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Google Hangouts not working with Galaxy S3. Any solutions?
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I can not get mine to work rings and says waiting for "person" to pick up....but their phone doesn't ring.   I know it's my problem because "person" phone worked when another dialed it through hangout.   We were all in same run trying to get this to work. The "person" doesnt' have galaxy SIII.
I can enter a Hangout and hear the audio, but my video camera remains off.
well, you are one step ahead of me!!  Please contact me if you find a solution!
The hangout is really awkward to find in the first place on an Android SGS3. They are not yet set up to join Hangouts in any reasonably easy way at all.
I have found out the +SGS3 will initiate a +Hangout successfully with the camera working, but when it joins a hangout the camera does not initiate.
Had anyone found a fix for this yet?
Last night I went on my google plus page and realized I didn't have the CHAT feature turned on...I think that might of been an issue.  I haven't tested it yet.
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