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Helps you better understand Social Media
Helps you better understand Social Media


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Community Insights

The next Google+ update is there. It feels like it's already Christmas ;)
Community Insights dashboard

Hello folks, over the next several days, we'll be rolling out a new dashboard for community moderators that provides informative metrics for their communities.

Moderators will notice a new community "Manage" button (previously "Moderate"). The Insights dashboard appears as the first tab and includes helpful membership and engagement metrics.

You can read more from our G Suite blog post here, which also describes a community report for G Suite admins:

And you can refer to the Help Center article here:

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Google+ Search is getting finally useful

Great news!
Advanced search operators

Over the next few days, we'll be rolling out advanced search operators to the Google+ search box to assist you in refining your Google+ search queries. For example, I typed from:"Ina Gat" has:photo commenter:me into the search box and rediscovered this nice bokeh shot from +Ina Gat.

You can search for posts that have particular attachments (like has:poll), posts where you were mentioned (like mention:me), posts before or after a date (like before:2016-04-01), posts in communities or collections, and more! You can even use operators like AND, NOT, and OR.

Read the complete set of rules at:


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Have seen the new Google+ profile cards yet?
Time to edit ? New profile cards across Google!

You might have noticed the new profile cards that have shown up on +Google+ recently.

As things pan out I would expect these profile cards to be available across a number of Google services, so whether you are a +Google+ user or not you should take a look at adding information you want people to be able to find at:

Note: you can still add both Public and Limited information: for example your phone number, which you might wish to only show to those you call "Friends".

Post GIF shows the contact card as it loads and with the first " Show More " section, which is the Story section expanded.

If you have any questions ask and I'll get back to you when I wake up. Goodnight!
Animated Photo

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Are you using the notifications page?
It's been updated.
Improvements to desktop notification page

Hey folks, over the next couple of days, we'll be rolling out some highly requested usability enhancements to the desktop notifications landing page (

Open in a new tab: You will be able open a notification in a new tab via right-click menu, [cmd|ctrl]-click or middle-click. (Note that this keeps the notification in an unread state.)

Profile hovercards: Hovering over any profile picture will bring up the profile hovercard. Additionally, profile pictures are click targets, so they can similarly be opened in a new tab.

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Do you like browser games?

We love them because you can play them everywhere and at anytime.
That's why we thought we could create some browser games.
As you may already imagine: many of them are circle-related ;)

Let the games begin

What's your favorite game and what's your score in the game?
Feel free to share it with us and your followers :)

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Bulk moderation in communities

Thanks for the update +Leo Deegan!
Bulk moderation of Ask-to-Join requests

Over the next several days, we'll be rolling out a new feature for community moderators which will allow them to apply moderation actions in bulk on the list of ask-to-join requests. This feature will be accessible via the "Moderate" button in their communities. Enjoy!

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