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It's that time of year when family comes together and the pressure of all those Christmas preparations can make for some short tempers. I hope this new way of looking at the way we communicate—and could better communicate—with our loved ones will help...

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BIG QUESTION for today: Are you letting your life happen to you, or are you actively designing what that life looks like every single day?

In this first of two articles, I challenge you to think about where you are in each area of your life and whether that quiet whisper within is calling you to change.

Read on...

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Is there a single event, season or time in your life around which you have created one single storyline? Perhaps there was a very definite before and after, and the events that happened in between left you feeling broken, hurt, angry, or all three. When you tell that story, what do you say? Is there perhaps more that really needs to be said?
Today's post is all about why your single story is not the whole story and how only the full truth can set you free...

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I wish I could slow down, live more in the moment, take time for yoga, meditation, writing...but in this season of my life in full time school and as a single mother finding a moment to just stop and take a deep breath is tough.
But last week something happened that changed my whole perspective...
If, like me, you spend your days running from one thing to the next, this may help you too.

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How high is self-care on your list of priorities? It's ironic that few of us have the time to take care of ourselves because we are so busy being productive in the rest of our lives, but if we don't make room for our physical and mental health that productivity suffers.
Here are 21 super simple ways to practice self-love on a daily basis, along with some writing prompts to help you integrate whichever tips most resonate with you.

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What is the perfect body and how long have you been trying to achieve one? For me it's been 30 years...and I'm DONE. It's time to start seeing our bodies differently and stop starving them in pursuit of an ever elusive ideal.
Here are some great writing prompts to help you make peace with your body and begin a new life as someone who accepts and loves yourself EXACTLY AS YOU ARE.

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Thinking of writing your story? It's a common life goal but few of us ever get around to it.
Find out what holds people back and the 7 big questions we need to ask that will help us on our way:

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Expressive writing is one of the most healing tools I know to carry us through dark periods in our lives. If you ever struggle with depression, here are 10 writing tips to help ease you through the journey - no writing experience necessary.

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Studies show that journaling boosts immune function, reduces blood pressure, aids in depression, and elevates daily moods.
I’ve had first-hand experience of this --my journal has become a kind of counsellor in my life. And it's free!
Here's how you can make expressive writing a part of your life and how it can provide some of the same benefits as counselling.

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In the words of Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein, “Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.”
We fear change, often avoiding it to the point where the lack of change cripples us more than the change itself. But with change comes great possibility and transformation -- we need only take that first step.
If you are facing a great change in your life, or considering making one, this post is for you.
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