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Vertex: What do you think about our political situation. Remain or leave?
Pixel: I'm not moving
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Good one:)

Claire Blackshaw

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Future Factoids

Talk I did at #konsoll15 in Norway on preparing for the future.
Told as some weird stories from my career and tips.

#gamedevelopment #norway #future

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Yeah I noticed that :P seems to drift more out of sync

Claire Blackshaw

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My Patreon is GO!!!
Hi all! This is a public post to all readers. Thank you Patreon subscribers for all your support over the past year. It's very much appreciated!Subscribers will have received a notification and password that will enable them to read the uploaded parts of Chapter 5, the first chapter of Biomecha Book 2. It's been reworked so it's like reading a different comic IMO! Enjoy!If you are a subscriber - Low-, Med- and Top-tiers receive different bits and...
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Claire Blackshaw

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Why WebGL "sucks"

WebGL has actually been a really fast moving area with a lot of push in browsers, but why does it still seem to suck? Here is a quick very reductive explanation. TLDR: It doesn't but web standards are hard.

8 Years ago
- Guys I've been tinkering
- Each browser vendor has some form of 3d prototype

5 Years ago
- We should have 3D on the web
- It finally looks like all mobile devices have a standard (this is a 1st in 3d graphics)
- The lowest common on phones at the time is GLES 1.0
- We should plan for the future and target GLES 2.0
- But it needs to be secure
- And we need these bits from future undetermined GL spec
- And we all need to agree on the implementation for the W3C spec

3 Years ago
- We have implemented 80% of GLES 2.0 this is really good
- Okay we have mostly agreed on implementation
- Guys javascript is slow
- Just use asm.js
- No we haven't, Disagreements!!!
- Oh wait here are all the web exploits we need to dial back on these features
- Lets update these bits
- I think these bits are more important
- Well I'm the biggest browser share so I'm pushing forward on X

1 Year ago
- Guys we still haven't finished GLES 2.0 and we should be looking at modern features
- Lets do WebGL 2.0 and base it on the new base of GLES 3.0
- Guys javascript is slow
- We need Web assembly, mob moves off in that direction

- Success we implemented GLES 2.0 spec we agreed on 5 years ago
- It mostly works lets disable plugins
- Still waiting on Web Assembly
- Rinse and repeat for WebGL 2.0 (though maybe 2 years instead of 5.. maybe)

Why all the pitchforks?
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Updated to reflect early work started more than 5 years ago (momentum only kicked off about 5 years back)

Also added the note about the new WebGL 2.0 spec

Claire Blackshaw

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I'm in
This is my official I'm in for #LDJam 34

Tech (1st Choice): Psybrus
Tech (Web): Go, Dart, Polymer
Tools: Blender, Photoshop

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It's a friends engine heavily influenced by the first studio engine we helped build and maintain, him more than me, back in our first gig together.

Claire Blackshaw

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Google Books of the Year is wonderfully Broken

In fact the whole list is a bit strange... ultimatly not a great sign of the health of these services or humanity, your pick.

Claire Blackshaw

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Haven't been on Google Plus much 
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I noticed an absence of vertex and pixel (still some of the best cat names I've ever heard).

Claire Blackshaw

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Sunny Morning
Acutally it was miserable but Google decided to make it look all shiny.

Claire Blackshaw

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More Lemmy is always a good thing
Small selection from Raggedy Man
If you are anything like me then the the chances are that today, and quite possibly tomorrow and a good number of days after that, your reaction to the passing of Lemmy is going to be playing a lot of Motorhead cranked up goo...

Claire Blackshaw

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My Ludum Dare Post Mortem
Another Jam gone this one in C++ with +Neil Richardson engine Psybrus.

#LDJam #LD34
So while it's fresh I'm writing up LD34, a successful failure. First time ever the theme's were tied so we ending up doing both growing and two button. Which are both great themes.My idea quickly came once I dismissed anything based on plant growing for reasons I shan 't discuss here. So I quickly settled on the idea of a ball bouncing away from an explosion shedding mass, grabbing other bits of shrapnel and trying to keep gaining mass to stay al...
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Sounds like it was a great way to learn the engine fast, and find out where it (or associated docs) need work. I think this is how I'll force myself to become familiar with UE4 one day, do a little warmup then just jump in the deep end with an LD.

Claire Blackshaw

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Pixel: Call me on the weekend
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I'm a little bit crazy but I love adventure.

I'm a Designer & Programmer currently working at Climax. I love stories people are the best source for them but if they aren't around games, movies and books will suffice.

I like to round off my flighty side with a grounded level head and knowledge base, thanks Mom. Other skills, hobbies and pleasures include, sky-diving, drama, writing, comics, painting, parties, reading, and anything which can catch my intrest.

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I really enjoy writing in order game-play, AI, and effects. I'm comfortable with Tech but get little joy outside of tech demos and toys.

Much like programming I've been doing from a young age. Everything from devising childhood games, writing & running roleplaying modules for conventions, board-games, even wrote a whole world and role-playing system which attained minor populaity at Tuks University.

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Amazing place filled with gaming history a real treat with playable machines.
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Proper burritos and try the tiny frozen margaritas.
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Nice burgers slightly greasy chips. American style diner with friendly service staff and pleasant but not memorable atmosphere.
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15 reviews
Smells of mildew, old fashioned 70s furnishing, coarse wool blanket over the duvet and below par amenities. Noisy plumbing. Room service was palatable. CRT television with poor sound and handful of channels, couldn't read news ticker. Only one socket visible for use. Was able to sleep the night but not much past that. I'm informed this used to be a flagship hotel prior to it's purchase decades ago. Kept on life support ever since.
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Quiet, air con away from busier places
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