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Claire Boyles

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if you're in a #Glamping business The National Glamping Show is #The place to be 22-24th Sept
I'm #speaking about how to make #TripAdvisor work for your glamping business, and how to handle reviews when it all goes wrong!
Claire will explain how to make Trip Advisor work for your business by looking at key areas including photographs and reviews.
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Claire Boyles

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How does your garden grow?
I have a hanging basket with a Strawberry plant by my front door and a cherry tomato plant, very pleased that both are bearing fruit :)
Yay! Grow my own #healthyYum 
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Claire Boyles

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the #jelly coworking event hosted by @PopdanceWorld @StAlbansBizness #stAlbans @KingHarryPub #businessowners #herts
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Claire Boyles

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so, after reeling in shock, grief and dismay at the way my country voted in the EU referendum, I've accepted my emotional response to it. I've taken responsibility for my feelings, expressed them, processed them. But what I have NOT done is act or speak abusively towards those who have a different view. There are some I have "unfriended", they are the people who expressed outright racist views, of which I am disgusted by.
Most of my friends voted remain, and those I've spoken with were in shock at the way the country voted. From what I've seen on the news and social media those who voted to leave seem to be in such as much shock and surprise that 52% of the country also made the same vote.
I've struggled to think of positive reasons for voting to leave the EU. I've ASKED people to tell me. The closest I got to someone sharing facts was my friend Marcella sharing that the pound and FTSE had recovered significantly after the massive drop in the market, so that is a good thing (Thanks Marcella). But the fact that it fell was not. The stock traders are happy, they make their money by rises and falls in the market, so that's helped them....
I see Cameron resigning as a positive thing, I think the changes he's been responsible for implementing have actually ironically been motivating factor for many who voted to leave the EU. I'm disgusted by the human cost his policies have caused to the most vulnerable in our society :(
I am not currently aware of any FACT that indicates Britain will be better off outside of the EU.
I abhor the idea that "now we can make Britain Great again". I'm sorry, but Britain has been great BECAUSE of it's membership of the EU, the things that people see as negatives in this country were NOT the responsibility of the EU.
Emotionally I am scared, we've already seen the reactions from Spain (Gibraltar), Northern Ireland (and the Republic of Ireland), and Scotland wishing to remove themselves from England/Britain. I experienced first hand the impact of terrorism of Northern Ireland, I had to use a mirror to search for car BOMBS every time I got into a car for much of my childhood. Why? Because the IRA were actively targeting people like my Father because of their differences of politics. I am deeply afraid of what this means for Northern Ireland.
but back to focusing on positives.....
I think the many people who voted Leave, not believing their vote would actually be what the country decided, will now understand that their one vote DOES make a difference. I hope that they will take the privilege of voting much more seriously and think about the implications of their vote harder in future elections. And I also hope this will see a higher voting turn out amongst those people going forward. Because I do believe in democracy.
I will start chasing the paperwork I need to make my application to hold an Irish passport. I am afraid of the consequences holding a British passport may have when travelling around the world, and I'm deeply aware that Irish citizens are more warmly welcomed in many counties than those holding British passports.
We have also been researching buying property in Tenerife, and now this vote is likely to speed up any purchase we might make, AND we will seriously consider moving abroad whilst we still can. Right now I much prefer the idea of living abroad and returning a few months of the year, than what we had been planning, which was to be abroad a few months of the year.
I feel sick at some of the views being expressed "now we can get rid of all the refugees and foreigners" was what one person told me :(
I think that often negative things can result in positive outcomes. Maybe Britain leaving the EU will prompt the EU to change the negative aspects of itself- having more flexibility by individual countries, being less beaureaucratic. Maybe in 20 years time, after these changes have been implemented might mean Britain will rejoin, maybe not.
Sometimes the results of negative things long term is positive, and I do hope that is the case now.
I deeply fear the power some people will now have, people who have expressed views which are disgusting abhorrent and incite hatred and division between people.
I still believe together we're stronger, but today my country is divided from the EU, and divided within itself. I hope it's a wound we can recover from without too many casualties.
I am hopeful and I am afraid. I am mourning, I feel a deep sense of loss. I don't need to be told to "get on with it".
I respect people's right to vote, and if you voted to leave, please know that doesn't change my view of you as a person or as a friend. Racist views however, are not shared by me, and I do not have respect for those.
I better stop typing now, I'm sure very few who started reading are still reading, so if you are, thank you :) Feel free to respectfully share your views. I really would LOVE to hear more positives that you might see to come out of this.
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As an outsider (ie, living outside the UK) I cannot think of one positive of the U.K. leaving the European Union. I live in the Republic of Ireland and there are examples to be seen everywhere of how EU funding has contributed to the development of better infrastructure, new programmes, research and development, etc. I'm quite sure the UK has benefitted enormously from such funding also. But this is just a small facet of the benefits of being in the union. Perhaps it is easier to see these benefits if you live in a small country like Ireland. Regardless, I believe that the EU is weaker without the UK and the UK is weaker being outside the EU. A lot of the pre-referendum warnings, dismissed as scaremongering by the Leave campaign, now seem to be coming true. My fear is that this is the tip of the iceberg - it may take months / years for all the ramifications to unfold. I truly hope that, as the exit terms and conditions are negotiated and the full implications become clearer, that there is an opportunity given to the people of the UK to have a final say / sign-off on the exit in full light of all the implications. In the meantime, I don't envy the task of the authorities trying to stamp out the vile racism and xenophobia that seems to have taken a legitimacy on itself in light of the referendum result. 
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Claire Boyles

