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Communities in your language
new features on CircleCount

After we have seen more than 25,000 communities here on Google+ we thought we should start filtering the communities to find easier what we are looking for.
We have added today a language filter, so that you can get the most followed communities in your language.
Here are some examples:

german communities

dutch communities

finnish communities

spanish communities

french communities

italian communities

How is it working:
We are using the same technology as for our "What's Hot" section ( and are analyzing the text in the about section of the community. You can find more information about the limitations and how it is working here:

Safe Search on CircleCount
Maybe you have seen it already there are a lot of communities for a very special topic ;)
When you are in the office or at home with the kids, you probably don't want to open a ranking of communities and see these images (and let your colleagues or kids see them too).
On the right side of the rankings you will find an option to show or to hide show the nsfw-communities. The default is that they are hidden.

This is working only with your help: 
On each community page you will find a link in the top info box like shown on the 2nd image of this post. You can send us with this link a message, that this community is nsfw. We will check your message and the community and set the nsfw-mark for this community.

Thanks a lot for beta-testing to +Jaana Nyström, +Luc Suy and +Rajesh Narayanan!
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But I am ;)

You are right, that's also the reason why we left the technical explanation in the separate post.
Hi +CircleCount, I noticed that under "Popular" pages are no longer visible on your website. Can you tell me why? 
Hi +Didier J. MARY,

you are absolutely right, this was missing, but is fixed now.
Thanks a lot for the hint!
+CircleCount Thanks guys! You are the best! Also, you might be interested in one thing we see on +CircleCount site. It is that top dropdown box with countries list does not infulence results of Communities ratings. For example: We can select Russia in "Russian" language like:

but also we get the same result with, for example, the country of Hungary

I assume that when language selection is active in communities, top country list dropbox should be disabled/ Just a thought.
And thank you very much again!
The problem is that there is no direct connection between the languages and the countries. For example german communities come from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
You are right, that disabling the country selection could be a solution for that. I'll put this into our internal discussion.
We discussed it today. It becomes really important for countries like Ukraine/Belarus. Those are countries where most sites are not in their native language but in Russian. In Ukraine it is approx 50/50 and in Belarus majority is in Russian.
I absolutely understand you +Yuri Savelich.
The problem for the communities is that there is no location or address which we could use to detect the country for a community. That's why we decided to try to detect the language with the description. If there is a possibility to detect the country of a community (for the most communities and not only for a few) we would be the first, who would use it ;)
Why not use the owners country as good guess ?
+CircleCount Actually there is a "location" on the very bottom left side of every community page, however if user did not specify it, you will not see it. As far as I think the logic should be: 2 drop boxes +2 check boxes. One with the list of countries and one more list item 'All Countries" , other one with a list of languages and one more item "All Languages", and two check boxes "disregard languages" and "disregard countries" Than you will have precise statistics for each country for each language in that country, or for all languages in any given country, or for each language in country specified, etc. That will also give you guys wider data marketing appeal, because you will be able to pinpoint, for example all  "Russian-speaking users in USA". And "disregard' check boxes will pull out cases where no ccountry was determined and/or no language was determined (digits only in description)/
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