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A robot named Nao teaches coping and programming

WAYNE, N.J. — The school district here has a new member of its teaching staff: Nao, an interactive robot that works with autistic students and those with language impairments.

It has been with the district about three months, and advanced computer science students at Wayne Hills High School have been busy programming and learning about it.

The robot, which cost about $8,000 and was obtained with federal funds, was created by a company called Alderbran and was initially researched by Wayne’s Pines Lake Elementary School Principal Jose Celis.

“I really love to have the high school kids working with it and the application they are learning,” Celis said. “It gives them a chance to work outside the box. And what they learn will trickle down to the younger students.”

Nao helps autistic children to interpret daily information regarding facial and hand expressions, Celis said.

“Right now, though, we are exploring and experimenting. But soon we will be able to say, ‘I need a program for this, or that,’” Celis said.

Among the students working on the robot’s programming are school seniors Danny Abbo and Andrew Har, who sat down along with their teacher, Neil Ascione, for an interview about the robot, which is rechargeable and stands about 2½ feet tall.

“We figured out how it works and how to implement it. Our fellow students broke up into groups focusing on different aspects,” said Abbo.

Har added, “It gave kids an opportunity to do something different, too. Our goal was to get the robot to interact with the students.”

Nao has touch sensors and is able to detect and memorize objects and faces. “It has a database of memory,” explained Ascione. “And its math program is random, too. It adds, subtracts, multiplies and so on.”

Superintendent Mark Toback noted that “in addition to connecting elementary students to technology, our high school students are involved in writing code to customize the robot for classroom use. Teachers provide high school students with lesson plans, and the high school students convert the plans into code, which allows the robot to carry out various jobs during class time.”

“Our Nao is a fantastic means for the school district to introduce students to robotics and all of the underlying integrated technology that makes a robot functional,” Toback said.

“These robots are increasing in use across the country and serve a variety of purposes and student populations.”
“I really love to have the high school kids working with it and the application they are learning. It gives them a chance to work outside the box. And what they learn will trickle down to the younger students.” — Wayne’s Pines
Lake Elementary School
Principal Jose Celis.

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Internet Neutrality is very important, while we feel this world also need like initiatives becasue as they explains it:

"85% of the 5 billion people without Internet simply can’t afford data plans. So Facebook’s accessibility initiative an Android and web app for the developing world with free data access to a limited set of services including Facebook, Messenger, Wikipedia, and Google Search. It also provides local health, employment, weather, and women’s rights resources."

Don't you think our chiwalas, sabjiwalas and their kids should also has access to the connectivity with the world to learn? 

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Learn the basics. 
And for any professional Mobile Application Development needs visit us at or email at

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Like to know more about CMMI? check the video. 

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Congratulations, today CIS became Certified CMMI Level 3 company. 4th CMMI Level 3 company in M.P. and 366th in India.

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CISIN Review by Client.

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Using PPC? This video is a must watch to know, how to identify your pain points. Or talk to us and one our PPC specialist can do it for you for free!

Thanks to Ecommerce Partners for this nice video. 

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CISasians spent a whole day with little kids with a desire to enlighten their lives.

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A Tribute to the great leader Nelson Mandela, feels like we all have lost Mahatma Gandhi ji Again!!

3 Fine Things Mandela Tough us (very useful in business too):

1. Stick firmly on plans of benefits for large number of stakeholders/ customers, irrespective of the hurdles on the way.
2. A great leader should respect and be thankful to every one, including in favor and even to people who are in opposition. 
3. Love everyone. Understand, every one is created by god equally. Love & respect others to earn the same for yourself.

At CIS we believe and do work of our part, to create a better world for our and next generations. 
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