A small change on the profile pages at CircleCount.com:

We received today a message from Steve (not exactly knowing which Steve here in Google+ ;) ) about putting the whole content of a post on the profile pages at CircleCount.com.

We want to show a better picture of someone on our pages but we don't want to steal your content. That's why we started right now cutting longer posts and showing one additional link to the original post directly after the content of the post.
"additional" because there was already a link to the best on the timestamp of a post.

Sorry +Robert Scoble for taking you as an example of cutting content, but you are the first one (of many others) we think about, when we search for someone writing longer posts ;)

For the SEOs here:
We don't use the content of posts for SEO. You can be sure about this statement, since we were always hiding the posts on profile pages for search-bots.
Two simple reasons for this:
- we don't think that anyone could have a better visibility in the serps than the original post on Google+, so we don't even want to try this game ;)
- the (limited) API calls would explode if the searchbots would need an additional call per profile page´╗┐
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