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The Fastest Way To Find One Of Your Google+ Posts

Dashboard Search has existed on for quite some time, but it turns out that many people, (even those who are using CircleCount ;) ) don't know that this feature exists.

It's very easy to use!
- open your dashboard:
- scroll to the table containing your posts
- start typing your search terms into the input box the at the top right of the table
- watch the filter doing its work without the need to load a new page

You can re-order all visible posts with a click on the title of any of the columns.

This also works for your Google+ Pages and Communities:

The first time you open your dashboard can take some time, but the 2nd time will be much faster (

#googleplustip #circlecount #search
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The skyline of Cologne

Hopefully the split of Google Photos and Streams won't let us miss such photos/posts.

btw: that's the city where most of the CircleCount php-code was written ;)

h/t +Markus Landsmann
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+CircleCount ^____^
yes nothing official :)
Thanks for your Reply and for your amazing website & great extension
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Does the "N" in +NOD3x mean News? ;)

Check out +Sundar Pichai's talk at the Mobile World Congress 2015.
Google Announcements at the 2015 Mobile World Congress

Key areas of Google innovation announced by Google Senior VP of products, +Sundar Pichai are:


With project Loon, Google Fiber and project Titan (think Google drones bringing wireless connectivity to remote locations), Google has set its sights on bringing connectivity to all who want it.  

Google as a wireless carrier

There's been a lot of speculation that Google wants to begin providing wireless access as a mobile virtual network operator. To that speculation, Pichai had this to say:

"I think we're at the stage where we need to think of hardware, software, and connectivity together, Especially with things like watches. We don't intend to be a carrier at scale, and we're working with existing partners. You'll see some of our ideas come to fruit in the next few months."


Android Pay was the big announcement here, and this will be integrated with Google Wallet for wireless NFC purchases. Pichai also mentioned that the Android One project (intended to bring a smart phone based on Android to emerging markets for around $100 per unit) was moving ahead. Google hopes to get that price down to half that in the coming years as well.


There's been a lot of speculation around what exactly is going on with +Google+. There's a clear change with +Bradley Horowitz taking lead with Photos and Streams. 

There will also be other organizational changes, to include a focus on:

- The Google+ Stream
- Hangouts
- Photos

These changes will not be user-facing, and are a focus by Google on improving the G+ platform. 

image source and details here:

More details

For full details on the presentation, see this live coverage from +The Verge 

#mobileworldcongress2015   #Google   #TechNews  
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+Simons Mith the plusones you can see on that page are the "external" plusones. You can plusone a website for example by using this extension:
In the past it was also possible to plusone Google+ Pages, but I think they have removed that option.
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Did you know that our designer +Rick Lutz​ has a lunar colony at Jupiter Moon Europa?
Me neither ;)

Check out what Rick is drawing when he is bored.

#digitalart #scifi #artoflutz  
Lunar Colony

I am bored, desperately wait for work from the +CircleCount team! :D
So, I decided to visit my lunar colony at Jupiter Moon Europa.

Prepared with Vue10, postwork with Gimp.
Have fun and enjoy!


#digitalart #scifi #artoflutz  
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+Ole Olson Our mission control say, you'll get a free ticket!
+Nel Pa Thanks for your nice feedback!
+George Sciblo Jr You're right. My engineers already working at a fuelless engine. :D
+P. Korevaar I will try my very best for the next weeks! :D
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#CirclesCounted: 2

We love circles and this is a great example of how to use two of them to get something else (an ellipse).

Check out the blog of +Matt Henderson to see more examples, always with the related Mathematica code:

h/t +Corina Marinescu

One circle with radius a and another with radius b combine to give an ellipse with width & height (major & minor axes) of a + b and a.

Source & credit:

#maths   #gif  
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Must. Stop. Watching. It's. Been. Hours.
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We love the beauty of circles

Check out the high quality quotes of +Quote Mirror
My personal favorite is the Karl Baba Collection.

Have fun and enjoy!
Rick Lutz

ping: +Chris Macidis +Nils Tschampel 

#quotes #qouteoftheday #digitalart  
An open heart is the best medicine.
– Karl Baba
#heart #love
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+Domes Hmar I'm using this medicine everyday!
+Tamy Midle Artagnan If you want be happy, be - Leo Tolstoy
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Login on CircleCount not working

Working now again.

Update from +Friends+Me:
Google confirmed the problem

Since a few minutes we are getting an error message, when someone tries to login via Google+ Sign In.
It looks like right now you can't login on CircleCount. We are analyzing the problem, unfortunately it looks like the problem is not on our side, since we haven't changed anything today in our scripts/server.

