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Circloscope is the most powerful way to manage your Google+ Circles! (Not affiliated with Google)
Circloscope is the most powerful way to manage your Google+ Circles! (Not affiliated with Google)


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Just Kidding!!!
Please bear with us while we work to update Circloscope due to the new Google Plus. In the meantime, switch back to classic view if you need to manage your circles. We will have an update available soon.

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Two of our +Circloscope co-founders, +Christine DeGraff and +Craig Fifield were recently part of a collaborative effort to publish a book called Disruption: How Successful People Use Social Media For Business. Other contributors and collaborators included: +Randy Milanovic +Gina Fiedel +David Kutcher +Vincent Messina +Jodi Kaplan +Iblis Bane +Bernd Rubel +Mike Bayes +Nicholas Cardot +Bruce Marko +Chris Sutton and +Jason T. Wiser. This project is a work in progress and additional future contributors and collaborators are welcome.

You can download the book for $3 on Amazon at:
All proceeds are being donated to charity.
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Question posed to the Google+ Help Community: "I want to move a circle from my profile to one of my pages, but I am not sure how to do it now that circle sharing is no longer available. Any suggestions?"
Here's the answer!
Open +Circloscope to your profile and select the circle you want to transfer. Select all of the profiles in the circle and then under the actions tab, select export and choose ID. Once the file is created, open it and select the ID's and then open your page in Circloscope and choose the import option to import the ID's into a new circle. Everyone you add will get a notification that your page has added them to a circle and many will follow you back.
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Haven't tried Circloscope yet? Try it for FREE at!
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Question posed to the Google Plus Small Business Community: "I have a small business that's involved with health and nutrition. Any tips on how I can target this market and generate leads?"
Here are our tips!
Open +Circloscope to the page you wish to manage. Go back to Google Plus and conduct keyword and hashtag searches around your niche to *find posts that are getting good engagement* (plusses, comments and reshares). As you find posts that are relevant, right click the post and choose the option to send to Circloscope. This can also be done with pages, profiles, shared circles, communities, and events. You can send up to 40 posts at a time and then quickly filter and add to circles. Assuming you have a profile photo or logo, have filled in your about page, post relevant content and are targeting correctly, you should get a nice percentage of follow backs that have already shown that they are interested in your topic - now it is up to you to turn them into leads. 
You should also check out +NOD3x and +CircleCount to find relevant conversations, keywords, hashtags and popular pages. Both tools are integrated with Circloscope, so once you find what you are looking for, you can easily send them to Circloscope to add them to your circles.
Question to our Circloscope community: Did you know that you can right click to send to Circloscope? Do you use it often? Do you have any other tips to add?
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Haven't tried Circloscope yet? Try it for FREE at!
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In case you missed it, +Circloscope and +NOD3x were featured on +Chef Dennis Littley's 3rd Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference. Lots of great info to help you understand how to use these tools for business.

#socialmediatips #tools #strategy  
After all your hard work, blog posts, social media shares, blood, sweat and tears that goes into a project, you need a way to measure your results.

Join us with Owners and developers of Circloscope and Evangelists from Nod3x to learn how to use these tools to show your value to brands looking for bloggers to partner with.

+Christine DeGraff   Co-owner of Circloscope, Youtube Show Host and Producer, social media marketing and management consultant, Web Designer and Programmer

+Craig Fifield  Co-owner of Circloscope,  SEO Consultant, Social Media Strategist, Personal Branding, Content Marketing and WordPress Consultant.

+John Dietrich Web Developer, SEO Strategist,  Social Media Technician and  moderator of the NOD3x - Help, Support and Insights Community

+kara wood Founder of Succinct Social Media, Advising on social media archiving and surveillance. Nod3x Evangelist

Sunday June 14th @
5 pm PT/ 6 pm MT/ 7 pm CT / 8 pm ET / 1 am UK

If you miss the live event watch it at your convenience on YouTube   Subscribe so you don't miss any of the content!

