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I've established a goal funnel, but I have a feeling it's not correct. I'd like to know how many people navigate one of a series of pages from a series of landing pages (individual city centric pages).

I used regular expression since the URLs for both sets of pages are similar & have the same pattern.

The goal funnel is showing the destination as the city centric landing pages instead of the individual pages that relate to the city while the final destination in the goal set up is the individual pages that relate to the city.

Destination: ^.news-live-streaming...\/$

Landing page: ^.-.-live-news-stream\/$

To go a step further, how can I set it up where only those who complete this goal has an entrance of organic search, since the city centric page can also be navigated by the front page?

I've been attempting to import a custom report from the GA gallery, but it doesn't seem to be importing (something I've never done).

I go to the GA site I want the report to be imported, select "customization," select "Import From Gallery," select the report I'm interested in, select "Import" only to have it refresh to the main menu where I get to select what site I want to view the analytics. I then go the "Custom Reports" section & see nothing.

What am I doing wrong?

I did a search & replace for URLs that had "?nabe=" & "?nab=." While it cleaned up most of the URLs, it didn't clean up all of them. Any insight as to why & more importantly, how to fix this?

I was conducting a A/B test & the analytics during that time included "?nabe" at the end of the URLs. I solved it for future visits, but how can I combine the URLs that are with & without the "?nabe" on already processed data? Some kind of filter?

How can I find out how many came back to a site after visiting for the very first time via ppc in Google Analytics?

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New Digital Clair Article: NFL Sunday Ticket will be available to more people then ever, thanks it an offering by DirecTV to get it by way of live streaming.

It will be available on computer, smartphone and tablet on Apple iOS, Windows and Android devices along with XBOX (One & 360), PlayStation (3 & 4), Roku and Chromecast.

#NFL   #livestreaming   #LiveStream   #cordcutting   #cordcutters  
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2014-2015 Social Media Brands Comparisons

Posting among social media brands has increased, but due to a crowded field and algorithms, engagement has decreased.

The most notable is Instagram, where brands have discovered the potential audience, but engagement has decreased. More competition or brands not looking at where the audience is?

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10 Things Digital Marketers Need to Know About Snapchat Discover

1. Major Brands Are Participating
2. The Content Disappears Forever After 24 Hours
3. The Content Is Short
4. The Content Is Varied
5. The Content Selection Is Limited
6. The Content Is Not Being Pushed Out To A Feed
7. Discover Uses Easy Swipe Navigation
8. You Can’t Share, Like, Or Comment On The Content
9. Celebrities Are Getting Involved
10. The Content Is Cleverly Designed For The Mobile Screen

#SMM   #socialmediamarketing   #Snapchat  
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Five Critical Tips for Growing Your Social Media Fan Base
1. Get in front of people
2. Test, test, test
3. Create content
4. Give thanks
5. Be human on Twitter
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The increased use of accessing websites has been shifting away from desktop. Google has been emphasizing the consumer trend when it comes to mobile.

The Google algorithm has been tweeted to emphasize the trend of consumer habits. They've also notified webmasters who have sites that aren't within the standard (responsive web design).

The company who's known for not revealing changes too publicly made a surprising announcement (surprising because of the fact they announced anything) that a dramatic change to it's algorithm will occur on April 21 to heavily favor websites that are responsive.

#SEO   #webdesign    #Google  
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