketing, SEO and social media stuff but I also post about sports, being a daddy or just stuff I think is interesting or funny. I also write a lot of business and restaurant reviews around the Washington, DC area and where ever I travel.

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I'm an SEO geek, social media and Google+ evangelist working for the great Eric Enge as a principal marketing consultant at Stone Temple Consulting. I've worked with Fortune 50 brands, start-ups, local businesses and previously as an in-house SEO.

Recently, I've been working on difficult SEO problems including Penguin and Panda recoveries, SEO strategy, site redesigns and re-platforms. I'm become a student of semantic search so I can help my clients adapt as Google evolves. I also enjoy helping individuals and organizations improve their brands by building their influence and trust online.


I love hanging out with my wife and daughter, working on home improvement projects and going to West Virginia Mountaineer football games. I'm also an active member of the National Capital Area Chapter, WVU Alumni Association, currently serving as a board member. I created and manage the chapter's Google+ page and have setup several private communities. I've lived in the Washington, DC area for over 14 years, but still call West Virginia home. I guess some might say I'm religious. I believe the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God. I recently started attending Trinity United Methodist Church in Germantown.

Anyway, reach out to me and say hello. I'm a pretty friendly guy!

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  • West Virginia University
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Worst. Panera. Ever. 30+ mins to get our food. The manager did come over to apologize after we finished out meal. He said 3 people didn't show up for work and they had been short staffed all day.
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Very good steak sub and reasonable beer prices for NYC. Just a couple of blocks from Times Square right around the corner from all the chain restaurants.
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I have a real problem trusting auto mechanics but I really do trust Auto Masters. My wife and I have both had minor repair work done here and I feel we got quality repairs at a reasonable price. The shops we used to take our cars to usually require an appointment more than a week in advance. Both times we've used Auto Masters we've been able to get our cars in for an appointment within a couple of days.
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Carabba's is one of our go-to places in Germantown. It was recently remodeled and has a much more open feel than before. Our food is consistently good and 90% of the time we go here we get excellent service. My wife likes the spiedino de mari and I usually the the veal marsala. My daughter just gets pizza or or spaghetti with butter. Regardless, I always get the sausage and lentil soup (Awesome!).
Food: Very goodDecor: GoodService: Good
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132 reviews
Spent 3 nights here for the ClickZ Live conference earlier this month. Hard to find anything to complain about in this place other than the rate. But it's New York, right? Initially the elevator system is a shock but once you understand it you'll wonder why all large hotels don't do it the same way. The location in Times Square couldn't be better. Like most people, I do wish Internet access was included. At $300++ per night, you'd think that would be covered.
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Love the Jamaican blend the most. My favorite coffee now for over a year. Wish Costco had more blends to choose from. Haven't tried ordering online but may try that next.
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Used this Chick-fil-A to cater my wife's birthday party. This food was very good and my guests seemed to love it. The only negative is that when picking up the food, the restaurant was very busy and I had to wait until someone had time to help me. I called the order in advance. But I recommend not picking up catering orders near lunch time. I also eat breakfast here on a regular basis. Love the sausage breakfast burrito. I would probably get breakfast here more frequently if the coffee was better.I prefer coffee from McDonand's, Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. Also, it's kind of annoying when they ask me if I'm eating in or taking it with me and they stick my meal in a bag regardless of what I tell them. I've been to many Chick-fil-A's in this area and other areas and the one thing that always stands out is how polite the employees are. This Chick-fil-A is below average on friendliness. Some employees are very friendly and others are not.
• • •
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