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My interview with French blog Between Dreams and Reality (read in English and French).

Welcome to Between Dreams and Reality, can you present yourself in a few words?

Overworked procrastinator with a perverted imagination and delusions of grandeur. I think that about sums me up for better or worse.

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Great news for everyone! 
To celebrate Back-to-School and the return of parent sanity. //Captive in the Dark// is on sale for FREE!

Yes!!! For the first time you’ll have the chance of being held captive by the dark, seductive, and completely sinister anti-hero, Caleb as he struggles to bring his "Kitten" to heel.

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*SPOILERS (not TOO major but significant)* *NSFW* *WIP Wednesday*

Some of you aren't going to like this. I know a lot of my readers have a problem with infidelity and as a married woman, I do too. However, it's my job to take you to the places romance won't. I open myself up to emotional pain on a daily basis to try and capture my characters feelings and motivations in order to bring you a realistic, thought provoking, and fully immersive reading experience.  

COMMITMENT will be unlike anything I've ever written. I hope you'll give it a chance.

I asked if you wanted something sexy, angsty, or revealing for this week's WIP post and you greedy bibliophiles demanded all three. So here's what I came up with. I reveal an affair...with sexy and angst filled consequences.

Please remember that I loath writing in a vacuum, so your spirited discussion on this thread is greatly appreciated and will help me provide you with a better reading experience in a few months. Enjoy!

Plagiarizers will be disemboweled. Likes and Reblogs encouraged.

Maya would like to pretend she doesn’t know what she’s doing outside Jason’s apartment building, but she knows. Her heart is pounding and a voice in her head is screaming for her to turn around, to go home, and to beg Damon to fuck her. She closes her eyes, shivers, and confidently walks up the stairs. The sound of her high-heeled steps echoing off the dingy walls plays like a soundtrack to her lust. Click. Clack. Clang. Click. Clack. Clang. She ascends one perfectly placed step at a time knowing what waits at the very top.

She thinks of Damon and her heart pangs. She wishes it hadn’t come to this – her return to debauchery. For a while, he had her believing in happy endings. She let her guard down and she felt happy, loved, and cherished. She forgot. She forgot how much it hurt to have her illusions shattered. Damon did that; he made her remember, and that, she cannot forgive.

She knows what’s waiting at the top of the stairs: Destruction.

She doesn’t want to be loved.

She doesn’t want to be cherished.

She doesn’t want to be happy.

She wants to be ready.

She needs to be destroyed so that she might be remade. Just the thought of it makes her wet.

“Come in,” Jason says from behind the door. Maya closes her eyes and bites her lips. She’s so turned on she can barely breathe. She’s also terrified. It’s been so long since anyone but Damon. The man waiting on the other side of the door will give her what she thinks she needs, but Damon has given her things she never knew she needed …and then he took them away. “Take a seat,” he says once she’s walked inside.

“Well, I guess you like to start right away,” Maya says, sounding more confident than she feels. She places her purse and jacket across the back of a kitchen chair and sits. She smiles, hoping for cocksure and landing on uncertain.

Jason sighs and gives her a charming smile. “I wasn’t trying to be bossy. I just thought you might like to talk first.”

“Oh,” she replies before she restores her placid demeanor. “What do you want to talk about? We’ve pretty much covered it. Haven’t we?”  She attempts a smile and it falls flat with nerves. “I know what to expect.”

Jason is sitting casually, his left ankle rests on his right knee as he rests his head on his fist.  His expression is thoughtful, measuring. He stares so long that Maya flinches when he finally breaks the tense silence. “I have to be honest and tell you…I’m a little unsure.” He leans forward reassuringly after seeing the look of confusion on Maya’s face. “I want to do this. I want to fuck you so bad I’ve already jerked off twice today,” he says through a smile, “But I kind of…I kind of like you and most of the women I do this with I don’t give a shit about. We fuck, they leave, I rarely ever hear from them again.” The shy expression that comes over his face is almost enough to break Maya’s heart. “I don’t want that to happen with you.”

