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ArneBab's criticism on the CPython GitHub move. Do follow the link to his original post for an overview of other community reactions:

My own (belated) rant:

Brett Cannon's background and rationale for the move:
Python chooses Github. Therefore I’m releasing the #py2guile #PDF for free: From #Python to #Guile Scheme →

I was already pretty disappointed when I heard that Python is moving to Git. Seeing it choose the proprietary platform is an even sadder choice from my perspective. Two indicators for a breakage in the culture of the project.

For me that’s a reason to leave Python. Though it’s not like I did not get a foreboding of that. It’s why I started learning Guile Scheme in 2013 — and wrote about the experience.

I will still use Python for many practical tasks — it acquired the momentum for that, especially in science (I was a champion for Python in the institute, which is now replacing Matlab and IDL for many people here, and I will be teaching Python starting two weeks from now). I think it will stay strong for many years; a good language to start and a robust base for existing programs. But with what I learned the past years, Python is no longer where I place my bets.

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Benson Leung has the patience of an angel explaining these issues to an audience of varying willingness to understand.
Sticky FAQ about Bad #USB   #TypeC   Legacy cables:

Thanks to +Mike Trieu for the suggestion.

Q : Why is a bad 3A resistor a problem?
A: 3A is bad because all of these cables and adapters are legacy host port adapter cable, meaning the other end of the cable is Type-A plug. The Type-A port and the vast majority of the devices that have Type-A ports were never designed to support 3A charging.

The cable lies to the phone by telling the phone it's attached to a pure 3A charging path, like the C-to-C cable to the OEM 3A charger that ships with the Nexus 6P/5X. The phone will attempt to draw 3A, but that may damage the weaker device you have the Type-A end of the cable plugged into.

Q: If I have a 1A or 2A charger, am I safe?
No, if you have a weaker charger, you are actually at MORE risk because your phone/tablet/laptop may not know to stop at the 1A or 2A limit the charger advertises because of the improper identifier in the cable.

Q: Do C to C cables have the same problem?
No. C to C cables do not have the same problem because they are required to be straight pass through and do not have a pullup built into the cable. If the other end of the cable is Type-C, then as long as you plug into a 3A charger (like the one you get with Nexus phones), you will get fast charging in a safe way.

Q: Can you recommend a Type-A charger? Is <insert some random Type-A charger from Amazon> safe? Is it fast?
I cannot review every charger, but as long as you have a safe compliant cable with a 56kΩ resistor, the phone will limit itself to safe levels of charging for Type-A chargers and hubs.

Whether or not a particular charger works best for your phone in terms of charge speed I cannot say definitively. It really depends on a ton of factors, including the protocols your phone and the charger supports. Phones and charger may be able to support up to 2.4A using various proprietary protocols with a safe cable.

Q: Can you recommend a Type-C fast charger?
I like the Google one. 2 Type-C ports, 22.5W total power.

If you want a SUPER deluxe one, get the Pixel 2's charger. It will support up to 60W charging using USB PD. Fast charge your laptop. :)

Q: How can I test the cable myself?
If you have a Chromebook Pixel :

If you have a Nexus 6P/5X phone :

Or use CheckR:

Q: I want to keep my bad cable. Is that OK?
Be very careful what you plug it into. If you must keep it, tag the cable with a label that says "3A bad cable" or something so that in a few years when you forget about this controversy, you don't grab that cable and damage a charger accidentally.

Q: Where can I find the USB spec to read up on this more?

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Holy smokes. Literally. That's terrible.
Here are some pictures of the torn down SurjTech 3M cable that fried my Pixel.

This is a follow up to my review here :

Visual observations :
1. Red wire to G. Black wire to V. So wrong.
2. Missing SuperSpeed wires on the back of the connector. Only 4 wires in total. This cable was advertised as a USB 3.1 SuperSpeed cable but is entirely missing the TX/RX
3. Generally a poor job with the soldering of the wires.

Other observations using a multimeter : 
1) 10 kΩ resistor instead of 56 kΩ resistor used.
2) resistor hooked up as a Pull-down instead of a pull-up

#USB   #TypeC   #USBC  
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Norrland FTW. :-)

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Peter Sunde har anmält Nordea för Stiftelsen för att "minimera den möjliga kriminella verksamhet som Nordea Bank AB (publ) sysslar med". Detta med anledning av att The Pirate Bay har av domstol blivit dömt att inte få finnas som webb-adress. Och det är nog bra om svenska rättsinstanser tar och roddar i detta per omgående, för det här är lite tokigt, minst sagt. i twitterlänken hittar du länkar till pdf-filer med grunddokumentet med anmälningen.

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Access denied.

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If you have root, this Android MAC spoof app is something you definitely do not want to miss.
After all the talk about the "groundbreaking" iOS MAC randomization thingie, this simply needs to be pointed out. Maybe now that iOS has it people will be interested...

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Someone's* bandwidth seems to have been saturated last night!

* Swedish election authority, with stats and results

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melodysheep's tribute to Robin Williams
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