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Just trying out Hootsuite (first test post).

Looks interesting, more interesting would be if the permission "manage circles" means also access to the follower circle. I don't think so in the moment...

hmmm... mentioning someone is also not possible
But it looks interesting though (especially that there is an app to post through a page on the mobile, which I'll check next).
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Ok, that worked directly. The android app doesn't seem to be able to post through the page.

+Andre Sokolov sorry, what? ;)
The iPhone app doesn't seem to have Google+ functionality yet, I've asked the question when this will be introduced as this will be key - whooping Google+'s own hide as their mobile apps don't currently support posting to pages. 
Thanks for your comment +Lesley White!
So it's the same for Android and iOS.

Let's see when this will be available and if this will be available. They had around 8 months to play with the API ;)
Thanks SO much for reminding us to add our Google+ to our HootSuite. We completely forgot!
My attempts at posting to limited circles went public. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Anyone else having trouble with that?
+Lisa Grover forgive me if i sound presumptuous-  Posts are automaticly set to send to the last circle you sent to, so if  'public' was included in the last post, remember to de-select 'public' the next time you send.
+jackie jordan not at all. I am not a big user of Hootsuite and usually post directly. When I heard G+ posting was now available I thought it made sense to give it another shot. I thought I tried deselecting public but perhaps not. I thank you for confirming what I suspected all along - user error.
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