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How to Get Your Business Page Uncircled:
12 Killer Ways to Lose Subscribers Fast
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If you want to hurt your brand page and start getting uncircled fast, here are some killer ways to manage your Google+ page:

1. Only post about your brand
A great way to get uncircled is to just to link to yourself exclusively. Never share other people’s content. Never talk about anything other than your brand. Every post should be about what your company is doing.

2. Disable comments
Don’t allow anyone to talk with you, so make sure you disable comments on your posts. Besides, your Google+ page is about you, not about engaging with others.

3. Lock your posts
Don’t let anyone share your content. If people want to read what you write, they need to make the effort to visit your page to see what you’ve written. You’re worth the attention.

4. Always force people to click to your site
Make sure people need to click on a link to go to your page to read what you have to say. This is your opportunity to get more site traffic. Never post a complete message within Google+.

5. Stay top-of-mind by clogging the stream with your content
If you want visibility and more clicks to your site, you should be posting sales content as much as possible. The goal is to clog the stream of people that circle you with your content. Keep your brand top of mind literally.

6. Post pictures and funny animated gifs all the time
People love pictures in their stream, so make a habit of always posting funny pictures and/or animated gifs along with your update. They’ll love it.

7. Don’t complete your “About” section
People should already know who you are — and only need a link to our website. They don’t need to know who is managing your page or how to contact you.

8. Always be marketing
Every post should be selling something. Always have a call-to-action to drive someone to your website to buy or do something that will help your business. After all, this is why they circled you — so they can buy more from you.

9. Don’t be personal
Nobody likes a brand that tries to be friendly. You’re a company – so act like it. Talk in the third person and use every post as a press release.

10. Don’t comment on other people’s posts
Never go into the streams and comment on people’s posts about you or your industry. Look, you’ve got more important things to be doing than talking back to people who are referencing you in their posts. Don’t give them the time of day.

11. Never circle people back
People who circle you might have other motives, so don’t worry yourself with circling people back. You’ve got better things to do than to acknowledge people by circling them back.

12. Don’t share other people’s content
Even if the content is about you, don’t share other people’s content. The last thing you want to do is promote another page or person on your wall. Remember, this page is just about promoting you exclusively.

If you want to see subscribers drop like flies, just follow the above advice to stop engagement and any relationship with your brand.

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Let me know of some other killer ways businesses can hurt their page
As a first time social marketer, I'm finding it a super thin line that I have to walk in order to grow my follower base, without sounding like a salesman (which I'm not). We've started a Kickstarter campaign to help launch our invention, and in the past two weeks, I've had to morph from graphic designer, to social marketer in short order. I cringed when I read through this article, thinking back to make sure I'm not giving anyone reason to uncircle me. I am finding tons of people who have offered up tips for how to manage your stream, but what I really need is some feedback on my technique. am I providing interesting content? Am I pushing my product too much? +HandAble
+David Block Your hovercard tagline is too long, don't repeat the name of the company as when it shows on the hovercard, you just see names x 2 and then 'HandAble is an accessory for...' What? Who will circle you not knowing? Try to think of a snappy tag to tell in a few words, what your company is all about.
I followed all the good advice and still got NO subscribers that could unsubscribe.. 8-O
Alot of great advice...circled you in my INFO circle.
I wish I could respond to everyone personally, but thankful for all the great feedback here. I'll be able to comment more later this evening.
I think something wrong with 6. Explanations says thats ok. May be nobody read so deep:)
"6. Post pictures and funny animated gifs all the time
People love pictures in their stream, so make a habit of always posting funny pictures and/or animated gifs along with your update. They’ll love it."

By the way, nobody will read the post at all if more then 7 items in the topic. (barbara minto rules)
Great advice. I would suggest that your 12 rules should be part of the initial G+ sign up process. As I read others comments here, I think most people want to do the right thing but just don't know what " right" is.
You outline it very clearly here. Great job
+D.L. SARGENT Thanks for circling our page. Let me know what other content you're interested in.
+Jonathan James Personally that might be okay, not to care, but if you represent a business... Well, that's a different bunch of dates altogether! :-)
+Jonathan James This article is more about helping businesses be more helpful and engaging to grow their fan base. - I think you forgot one: Never reply to people who comment on your posts or ask you questions about your products you mention in your posts. Those people are just time wasters anyway.
+Ellie Kennard Haaa! Love it. Well, remember that you're supposed to disable all comments to help you save time :)
My rule is specially for those who decide against Cardinal Rule #2 so that people will constantly +mention their page in their comments (trying to get some reaction out of them) so thatthey get a higher profile on G+ searches.
Great post, thank you!
Two requests for your blog:
1. Your Twitter account doesn't appear anywhere (so if I share anything on Twitter I can't give you any credit)
2. The Twitter share button at the top right-hand side isn't working
+Catherine Christaki Thank you for letting me know. I'll take a look. I haven't set-up a formal twitter account for my page yet. Right now, I'm just using my account to share this content. If you think it's helpful for me to link to a twitter account, then I'll create one for sure. Please continue to let me know what suggestions you have. Just starting the blog and definitely love getting tips like this.
I don't agree about the part in clogging with product. My FB site increased by 28,000 fans in 90 days by being engaging and entertaining. The moment we experimented in plugging product, we began to lose fans. Will apply same to G+ pages. It more relationship marketing than anything.
This is basically the same as FB rules/policies
@Marcel, post your link, I will not only like and follow you, but give you some advice as well.
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