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I am hiding in my living room..there are people in my house.. visiting my husband.. I don't want people.. I want chocolate.. I want to hang out in my PJ's and I want to make myself something to eat ...but they are just not leaving... make people go away ..give me back my freedom!!
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Get into PJs. Wander through the house. Wander back to living room. They'll get the drift.
They might get the wrong idea and think I am invited them to stay longer :o0
Try confusing, tug on your husband and have the car keys ready and say "We'd love to stay and chat but we must really be getting off to home."
Subtly, yet unmistakably, give your husband a sign that you need sexy times like right now. They'll be gone within five minutes.
I am sadly deficient in chocolate today.
Never underestimate the power of crazy behavior. Share a little crazy with the "guests" and you'll have the house to yourself in no time. Just thinking of the possibilities makes me want to have a crazy Hangout right now...
BTW: still in my PJ's. Never got out of them today.
When we have visitors I dont want, my solution to the problem usually involves a shovel and some slaked lime....
But then again, we live out in the country...
You know what's better than chocolate? Post-coital chocolate.

You know it's true.
+Paul Ramsay my husband is an is kind of expected that we are a little crazy..sometimes I think that is the attraction.. I might just have to walk around naked..that will just scare them shitless and they will flee!!
And you never know, you might end up with my plan too into the bargain! Finish off with chocolate and internets and everyone's a winner. ;-)
if I tell you I am sitting naked on my sofa eating chocolate would you believe me ? ...night all <3
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