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Claire Burge
Part chaos. Part rocket fuel. I play in the intersection of humans and systems. The future of work is my fascination. I nerd out on downhill mountain biking.
Part chaos. Part rocket fuel. I play in the intersection of humans and systems. The future of work is my fascination. I nerd out on downhill mountain biking.


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Really excited for this episode of #noemail . We're on episode 11 already and we're really getting into the meat of why this is a critical societal issue that needs to change. Our guest today will be sharing his personal experiences around working within government and how he is pioneering an email free environment. 
Hello everyone! Welcome to Episode XI of the bi-weekly 'Life Without eMail' vodcasting series with co-hosts Claire Burge and Luis Suarez.

In today's vodcasting episode both Claire and Luis will co-host our special guest +Richard Denyer-Bewick (@therichdb) to continuing picking things up from our last episode and cover one of the most controversial topics around #noemail   itself: Why is it so hard for my colleagues to embrace #noemail , just like I did? Will I be able to succeed on this journey without them? If not, what can I do? And, most importantly, why is it so difficult to live #noemail in the public sector, i.e. local government (in this case).

In this particular episode we will be interviewing Rich to share his in-depth experiences, insights, lessons learned and so on, from over the course of time, about his own #noemail journey in local government and where he'll be able to share with us the benefits, the struggles, the key learning(s), what worked, what didn’t, and, eventually, how you, too, could become a #noemail advocate and practitioner within your own organisation, whether from the private or public sector.

Rich has been blogging along his #noemail journey for a few weeks now sharing some pretty interesting, insightful and resourceful articles you could have a look into over here > as well as in and, finally, '10 Top Tips To Slay The Email Beast' -

We look forward to seeing you all joining us live on this week's vodcast at 16:00 UK time (noon EDT) on Monday, July 6th .

There will be a live Q&A session as well during the live vodcast, so you can share across any potential questions you may have with us. Come and join us! It will be fun!

The hashtag for this vodcasting series as well as the 'Life Without eMail' movement will be #noemail

Let’s go! Let’s do it! :-D

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that moment where you're invited to create the future with some of the most intimidatingly smart minds of our time ... i'm honoured to be in london this week as part of founders forum 2015 ...

#fflondon   #creatingthefuture   #productivity  

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Yak Yak Yak.. So many speaking events! Love getting the opportunity to meet new people and hear about the challenges we all experience when it comes to work. Tomorrow I'll be at +Radisson Blu hotel speaking at Zoom In's  Executive PA, Secretary & Admin hosted by +Decision Magazine with some other incredible women. Book Your place here

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Totally excited to be sharing my #noemail story with Anna Foster and Tony Livesey from +BBC Radio 5 live​ on their Drive Time show.

Tune in to listen live at 16:25:

I promise I won't stand you all up like last time ;)

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When I answered my buzzing phone this morning I was not expecting this...

 +BBC Radio 5 live  called and asked me to appear LIVE today and talk to +Adrian Chiles about my #noemail mission.

I will be on air at 11:30am. Tune in and listen live here:

I knew the sun was shining for a reason ;)

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EEEeeekkkkk! Today is like Christmas Day for us here at +Get Organised! It's global #NoEmailDay! A chance for everyone to experiment and leave e-mail behind, let's do some proper, good work today. If you're looking for inspiration there's a whole community of people dedicated to doing good work, they all have their own #noemail  stories. +Luis Suarez, +Andy Swann, +Lee Mallon, +Kim Spinder are all part of the life without e-mail movement. +Renuka Rayasam and +Wendy McAuliffe have covered this counter culture movement, both amazing article, with interesting points.

Follow @getorganised on twitter for updates and information about taking the steps to remove e-mail from your life. Also follow the driving force behind this mission @NoEmailDayHQ.

Take it easy- start at the beginning:

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The story of my #noemail mission and my work with +Get Organised  featured on the +Citrix blog thanks to +Wendy McAuliffe. Such an honour to have them share my story

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And the #noemail  movement keeps growing :) // +Luis Suarez 

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I love working with the women of Network Ireland, I always surprise myself by learning more and more with them. Next week, Wednesday 22nd April I will be speaking at an event hosted by the Network Ireland Meath/Louth branch.

The event is FREE for members of Network Ireland.
Tickets only €15.00 for non members.

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Today I become an Irish citizen! :)

Thank you to every Irish person who has welcomed me over the past 6 years. Thank you to all the friends I've made.

Thank you Ireland
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