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Google+ Events on CircleCount

Today we are launching a new search and analysis tool for Google+ Events.

On the main page (linked above) you will find current Google+ Events. You will be able 
► to check for more events on other days with a date selector
► to search for events by keywords
► add new events that are not yet in our index

Every event is linked on this page to an analysis page where you can find more information about this event, like
► the most plusoned comments on the event
► the persons/pages with the most followers having commented on this event
► all commenters of this event
► all guests of this event who are going/went to the event

What could be a better example than an event with +Mark Traphagen, +Ronnie Bincer, +Jeff Sieh, +Wade Harman, +Eric Enge, +martin shervington, +David Amerland (ordered by their Google-ID ;) )?
Check out this event by +Plus Your Business! at:

What's the first event you will add on this page?

#circlecountupdate #events #analytics

Special thanks to the professional team of +Quote Mirror for providing the background image for this and many more upcoming posts. Please check out their awesome quotes and graphics!
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Feed the mouse and grease the wheel +Tim Sweeney  I agree +CircleCount are one of the good ones and are easily understood always! 
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Looking good in hangouts
here are some great tips by +G+GoTo Gal

The link in the original post looks broken, here is a working one:

via +martin shervington
How NOT to look ugly on a webcam

Aside from the Enhanced Features  that Google added to Hangouts onAir, here are additional tips to pay attention to if you want to look great on camera.

Pay extra attention to your environment (background) and the fact that you need to be wired in.

Via H/T +Liz Lockard Marketing Consulting 
#howtohangout   #lookgoodonvideo   #hangouttips   #hangouttraining  
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Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts

Jamie Spencer from +Setup a Blog Today has put together a very nice infographic describing the keyboard shortcuts you can use on several social media platforms. 

My favorites are j, k and o here on Google+ to scroll through the stream.
Are you using shortcuts anywhere?

Get the original image here:

I hope it is ok for you Jamie, that I've reduced the size of the image!

#shortcuts   #socialmedia   #infographic  
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+CircleCount gracias :) 
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You can't count circles without knowing what Pi is ;)

Happy π-day!

Thanks for sharing this nice illustration of Pi +Corina Marinescu​!
Happy Pi Day!

visual representation of C = 2r*π

#piday   #mathematics  
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π day 
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Profile Pages Reloaded
means they get fast with every reload ;)

In the last two days, we have worked hard on our database and our scripts.
As you can see in the image, the result is that the profile page are loading 4 times faster than before.

Check out a few profiles and tell us if you see a change:

Or check out your own profile:

Special thanks to the professional team of +Quote Mirror for providing the background image for this and many more upcoming posts. Please check out their awesome quotes and graphics!

#circlecountupdate   #performance   #mysql  
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Thanks for the link +Adel de Meyer. This looks indeed great! :)
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We are missing some countries

Fixed now. The ranking will be recalculated automatically or if you click on "Update Now" on your profile.

News about a better performance on are coming soon, but unfortunately one of the database operations went wrong.
We are fixing that right now (nothing to worry about). The countries will be back in a few hours.

Sorry for the confusion!
Um, something's wrong with my dashboard +CircleCount ?
It forgot my country settings and doesn't even let me choose one... But at least I am on #1 in the Profiles Ranking now ;-)
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#CirclesCounted: 35

For a Greek guy this is pretty interesting. Especially if you are living in Germany and always thought that Spanish is the language to blame when you don't understand something.

Also interesting:
Looks like Japanese people don't have any problems at all since they don't have an equivalent of “It’s all Greek to me” ;)


via: +Yonatan Zunger
Fascinating graph. "The phrase actually comes from a Medieval Latin proverb, “Graecum est; non potest legi,” meaning “It is Greek; it cannot be read.” From there, the phrase filtered into many European languages. Today, English, Spanish, Polish, Norwegian and Swedish all use Greek as a metaphor for incomprehensibility.

Mark Liberman, a professor linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, started wondering what the equivalent was in different languages. Drawing on a variety of sources, including Wikipedia, Omniglot and user comments, he created the graph above, which shows the language that other languages use to describe things that are hard or impossible to understand."
English speakers say, “It’s all Greek to me,” when they find something hard to understand. Shakespeare used the phrase in “Julius Caesar” (“Those that understood him smiled at one another and shook their heads; but for mine own part, it was Greek to me”). It’s also common in Spanish, where some people think it gave […]
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Google+ logos, icons & templates for all your g+ needs!