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I'm running a website workshop on Tuesday in #StAlbans perfectly designed for those who want to build a business around their families needs.
I help people earn a living doing what they love, and achieving true work life balance! 
at The Fielder Centre, The University of Herts, Hatfield, on Tuesday 21st June 2016 Create your own website and content with an experienced online marketing specialist. Understand who and how to target specific customers, and what their psychological needs are! Create the most important pages and create powerful marketing copy on them. Create product descriptions which influence customers to buy. Learn foundations of SEO (Search Eng...
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Claire Boyles

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fab fun video! Watch it! Local #BusinessOwners raise money for @HomeStartSA
#SABVideo #StAlbans
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Claire Boyles

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I've got my own bubbliser bubblegun from +Bubble Inc Ltd and I love it!! So much fun, and really cool at night because of the LED light- which makes the bubbles kind of glow! Perfect for parties and releasing your inner bubble :D
BEST SELLER!This automatic SPILL-PROOF bubble gun is the BEST BUBBLE GUN in the world! Brilliant for all ages - from 3 to 300 (see pics), this nift...
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Yay! See you on Sunday!!
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Claire Boyles

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It's Sugar Free September!! Are you in? I'm going to do this to "restart" my system again, sugar has crept back in and is now too frequent in my diet for my health to appreciate it!
Join us and reboot, learning new healthy eating tips which reduce your sugar- so you can keep healthy habits even after September 
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Claire Boyles

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So much bubble fun with +Samsam Bubbleman​ giving away 100 free bubbleguns today on Primrose Hill! 
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Claire Boyles

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Today I got to exercise a privilege of being able to make my view known to the leaders of our country.
I was born in Hampshire, my father was from Belfast, my mother from Hampshire and because of my father's work, I spent 13 years of my childhood living in Germany. I have a British passport, but I could have an Irish one, if I so chose.
The idea of Britain not partaking in a democratic body which supports individual countries in being better and raising the standard of living for individuals within those countries is rather strange to me. Why wouldn't we be collaborating and supporting our neighbours? Why wouldn't we welcome people in? Why wouldn't our people be welcomed outside of Britain?
I haven't voted remain remain because I'm afraid of what "might" happen if Britain leave the EU (even though economic experts kind of realise this isn't going to be a good option for Britain in any way!).
I voted remain, because I'm ‪#‎European‬, I'm part of something bigger than myself, and I'm proud of the multi cultural experiences I have.
I'm proud of the many many friends and business connections I have, who have come to a different country, many of whom have learned a 2nd language and made Britain their homes. I'm proud of the contribution they've made to "my country" as responsible, productive members of our society.

I believe that together, we all are better.
‪#‎PleaseVote‬ and particularly if your vote would be ‪#‎remain‬ please please get to the ballot box and make your vote count!
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u look so lovely... God bless u
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Claire Boyles

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the launch event for Wakefield's Business Week #wbw2016 lots of important people speaking this morning, and then I'm up this afternoon hosting a workshop on marketing for business owners.

Helping them find their "Business Voice" to create powerful marketing which attracts customers and turns customers into raving fans!

#marketing #BusinessOwners #SMEs #Wakefield
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Claire Boyles

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people apologise to me for asking questions fairly often, which I think is a little silly, because the reality is that the only silly question is the one not asked!
Asking questions means we're curious and we're learning- and that's a jolly good thing!
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BEST SELLER!This automatic SPILL-PROOF bubble gun is the BEST BUBBLE GUN in the world! Brilliant for all ages - from 3 to 300 (see pics), th

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It's a big store, but sadly the variety of food items is not what you'd expect in a store this size. The staff at self service are usually quick to respond to the automated tills having errors (I'm not sure I've ever been through them without at LEAST one error).
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Food was good, service was not great, very busy night, tables very close together, we could hear the whole conversation of the people sat on the table next to us. Slow service, and not very efficient or friendly. Not what I'd expect at Cote, and certainly not when paying Cote prices!
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I hired Stephen to work with me when I was creating Social Media Strategy for a national campaign, an event that saw over 30,000 people register! I needed to be able to "think out loud" to someone who understood the industry, had an excellent grasp of processes & systems, and would ask me the right questions, so I didn't leave any gaps. Stephen worked with me for 2 full days, prompting me when I overlooked areas, and keeping me focused on the whole process. (I'm a creative person- I tend to go off on tangents, unless I'm reined in). Using his coaching skills, Stephen drew out the knowledge I had in my head and enabled me to create a comprehensive social media strategy, where I was able to outline every possible channel and creating various different campaigns to utilise the power of social media to gain maximum coverage. I was very happy working with Stephen, he has so many valuable assests and skills, and I look forward to working with him again in the future
• • •
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17 reviews
nice food, attentive service, dealt with my special medical dietary requirements very well. I really appreciated the extra effort. Reasonable prices, good value for money.
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reviewed 2 months ago
I like etc venues, clean, funky decor, excellent service, good quality food, catering for special dietary requirements. A great place to run an event from.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
I went for a business meeting, so didn't get to try their food, but what I saw being delivered to people around me, it looked great! Nice pub, friendly staff, I'll be back!
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reviewed 6 months ago