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Business Consultant, Proffessional Speaker, Social Media Strategist, Entrepreneur
  • Success Matters
    Business Consultant & Strategist, 2011 - present
  • Management Matters
    Business Consultant & Trainer, 2008 - present
  • General Electric
    Recruitment & Training Coordinator, 2000 - 2001
  • SAP AG
    Recruitment, 2002 - 2002
  • RPS Group
    Human Resources, 2001 - 2002
  • Fidelity Investments
    Recruitment, 2003 - 2004
  • National Centre for Visually Impaired Children
    Human Resources Manager, 2004 - 2007
  • Employment Matters
    Employee Mediation & Career Coach, 2007 - 2008
  • Life Matters
    Life Coach, 2007 - 2008
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London, UK
Dublin, Ireland. - Belfast, Northern Ireland - Bielefeld, Germany - Portstewart, Northern Ireland - Church Crookham, Hampshire. - Verden (Aller), Germany
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0239 2037652
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Business Coach/Consultant, Entrepreneur, I work with Start up businesses, specialising in strategy, effectiveness, branding, and online marketing including social media
I work with Start up businesses, specialising in strategy, effectiveness, branding, and online marketing including social media. 

Coming from a background of working in Human Resource Management and Recruitment in Multinationals, I registered my first business in 2007, and experienced a steep learning curve as a first time entrepreneur.  

My passion is to provide first time entrepreneurs with the support, guidance, knowledge and skills so that their learning curve is gentle, maximising growth of profits, rather than constant investment of time effort & money into their start up, with little return. 
Bragging rights
Mr Smiley Sharkey lives with me, he's the coolist, smiliest shark you'll ever meet! He has his own Facebook Page and Twitter :)
  • King's School
    1987 - 1992
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Claire Boyles

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My first bit of fresh air and sunshine since being discharged from hospital, still weak and in pain but grateful I could get outside today. 
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Sorry to hear that you were ill, hope you are on the mend now Hugs xxx
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I'm enjoying a day brushing up my #professionalSpeaking skills at +Jeremy Nicholas 's masterclass #London  
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Claire Boyles

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I had a great night +Thalassa Seafood & Steak Restaurant & Bar​ , #Elvis was in the building!
He returns March 25th
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Such a good night, brilliant crowd in up for a good time!!
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Claire Boyles

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good to see that Hotels are realising blocking wifi does not make their guests happy, & not a good business strategy! 

Marriot have decided not to block personal hot spots in their hotels, following the backlash in the press & social media.  I'm sure the fine was an influence too! 

Wifi is a basic utility these days, and should be standard & included in room price, especially when large portion of paying customers are business travellers. 

high five 
Marriott International abandons its much criticised policy of blocking the use of personal wi-fi hotspots on its properties.
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Looking forward to 4G then!!
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with #marketing most people focus on the "right" method of delivery, rather than the message, but if your message isn't clear and connecting with your potential customers in the right way, the tool is irrelevant. 
The tool is useful as a means of delivery or amplification, if you're delivering or amplifying the wrong message, it doesn't matter how well that tool amplifies or delivers it. 
Get clear about how you can best communicate the #Value  your business provides, in a language that resonates and makes sense to your customer, before you start choosing which marketing tool to deliver the message with. 
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Have her in circles
1,875 people
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I'm going to state some obvious things, because with the millions of £££ and $$$ spent on marketing, we might be led to believe differently...
Love isn't about roses or cards or chocolate, not even wine.
Love is about cherishing someone for all that they are, warts and all.
Appreciating their amazing qualities and forgiving their shortcomings.
Finding ways to make their life better, more satisfying, enjoyable, and loving.
Love is about supporting the people you love when life throws up challenges, some of which can barely be spoken of.
Love is the hug that holds you when your whole body is wracked with sobs of pain.
Love doesn't leave you in times of need.
Love doesn't cause more pain and distress than is already an inevitable part of life.
Love is the strength that keeps us going, one day at a time, in spite of life's challenges.
Love is the spirit of joy that fills your heart.
Love is the laughter you share together, which no one else could "get".
Love is powerful, positive and the best thing in my life.

Thank you to Lewis Bryan, you've given me experiences of love that I didn't know were possible.

Thank you to all in my life who give me the opportunity to experience love, for them and from them.

Today I take the time to reflect on the amazing power of love that I experience in so many ways.

Roses, chocolates, cards aren't love and the experience of love requires no purchasing.
Love is the appreciation of the wonderful people in our lives that we have the pleasure to share time, experiences and laughter with. And sharing with them the joy they bring to our lives.

What do you love, and how are you expressing love today?

#valentine #happyvalentinesday
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Claire Boyles

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It doesn't matter how enlightened or "personally developed" you are, life can throw up experiences which are hard for anyone to bear. Friends, and if you're lucky enough, family, are what makes those challenges that little bit easier to cope with. Nourish your relationships, you never know when you'll need to rely on them.
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+Linzi Clark Very good advice we all need friends.
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I had forgotten I'd written this blog post, someone tweeted out about it this morning- How to be happy in 4 simple steps :)
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Claire Boyles

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I enjoyed getting out into the fresh air yesterday, very cold but dry! Hope you had a nice weekend! Are you well rested and looking forward to the week?
I find taking time on Monday morning to focus on what I really want to achieve this week helps a lot! Taking time to do nothing but think helps me achieve more, who'd have thunk it? 
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It's always good to get out there for some fresh air :-) I find it helps me think. Weekend was all about staying in as we had quite a lot of snow. I did make a snowman for my 3 children which my youngest (3) loved :-) he was sad when the last one melted! (Boxing Day Snow).

Here's to a productive week for all of us +Claire Boyles 
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Claire Boyles

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Did you see the Dalek invasion today +Christine Taylor​?
Today's Photo : Dalek invasion of Cornwall continues
Spotted Nr St Michaels Mount this morning...should we be worried?

#photography   #drwho   #seascape  
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I don't remember hiding from them, I think the age I was allowed to watch I knew they couldn't come out of the telly for me!
But yes, they now have much wider increased mobility so maybe something to be scared of these days ;)
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Business is harder than you might think, you can really believe YOU can do it, but the reality is that most business fail within three years.  
Get real, do your market research and find out, do people really want to pay for what you want to sell?

#Marketing   #StartUp   #Business   #Entrepreneur  
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In my experience it's rarely accountants that are responsible for paying invoices or making payments. This is where contracts are very useful, being clear on their obligations, as well as your own. And having a credit control policy in place. Wherever possible, payment upfront is useful in avoiding these types of situations.
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