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Looking forward to finding out the hard way
Looking forward to finding out the hard way
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This may not be a New Zealand case, but it's an important case.

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+Andrew Calder, did you post a question about NZ Place names? I am looking at the post on my phone but I'm not seeing it on the web.

I think this is what you're after though.

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Anyone up for a few talks and a pint tomorrow?
Nerd Nite #37: Contemplating Recognition

Date: Tuesday 14th March 2017
Time: 6pm (for 6:30pm start – get there early for food and a good spot)
Venue: Leroy’s Dive Bar (top of Plimmer Lane/bottom of Plimmer steps)
Cost: Free/Koha
Speaker details (in no particular order):

You know nothing about face recognition, Jon Snow
- Dr Christel Devue

Do You Wanna Piece of Me?
- Hayley Webster

Using remote cameras to spy on Wellington’s wildlife.
- Victor Anton

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I don't like photos, but what can you do? The Browncoat Uprising have merch. :)
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I was just hanging out at Jaques Station waiting for the next Migration drive announcement (which has started now) when I caught a wave with CMDR Yojimbosan. He's a friend from way back and we can even trace our lineage back to the same small country in the Southern Hemisphere of Earth that was...

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Post has attachment is being put to use on the Hyland's Homeopathy Teething Tablets page. The apologetics there are just a little desperate...

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Will have to bookmark this location tonight. :)
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