+Dustin W. Stout has something for you and it looks great!
The result of many hours (I would rather say days) of work is a collection of Google+ art. And you can get it here for free and use it to create a nicer internet ;)

Now, let's check if we are using the correct icons +Rick Lutz ;)

Holy Free Visuals Batman!
Google+ logos, icons & templates for all your g+ needs!

Well since it is St. Patricks Day it seemed like a good day to release something a bit ridiculously over-the-top. If I were to give one of the items in this post away every day it would take me 5 weeks to give them all away. 

I'm giving away every official Google+ logo, icon and template that I've added to my personal visual content creation arsenal. 

Download them here:

Seriously-- I can't even count the hours spent creating all of these. Mostly, because they're for my own personal use and I've just been maintaining them for a while. 

And the good news? Because they're things I actually use, that means they'll stay updated over time. 

Go go download all my goodies and tell you're designated graphic designer I'm their new best friend. 

#HappyStPatricksDay ! Cheers! 

#googlepluslogos   #googleplusicons   #googleplushelp   #freebie  
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Really, a source of excellence, Thank you for this database, full information. Even more, very Usefull for various practices of positive programs.
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Check out our new Blog Post on: Customer Recovery!
Thank you Robert Cordray for this Contribution.
Even if your business is securing new customers constantly, losing customers at the same time will not help the company to grow. Rather than assuming nothing can be done to regain the trust of that lost customer, it pays to get in gear and do what is necessary to rebuild the relationship.
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Thank you +Anna Rimovska!
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Pulsating Circles
#CirclesCounted: 100

Looks like animated preview images for link posts are not animated in the mobile app of Google+.
Do you see an animation here?
In the app or in the web version of Google+?

But more important:
Do you like what you see? ;)
Pulsating Circles
#CirclesCounted: 100

In my 2nd processing project, I'm drawing some circles with a random position and a random color on the screen.
The animation is done by changing the opacity of the circles over the time.

Reload the page ( and see how the positions and colors are changing every time.

As "always" (2 times now ;) ) you can find the full processing code on the linked page.


#processing   #circles   #animation  
In the second processing project we are drawing ma
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How Google+ can boost your SEO and increase traffic to your website

A very good article by +martin shervington on +agorapulse including some great tips on how to "use" Google+ to increase your traffic.

The article Martin is talking about is this one:
And the ripples for this article are impressive:

Getting +Vic Gundotra to share an article looks like a good idea ;)

How to leverage Google + to boost your SEO. Thanks to +martin shervington  for yet another epic piece of content :-)
Make the most of using Google+ to boost your SEO and generate more traffic to your website.
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Thanks & Love, my followers wanted to 'Add' my Circle but prevented!
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+Liz Jostes is describing here very nice how to get some basic analytics for your Google+ Page on Google+ and on +Google Analytics.

If you want more analytics for your Google+ Page or if you want any statistics for your Google+ Profile (since there are no statistics for profile on Google+), you should check our dashboard:

#googleplusanalytics   #statistics   #dashboard  
How to Discover Analytics With the Google+ Dashboard
/via +Liz Jostes for +Social Media Examiner  #analytics  

"Do you know how your Google+ business page is performing? Are you using Google+ My Business analytics? The Google+ Dashboard has greatly improved the analytics it offers for its platform. In this article you’ll discover the Google+ Dashboard and the analytics included in each option."
The Google+ Dashboard has greatly improved the analytics it offers. Discover the Google+ page dashboard and the analytics included in each option.
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Awww, schucks. ;)
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Helps you better understand G+
At you will find a lot of statistics about your profile on Google+ but also about other Google+ Profiles, Pages and Communities.

We have also several rankings and you can find the most-followed, the most popular or the most following persons, pages and communities. And each ranking can be shown country-specific!


Good tips in our posts:

Check out also the Cream of the Crop with daily new suggested profiles or your personal Dashboard at

Any feedback is welcome!

You can reach a few of us directly on Google+:
+Nils Tschampel (Marketing Manager)
+Rick Lutz (Design)
+Chris Macidis (Developer)
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Contact info
Essen, Deutschland