Maya feels lost, and nervous, and scared, and oddly reassured all at once. Jason is a kindred spirit, she can feel that down to her marrow…but she doesn’t love him and never wants to care about him. “I – ” she starts, stops, and starts again, “I’m married,” she blurts out. She doesn’t know if the confession is supposed to put the brakes on this encounter or if she’s trying to tell him this is all they can have. Her heart is so conflicted that either reaction from Jason will be a relief.

He sighs. “I know you are. You were wearing your wedding ring and trying to hide it the day we met. I’ve never let anything like that stop me though, a quarter of the women I’ve fucked have belonged to someone else.” He laughs, but something sad has seeped its way into it before he’s once again brimming with bravado. “I’m just hoping I get to fuck you more than once.” He reaches out to trace his fingers across her nape. “Because I know how much I’m going to enjoy turning you inside out and giving you that good, hard fucking you’ve been craving while you’re standing in line at the checkout counter."

Maya shudders. Her pussy throbs and her asshole tingles at the mere thought of all Jason’s dark promises. Please. Punish me. Fuck me. “Are you nervous, baby girl?” he whispers. Two fingers continue across her collarbone and down the center of her sweat-damp chest until they land between her breasts. He shuts his eyes and inhales. His eyes are fierce and predatory when they open. “Your heart is beating so fast. Why are you scared, baby girl? Are you frightened by all the things I’m going to do to you? Or are you terrified I won’t discover all those dirty things your disgusting little mind dreams up for you while you’re busy playing housewife?”

Heat spreads through Maya and Jason’s fingers are the epicenter. There are no more thoughts in Maya’s head that don’t revolve around this man pounding the ever-loving-fuck out of her. “Um,” she mumbles, “I…now?”

Jason shakes his head and smiles piteously before pulling his hand away. “Oh, Maya, you are just too much. I know what this is supposed to be, but I like you, you’re a cool chick .” Maya opens her mouth to respond but no words come out, only hot breaths. “Do you think your husband will notice how sore you are when he tries to fuck you after me?”

Maya gasps. She doesn’t want to think about Damon. “Don’t,” she pleads. It doesn’t stop her from pressing closer to Jason’s fingers as he begins pulling her buttons through their tiny holes.

“Don’t talk about him?” Jason’s smile has gone from playful to cruel. “Are you fucking kidding me? Of course I’m going to talk about him. He’s the reason you’re here, the reason you’re going to let me fuck all your pretty holes. Cuz somebody has to, don’t they?” He makes a fist around the front of her bra and twists. He talks over Maya’s painful cry. “Somebody has to fill you up with cum…and he isn’t doing it, is he? Is he?” he demands.

Maya’s bottom lip starts to tremble before she can stop it. “No,” she whispers. Jason tsks and shakes his head, but loosens his grip. Maya’s eyes slide shut in relief. A single tear slides down her cheek. "I don't think he loves me anymore."

Coming 2015

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This week's WIP post via my NSFW Tumblr. 

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CJ here. Enjoy this excerpt for ‪#‎WIP‬ (work-in-progress) Wednesday. Encouragement welcome.

The following scene takes place around Xmas 2003. Maya has invited Damon to a party at her house. Damon brings his friend Suresh. They run into Maya’s BFF Kyle.


“Awwwwwwyeah, this is gonna straight dope! I bet there’s hunny’s errywhere.”

“Suresh, don’t embarrass me man. Stop talking like Nelly.” Damon can hear the music coming from Maya’s surprisingly modest little house. Of course, most college students couldn’t afford to live in their own houses.

“Dude, first of all, it’s Chingy. Second, come on dawg, Suresh is a dorky Indian boy betrothed to some girl he’s never met. I’m Shawn, and Shawn is—”

“A dorky Indian guy with no game?”

“Fuuuuck you. Shawn got game. You just haven’t seen it yet. He saves it for the ladies.” Suresh runs nervous fingers down the front of his red cardigan zip up sweater, smoothing away imaginary wrinkles. His lips sing along with Eminem’s /Lose Yourself/ as the music drifts outside from the house.

“Okay, ladies’ man, let’s get you inside so you can work your magic,” he expresses through an infectious smile. He puts his arm around the shorter man and tugs him into his side while walking. “Let’s show ‘em how we do it right herr.” He laughs uproariously at his own joke.

