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Christmas time is over for this year, but we have today our Christmas gift for you, it was still waiting on you under the tree ;)
Your very personal ranking!

There are a lot of discussions around the web about rankings, influence, transparency and ranking criteria.
Today we will try a very new way: we have the data and you will get the control!

With the new control panel you can choose which criteria shall influence your ranking. You can also define for each criteria the weight for the ranking. You can get a detailed description of each criteria with the tooltip at the question mark. You can also choose a specific country and if you want to see only profiles or pages.

You will get directly the result on this page and can also share it with your friends.

Try it out, it’s very easy: Login at and afterwards go to "Your ranking" (
Here you can find for example the ranking of Daniel:
Leave us a comment if you have found an interesting constellation of ranking criteria.

Thanks a lot for the beta testing +Jaana Nyström, +Celia A, +Nicole Y. Männl, +Keith Barrett, +Patrick Graber, +Miguel Rodriguez !
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Wow.. Another device to tell the world: "Look how important I am."
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