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will they provide realtime google earth maps? :P
Nat aS
More powerful than Curiosity's built in computers.
What? Wait a minute. Does this mean Larry Ellison will now be suing NASA too? I bet Apple can find a reason to litigate mountain lion or iOS 5 into this. Wait I'm wrong about that part, iOS will probably be used in China's version.
#NASA +Android = r2d2
#apple litigate now > than innovative
If they were Apple powered, they would have a key feature missing that would magically show up on the next version that conveniently releases 10 months later.
One small step past Apple, one giant step past the rest.
Android: your satellite needs and upgrade, here it is. But we're not rolling out on your network.
Apple: your satellite needs an upgrade. Here it is. $10,0000 please.
Windows: your satellite needs an upgrade, he're it is. Pointlessly big and full of holes. We have patch for it. Somewhere.
Linux: whatever. Make your own upgrades.
Microwaves, Satellites and cameras powered by android, it will be your fridge, dishwasher and washing machine next
Also on the upside, there's a software problem, they can get a new ROM from xda developers.
This is gonna be used to troll upon Apple Fanboys now onwards.
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