50 Cents /In da Club/ is bumping. The air smells like stale beer and the sweaty bodies of forty to fifty drunk college students. New Orleans isn’t known for its particularly cold winters but everyone dresses like their expecting a blizzard. Damon is already warm beneath his black wool sweater and jeans.

The entryway is a little narrow and dark. He and Suresh take a few minutes to survey the environment. The house feels much smaller than it looked outside with all the activity swirling around them. There’s a good mix of people, both ethnically and clique wise. Damon admits he was a little worried he wouldn’t fit in. There’s a good amount of people just standing and talking around the cozy living room and outside on what looks to be a deck. The kitchen is to the right and can support three or four people before it’s ass and elbows. Damon notices it’s crammed full of would be keg tappers, all of whom are laughing way too loud.

“Nice place! You said this belongs to Maya Anderson? I can kinda tell. Check out the TV. Huge.” Suresh’s gamer brain is engaged.

“You came!” Kyle approaches them in the entryway. He’s wearing a purple and gold Saint’s jersey, baggy jeans, and white sneakers. He’d look butch if it weren’t for the fact he paired his outfit with a white bedazzled ball cap. He bypasses Damon’s outstretched hand and goes in for a hug that encompasses Suresh who ends up pinned between the two larger men. “And you brought a cute boy!” He releases Damon while at the same time grabbing hold of Suresh’s hand. He holds it up high and indicates he’d like him to turn around to give Kyle a better look. “Come on, shorty. Show me whatcha workin’ with.” Much to Damon’s chagrin, Suresh blushes like a school girl and performs a slow turn. “Damn. Baby, if you aren’t gay I’mma have to work on you cause you are just too adorable.”

“He’s not gay either! I swear you get off on making people uncomfortable.” Damon places a splayed hand on Suresh’s chest and gently urges him away from Kyle.

Suresh is amused. “It’s all good, homie. Once the gay guys are sweatin’ you it’s only a matter of time before the ladies follow.”

“I know that’s right,” says Kyle, his eyes firmly fixed on Suresh. “Why don’t you stay next to me? I’ll introduce you to all the adventurous girls who get wet over boy love.” He drags off a cautiously excited Suresh leaving Damon in the entryway alone and irritated. //I hate that guy//. “Maya’s out back!” Kyle cries out without looking back.

Damon expels a pent-up breath and heads toward the kitchen to grab a beer. He has to thwart the advances of three different intoxicated women on his way to the keg. He can’t be mad at them though, he is ‘looking fine’ tonight. A pang of lust hits him low in the belly at the thought he might be getting into Maya later. The girl is easy and she’s made it perfectly obvious how sexy she thinks Damon is. Maybe it’s sick to be having thoughts about fucking a girl who let a stranger come on her pussy, but it’s not like they’re gonna get married or anything and she’s a //freak//. //Gotta fuck a freak.// He decides he’s going to take it easy on the drink. There’s nothing more humiliating than not being able to keep it up.

R. Kelly’s /Ignition/ is playing and Damon is subjected to anonymous, writhing bodies bumping and grinding against him as he walks through the living room/dance floor with his red solo cup held high. He’s only an inch shy of six feet, but times like these make him wish he were just a little taller. He scans the crowd for an opening and shoulders his way past until he can step beyond the sliding glass door onto the wooden deck. There must be at least a hundred people present between the inside of the house and the outside. Damon scans the backyard for Maya and finds her sitting in a lawn chair talking with a group of people surrounding a fire pit. It doesn’t take long for her to look up and meet his eyes. Her face brightens instantly and she waves him over. A guy could get used to a look like that. He puffs his chest out a little without thinking on it too much and accepts her invitation. He’s smugly pleased when she asks the guy sitting next to her to move over so Damon can have the spot.

Maya leans over the moment Damon is seated and places a small kiss on his cheek. Her hand lands on his forearm and gently squeezes. “I’m so glad you could make it,” she whispers into his ear. “I need help getting those rocks out of my backseat.” She winks, takes Damon’s beer and sits back. “I assume this is for me.”