For anyone who can help:
The error message is:
_The document has moved

Any idea/help is welcome and much appreciated!
Thanks for your patience and sorry for that!

ping: +NOD3x +Friends+Me +Steady Demand any problems on your side?

ping: +Ade Oshineye +Gus Class maybe you can help?
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You are a bit late +NOD3x​ ;)

But I've tried the sign in on nod3x at the time where it wasn't working on our site and it worked there.
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+John Skeats​​ is describing here very good why you shouldn't be concerned when people you don't know start following you.
Something that leads often to confusion.

Thanks John!

via +Peggy K
Concerned about Unknown People Circling You on Google+? 

Many people who are new to Google+ get concerned by notifications that a person they do not know circled them. The truth is that having someone circle you is completely harmless. Circling on Google+ is not like "friending" on Facebook, which is a two-way relationship. 

The most common concern is that the unknown person might be able to see your private information. They cannot. A person who adds you to their circles can only see information that you share with Public or possibly with Extended circles if that person is in the circles of someone in your circles. People who add you cannot see posts or anything else shared only with your Circles unless, of course, you add them to your Circles.

Another common concern is that unknown people might be able to spam your Stream. That too is impossible. Having you in one of their circles allows people to attempt to share posts with you but the posts will not appear in your Stream unless you add them to your circles. 

That being said, some people simply do not want to be in specific people's circles for one reason or another. You can remove yourself from a person's circles by blocking them. Blocking can cause complications for you, however, so a simple trick is to block a person and then immediately unblock them. (Unblocking does not add you back to their circles.) Using this trick would not prevent them from circling you again, but the odds are excellent that they won't notice that you are no longer in their circles.

If you have further concerns about your privacy on Google+, I encourage you to read the following post about controlling your privacy on Google+:

#GooglePlus   #GooglePlusTips   #Privacy  
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Ain't heard shit ain't seen shit dont know shit
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Since +Moritz Tolxdorff is saying good changes are coming we are happy ;)

Congratulations +Bradley Horowitz and thanks to +Dave Besbris for his work!
Just wanted to confirm that the rumors are true -- I’m excited to be running Google’s Photos and Streams products!  It’s important to me that these changes are properly understood to be positive improvements to both our products and how they reach users.
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Amusing, how in our youth we ride change like a bicycle - but as we age, we become more reluctant to accept it. Interesting considering change is the only constant.
Probably a function of perception. As adolescents we hunger for the future, to come of age. We jump on that bike. But after that, we start leaving skid marks.

I feel it too, apprehension, but I will wait for the evolution to decide how it fits me. No doubt I will adapt. :)
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Use circles the right way in infographics

We love circles and we don't like if someone is utilizing them to deceive the viewers.
In the linked article and in the image below you can see how different an infographic can look like when the circle doesn't reflect the value.
Like described in the article this can be a design mistake but it can also be used by intention to make the big circles bigger.

Thanks to +Lucas Appelmann for pointing us to this article in his post about such a wrong infographic:
Accuracy is the most important aspect of an infographic design! Last week, the article The Truth...
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The mobile version of Google+ just got an update

Are you using Google+ on your phone in your browser (that's the updated version here) or are you using the app?

via +Jaana Nyström
Today we’re excited to announce the new and improved Google+ experience for mobile web. We focused on making everything faster, more beautiful, and more intuitive. To check out all the new updates, visit on your phone or tablet’s browser.  
As always, we’d love to hear what you think!  

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mobile, but apple's app sucks. plusonings are not always showing up, and takes a life to work.
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Weekend Fun

Funny idea: add "ing" to film title and create a new title.

My favorite:
Spidering Man, or how I founded Google
by +Markus Strangl

What's you favorite?
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Maiming +Kristin Drysdale? Ouch ;)

+Jose Antonio Rocker79 that's also a good one :)
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Helps you better understand G+
At you will find a lot of statistics about your profile on Google+ but also about other Google+ Profiles, Pages and Communities.

We have also several rankings and you can find the most-followed, the most popular or the most following persons, pages and communities. And each ranking can be shown country-specific!


Good tips in our posts:

Check out also the Cream of the Crop with daily new suggested profiles or your personal Dashboard at

Any feedback is welcome!

You can reach a few of us directly on Google+:
+Nils Tschampel (Marketing Manager)
+Rick Lutz (Design)
+Chris Macidis (Developer)
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