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Claire Knowles

All assignments graded and final grades visible in ecourseware. Rubrics uploaded to LiveText. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections in this course. I have enjoyed it! Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday season. +Betsy Herlong +Alba Villarreal

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Do you have any questions about your final portfolio?

If you could change one thing about the course, what would it be and why?

What has been the most beneficial aspect of the course?

What has been the most challenging aspect of  the course?

I realize my questions didn't post to this discussion forum.  I have extended the deadline for discussions for Module 9 to Sunday, along with Module 10. 

Review the OPI sample videos above.  How would you rate the Novice speaker (NL, NM, or NH)?  How would you rate the Intermediate speaker (IL, IM, IH)?  Fully explain your answer.  How would your students rate if you were to give them an OPI?

Think about assessments you give in your classroom (or, assessments you've taken as a language learner).  Do these assessments align with your end goals for the course?  In other words, will a student who receives an A at the end of the course have done so because they've reached a certain proficiency level, or instead because he/she turned in all work and made A's on vocab and grammar quizzes?  How can your testing strategies be adapted to make sure it aligns with your proficiency goals?

Does a global, holistic score provide an instructor the capability of giving diagnostic feedback?  Think about what you would want to know about your own oral proficiency in the second language.  Would a high score on an oral proficiency test mean that you did not have weaknesses you could work on?  Would a low score indicate what specific things you could to to improve?
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