“I can see now why you and Kyle are so close,” Damon chuckles.

“You know Kyle?” Maya’s eyebrows knit together.

Shitshitshitshitshit! “I…uh…he…plays football, right?” Sweat beads along Damon’s hairline.

“Are you bi, Damon?” Maya asks bluntly.

“No! What kind of question is that?”

She smiles. “I’m sorry, it’s just that you’re good looking and Kyle has a tendency to ferret out any latent homosexual feelings in otherwise straight men. It’s his gift. And I have a strict no cross-pollination policy with my close friends. Less drama.”

“Well I’m straight; super straight. I won’t even order my favorite breakfast at Denny’s cause it’s too gay to say.”

“Oh my God, now you have to tell me what it is.” Maya’s body is turned toward Damon, knees brushing. She hasn’t removed her hand from his forearm.

“Nope. You think I’m half gay already and not that I care or anything, but I’m not.”

“Denial is the first sign. At this point, the only way to convince me is by embracing your heterosexuality and telling me what you like for breakfast.”

“Ham and eggs with cheese on toasted bread. It’s a manly sandwich.” He places his free hand over Maya’s on his forearm. Her fingers twitch. “You can make me one in the morning.”

Falling in love is easy.
Staying in love is hard.

**CJ Roberts is best known for her New York Times/USA Today Bestselling series: The Dark Duet**

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I am going on social media hiatus. Read more....

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‪#‎amwriting‬ Commitment, 2015. Follow me via @amazon and get notified when it's complete.…/B005KK7CUG/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

//Damon walks up and kisses her head before placing his dirty dish in the sink. Then, in the blink of an eye, Maya grabs the knife and pushes it deep into Damon’s gut. His face is locked into her mind’s eye – confused, shocked, terrified, and finally angry.

He slaps Maya across the face. The force of it causes her to fall to the ground. She doesn’t stay down. She pulls on Damon’s legs and he slips in his own blood as he crashes to the floor.

“Maya!” he yells. His panic and fear manifest as shrill babbling. “I’m fucking bleeding. I’m…there’s….” His beautiful green eyes search hers for an answer. “What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me?” Maya spits through clenched teeth. She hates that question. Why is it always about what’s wrong with her? Why is nothing ever wrong with Damon? Why does he always assume she’s the defective one, the one who can’t keep it together, the one that’s always emotional and irrational? Her fingers wrap around the hilt of the knife and pull. Damon starts to cry.

“Aww,” Maya says sweetly. “What’s wrong with you, Damon? Do you have a tummy ache? Is that why you’re crying?”

“Please, baby, I’m dying.” His hands tremble as he presses them against his stomach. His agony is beautiful. Tears and snot shouldn’t be sexy, but somehow, Damon manages.

She should be horrified. Maya should be sick with fear, panic, and debilitating guilt. All she feels is…powerful. Crawling on top of Damon, she pins him to the floor with one hand on his chest and the other wielding the kitchen knife. “I know, baby. I know you’re dying. I know it hurts and I’m the only one who can help you. I’m the only one who can save you. How does it feel to be powerless, Damon?” She grinds against his pants as she speaks. “Do you feel betrayed? Trapped? Like you’d do anything to know why this is happening.”
“Please, Maya.” His full, pouty lips quiver. “I love you.”

She rides his jeans-clad cock hard. “I love you too, baby,” she pants above him. She can’t get over how beautiful he is. Hard muscles bunch beneath her hand as she stares into Damon’s green eyes that are swimming in a sea of anguished tears. “But you lied to me, Damon. You said you’d take care of me, that you understood me. You promised things would be different for us, that we’d never live this boring fucking life. I was alive, Damon! I was young, confident, and brave. You killed me.” She leans over and licks her husband’s salty, wet lips. “Now I get to kill you,” she whispers and plunges the knife into his side. Her orgasm pulses through her in time with his death spasms.//

Maya sits upright. She gasps into the darkness of her bedroom and sweat coats every inch of her body. Several minutes pass before she can see her surroundings and take comfort in the fact she’s at home…with Damon…who’s lightly snoring next to her.

Falling in love is easy.
Staying in love is hard.
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