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Claire Winson
Strategic Communications coach for female entrepreneurs
Strategic Communications coach for female entrepreneurs

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"If you don't value yourself you won't provide as much value because you will hold back your gifts from the world"
- Kate Northrup

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T-shirts & clothing with messages reminding the world that a girl can be smart + strong!

Please check out this #Kickstarter campaign & if you can't pledge then please SHARE (there are only FOUR more days & it needs/deserves support)!!

All Girls Can - "Style for Strong Girls": an online clothing company to inspire girls (and boys) with empowering messages on unique clothing options.

(not my campaign I just love the message - what do you think +Brit + Co? Could you share - they only have FOUR days left of their camping?)
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Caring for a family while building and nurturing a #homebusiness often feels like complete chaos. Who am I kidding, it IS chaos!!.
(Guest post on Intentional By Grace)…/

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Running a #homebusiness & a family is TOUGH, mama!

In a home business, you are probably the MD, the admin and bookkeeper, and the chief coffee maker! On top of that, you are the family manager, snack associate, and activity co-ordinator for your children. Whether you have one child or four (or more!), home schooling, public schooling, or too-young-for-schooling: each element creates a totally different scenario for your business and you family. Balancing it all can be tough, and zap your strength.

But here are SEVEN ways to manage BOTH like a ROCKSTAR!

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WHO your audience is affects how they motivated, WHY they would want your services and THAT determines HOW to speak, and WHERE to find them.

In fact, your ENTIRE biz is hinged on having an in-depth answer to this question: WHO are your ideal clients?

Join me for an intensive two session to Uncover Your Ideal Clients - discover their motivations, fears, hopes and why they would want to utilize your services.

Find out more here or send me a PM #mompreneur #femaleentrepreneur

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Hi all, I have an offering for all my women friends who have a small business (and please can I ask you to share this with YOUR female entrepreneur friends & family?)

When you are struggling to bring on ideal clients, working with anyone willing to pay, frustrated in your business, seeing slow (or non-existent) growth, working hard but not seeing results (in terms of new clients) & have a low engagement there is a gap in your communications plan – and it STARTS with your audience.

Your ENTIRE business is hinged on REALLY knowing the answer to this one in-depth question: WHO are your ideal clients.


Because WHO your audience is affects how they motivated, WHY they would want your services and THAT determines HOW to speak, and WHERE to find them.

The two-hour "Uncover Your Ideal Clients session' is $100 (usually $197) until the end of October and it WILL change how you do business & who you do business with (just ask Deb Eastwood, Kristy Jayne Jones, +Marzenna Almendro & Lily Corinne).

This is a two-hour, thought-provoking & energizing Skype session (& my personal fav!). After years of building communications strategies for my clients I’ve seen that most entrepreneurs don’t REALLY know who their ideal clients are (even if they think they do).

My clients and I go on a journey to discover everything we can about the clients you want to work with (part of it IS choice but it’s partly who you resonate with, which is why it is so important to have an extra person – me – in the process. Some things are impossible to see when you are so close up).

Book your two-hour session at the following link: and message me for payment details (payment must please be received within 48 hours of booking to reserve your seat)

Thank you! <3 <3 <3

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Are you struggling to get your business known and uncomfortable with the idea of “self-promotion”?

The world of business is overflowing with self-promotion: selfies, professional shots filling our websites, Facebook Live, YouTube videos, and real names serving as domain names.

(and there is nothing wrong with that; in fact it makes it a whole lot easier to do business)

But it isn’t for every woman in business.

I work with female entrepreneurs in service-related business to craft a well thought out, purpose-driven communications plans that helps you map out the conversations you want to have with your ideal clients.

Don’t let your brand become a chaotic hot mess of throwing words and opportunities together in an attempt to woo clients (who really just end up feeling confused or worse: don’t hear you at all).
It’s out with chaos; let’s get intentional about how you communicate your business.

In 5-7 one-on-one (one hour each) sessions over Skype we will create a strategy unlike any other strategy. How can I say that? Because your strategy honors you & your ideal clients: no two plans are ever the same.

If you have struggled with your business but not sure if this is right for you, please schedule a 30 minute free Skype session. Working with me is more like sitting down for coffee & advice with your bestie, who happens to have been in PR & communications for almost 10 years, and who honors your true self during the process. And for probably less of a financial investment than you think.

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Four Truths to Simplifying your Business

Here is the biggest biz truth:

Only one thing in business matters; that you add value and you are consistent at doing it. (Ok, that was two things). All the other things can crumble into the sea, pass them off, and let someone else do them. Either outsource the fluff or LEAVE IT.

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Five Reasons Not to Outsource (at least until you read this!)
Does the tail wag your dog? It shouldn’t! Advertising, public relations, sales, marketing, events, sponsorship, and even packaging are all part of one big happy communications family.

And your communications plan is the mighty matriarch of them all (I have no idea why, but Stephanie Forrester of Bold & the Beautiful just popped into my mind. Ha! Yes, a mighty matriarch).
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