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How many times have you been told "Stand up straight!"? Are you slouching? When was the last time someone either corrected or commented on your #posture? Is it really that bad?

Check now how to assess your posture. Few tips on our website:…/mirror-may-telling-back

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Holidays can be a Pain in the... Neck !

Holidays can be a pain in the neck if you relax too much. After every holiday, people visit City Chiropractic Clinic with physical complaints that are usually the result of the holiday.

Here are some back health tips on holiday to make your time off more enjoyable and pain free:

- Suitcases. Choose the lightest cases you can, and preferable those with wheels. Two light suitcases are better than one heavy one. As with golf trolleys, to avoid twisting injuries of your shoulder and upper back, push your suitcases instead of pulling them. Avoid using airport trolleys if possible - wonky wheels can make controlling them a hazard to you and others!

- Get Lots of Sleep. Travelling when you are tired increases your chance of injury, so get a good night sleep before a long journey.
Packing the Car. When loading or unloading the car, do not lean too far forwards, and definitely do not attempt to lift anything in that position. Place cases on the edge of the boot and push them backwards. When unloading, pull cases to the edge first. If you are struggling, ask for help.

- Lifting Properly. Lifting suitcases from your car, at check-in desks, or from baggage carousels, can all cause problems. Bend with your hips and not your back. This is much easier if you keep your feet wider apart. It will then feel more natural to bend your knees and hips. Use both hands were possible.

- Keep Moving. Air and road travel is inherently static - waiting at airports or sitting for hours in cars and planes. Be a fidget and move around as much as possible. Avoid "travelators" and walk whenever you can. Get up and stretch while on a plane (marching on the spot is great). Sitting in an aisle seat makes this much easier. While in your seat, clench your buttocks, wiggle your ankles, and roll your shoulders. Take breaks on long car journeys.
Sun Bed Posture. Take care not to arch your neck and back for prolonged periods. Try to avoid lying on your font while propped up on your elbows reading a book.

- Holiday Exercise. Even though you are on holiday, still try to exercise little and often. You do not need a gym mat or leotard, simply walking or swimming will go a long way to keeping you mobile and reduce the chances of back pain. When swimming, try to vary the strokes that you use. The better technique you have, the less likely you are to injure yourself.

- Holiday Beds. Beds that are too hard are often a problem when on holiday. Try putting a blanket or spare duvet under the bottom sheet. It is easier to soften a hard bed than to make a soft bed harder!

- The Journey Home. Don't forget to do all the good things on the way home as well. You do not want to ruin a great holiday by hurting yourself on the way back.

With these few simple tips, I wish everyone a healthy, happy holiday !

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"Over and over research is proving that chiropractic care has the ability to positively affect body function on a far greater level than simple pain relief."

Don't forget the clinic will be close next week!
Dr Finn at Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic will be happy to give you some adjustments if you need some!

See you on Tuesday 22nd September !

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Have you ever heard of "text neck"?
Well, have a look at this video, and get your children checked at the clinic before the symptoms cause a more serious problem such as headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain or even back pain.

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What kind of pillow can I use?... 
Most of you really wonder what is the best pillow for a good night sleep.
Have a look at this article, you will probably have some answers to your questions.…/sl…/pillow-support-and-comfort

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Could your lower back and leg pain be caused by a lumbar herniated/slipped disc?

Any question? Please comment or call us for more information on 01782 848184.

Your favourite Chiropractic Clinic wishes you a fantastic ValenSpines Day !!!

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You think you have bad ‪#‎posture‬, but you want to know how bad it is? Why not do a self-assessment using our self-assessment tips? Just click on this link, and have fun assessing your friends and family!

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How good is your ‪#‎posture‬? Do you know anyone who has poor posture? Let them know about our Posture Awareness Week next week by sharing this link. Call us to book your appointment on 01782 848184 or visit our website for more information:
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