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I feel like I could post anything here because nobody reads it :-)

Does anybody actually look here?

I must be using Google+ wrong because I just don't see enough good content to make me want to check it often.

So what is the best Goolge+ plug in?

I find most of the rulings on the health care law to be severely flawed.

I do believe that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, so I obviously disagree with decisions that support the health law.

However, the latest ruling made it clear that this doesn't strike down the entire law... that is false. The law did not have a "severability clause." So if any one part of the law is unconstitutional, then the whole law is unconstitutional.

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So it was a hoax.

Does Harry Reid not understand his hypocrisy? Paraphrase: "The Republicans can't be set in their ways and demand that there will be no new revenue. That isn't going to happen, they must come into this with an open mind."

Isn't his mind not open to the idea of NOT raising taxes?

Best way to update Facebook from Google+? The email feature cuts off the text of a 'long' post.

Is it just me or is Domino's new customer feedback feature an invitation to having your food messed with when you complain?

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Nothing more to add.
How did the debt crisis happen?

1. lawmakers repeatedly passed legislation that spends more money than the government takes in, ignoring potential consequences.
2. Presidents (mostly starting with Bush and really kicking in with Obama) pushed through spending programs that bore no relationship to fiscal sanity.
3. In 2010, the voters said "enough" and voted in a bunch of Tea Party Republicans, giving them a mandate to put a stop to 1. and 2.
4. You know the rest. Even if we just raise the debt limit again, our debt will still be downgraded unless serious spending cuts are enacted.
5. Did I miss anything? Fill in the blanks!
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