After the great feedback we got yesterday, here is a reshare for the other timezone:

Good morning Europe and Africa!
Hello Asia!

Dashboard reloaded for all of our 29,592 followers
and everyone else ;)

We have two great news:
- we have an update for our dashboard
- we have reached 29,592 followers[1]

There are two new points in the new dashboard:

1.) An easy way to search in your posts
On the right side above the table with your posts you will find a search field. With this field you are able to search within your post. The search goes through the whole text in your posts although only the first part is shown.
Of course this is also working on the dashboards of your linked pages like you can see in the screenshot attached to this post.

This search is very fast, since nothing has to be loaded after the dashboard is loaded once.
Try it out:

2.) Two new columns in the posts-table
If we have tracked the number of followers for you at the time of a post, you will see this number directly in the posts-table. 
In the last column you can find the calculated number (plusones + reshares) per follower
With this number you can get a better feeling about which post got the most feedback per follower. This could be very interesting for users with a high growth in the number of followers. Please share with us any interesting point you will find here.

Thanks a lot to all 29,592 of you for listening (=reading) and especially to our beta-testers: +Jaana Nyström, +Michael Stuart and +Jari Huomo

We like palindromes! ;)
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