#VBlogCon15   #askchefdennis   #Nod3x   #Circloscope  
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Would you like to learn how to 'crush it' on Google Plus?
If so, this article How to Grow a Highly Engaged Audience on Google+ by +Dustin W. Stout of +Weal Media is a great place to start!

#GooglePlus #business #engagement #tips  
Leave Other Brands in the Dust on Google+
Here's everything you need to know

Growing a highly engaged audience on +Google+ isn't easy, it takes work. Growing anything worth something is work. There's no shortcuts. 

But here on Google+ there are too many brands that are leaving opportunity on the table. So this is my attempt at giving every piece of advice I have gathered over the years, growing my own personal brand and assisting in the growth of others. 

Some of the tips include:
- Complete your profile (seriously, go check again-- you may have missed something)
- Post with intention to engage, not to dump and run
- Manage your circles well
- Curate strategic Collections
- Join and participate in active, relevant Communities

I've also listed my three favorite tools that have helped me significantly over the years: +Circloscope, +Friends+Me and +NOD3x

If you follow this guide, you'll be crushing it on Google+ in no time! 

#googleplustips   #socialmedia   #strategy  
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#RIP #circlesharing #circles

Not sure how we feel about this news. We liked the feature although it did tend to get abused. What are your thoughts?
#Breaking Shared Circles on Google+: Deprecated

+AyJay Schibig and +John R. Ellis have told us about the missing share buttons on the circles page. After checking our database we can confirm that there haven't been any new shared circles in the last 1.5 days.

The Top Contributors +John Elstone, +Marc-André Beauchamp and +John Skeats have confirmed that the shared circles are being deprecated.

Shared Circles have always been pretty difficult.
Sharing a circle is a pretty useful feature. You can help a new Google+ User get a good starting point without having to use the SUL (=Suggested User List).
But it was also used often in a bad way ("reshared to get included") which led to unrelated/uninterested new followers.

Regardless of what you think about shared circles, it feels pretty strange that this feature is being removed. At least our service isn't called SharedCircleCount, so that we don't have to worry about loosing this feature ;)

What do you think?
Is it a good or a bad move?
Will it help improving the engagement on Google+?

#googleplusupdate   #sharedcircle  
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Getting targeted followers is only half of the equation - learn how to strengthen your engagement with these tips by +Ben Fisher from +Steady Demand posted on +Social Media Examiner.

#googleplustips #engagement #strategy
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Have you created a collection yet? If so, post a link in the comments below so we can take a look!

Get around them. Make them. Share them.

Having just spent the past month or so putting together a couple of these new fangled Collections I can say they are excellent. I know so many of you in my stream who are passionate about many varied interests - well, now, you can put each and everyone of those passions into easy to make and even easier to follow Collections.

I'm looking forward to seeing what some of you can come up with.... But I'm really looking forward to being able to find everything you guys have posted on particular subjects without having to dig through your profile or trying to remember/rely on hashtags.

Collections - make one now 

Introducing Google+ Collections, a new way to group your posts by topic

Our happiest Google+ users are those who connect with others around shared interests and passions. So we set out to give people a place to express the things they love. Today, we’re announcing Google+ Collections, a new way to group your posts by topic

Every collection is a focused set of posts on a particular topic, providing an easy way for you to organize all the things you’re into. Each collection can be shared publicly, privately, or with a custom set of people. Once you create your first collection, your profile will display a new tab where other people can find and follow your collections

Posts in collections you follow will appear in your Home stream, with a link to easily jump right into the collection so you can get to similar content from that author. Collections give you a great way to find more of the stuff you love from the people you follow

Collections is available on Android and the web, and iOS is coming later. For Android users, make sure to update your Google+ app to get access to Collections

For inspiration on interesting topics, check out our Featured Collections page here:

Create your collections today and share what you love

Edit : Have questions about Collections?  Join this community for Help, Tips & Tricks :
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