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Randy Hoover
That one guy, who likes cars, and technology.
That one guy, who likes cars, and technology.

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Google Fiber coming to Austin was the best thing for the rest of us.

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April 22, 2013
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Anyone looking for a job? Here's a couple that is currently accepting applications for. (excuse the links being through jobvite it's how my work does referrals.)

Windows System Admin II in Atlanta Georgia

Linux System Administrator II in Atalanta Georgia

Data Center Administrator II in Fremont, California

Data Center Technician-Contractor in San Antonio Texas

Senior Network Engineer in Fremont, California

System Administrator in Atlanta Georgia

Q Team Rep  in San Antonio Texas

So for everyone who has the #evo3d what Rom you guys running?
+Jorge Suarez +paxton camaro +Grant Thomas

I'm running Myn's Silk right now, but I'm in the mood to try something else, any suggestions? Has to be ICS and sense though :D

Trying to find a Cheap Nexus S I9020A unlocked. Let me know? I'm getting ready to jump ship from Sprint to Straight Talk, or one of the other MVNO services that are cheap, because I barely use my cellphone and don't need an $88/month plan for just me when I could get both my wife and I on a MVNO for $90/month....

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Project blog was a #success got my and my wife's blog up and running <insert hipster comment> I used instagram before facebook bought it</insert hipster comment>

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Any of you good tech people here in the SFBay looking for work, my work is hiring here in Fremont

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I am "The Angry Artist, The Writer, The Know-It-All, and the Investor at #DrawSomething according to this.
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