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Server Maintenance
Just to forewarn you all.
The CircleCount server is under maintenance today, so you might experience outages.
Sorry for that, but we'll be back completely as fast as possible.
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Count on +CircleCount to keep us in the know! Thanks!
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--> CircleCount going FaceCount <--

We are here since the beginning of Google+, a network we love, a network you all love, a network ever evolving. So are we, we thought!

We were able to collect a lot of expertise in the area of Social Media Analytics.
Since many people of our great community are are also very active on other platforms, we thought it is time to expand!

Introducing CircleCount with Facebook Integration!
Yes you did hear right.
It is coming and it is coming really soon...
We just wanted to make you as excited about this as we are.
It is going to be part of our new CircleCount PRO and you'll love it!

Please share your thoughts with us and subscribe to our newsletter @
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+Donna Gerber this won't change anything for Google+ users. The facebook dashboard will be just an additional feature on CircleCount, you don't need to use it, but you can.

But I don't understand your 2nd sentence regarding "circle groups". Is there anything that is not working for you on CircleCount? If yes, could you describe that a bit more detailed? 
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+CircleCount I have a feeling that we're all going to be surprised! ;)
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Magnets and Marbles
a great team

Very cool tricks here and I agree with +Robert Wallis, it keeps getting better.
Very cool! ... Watch it build.

You start of thinking that's clever, then it keeps getting better.

/ht +Thomas Kang

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#CirclesCounted: >1 ;)

Another great animation by +Sean Walker showing the power of Processing used by a great mind!

#processing #animation #circles
Stereographic Projection - Goth Lace Verion

This animation was developed with Processing:

... the Apache Math Commons library:

... and ImageMagick: 
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Very cool! I love it :)
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Google+ iOS Update

My favorite:
See new notifications for multiple accounts

Hopefully we will get this on Android soon.
G+ iOS Update 5.5.0
We’re launching another update to the Google+ iOS app today. This version will soon be available on Apple's App Store and contains the following new features along with several bug fixes:

* 13 bugs fixed
* 3 accessibility issues addressed
* Swipe left/right to move between posts
* See new notifications for multiple accounts
* Search autocomplete
* Ability to create & delete Circles
* Changed info icon to ABOUT text on profile

As always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them. Thanks~
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de los w de de chicas

 ·  Translate
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The new interest-based Google+ landing page

Have you checked out the landing page of Google+ in the last weeks/months?
Interesting post by +Paolo Amoroso!
The new interest-based Google+ landing page
I hadn’t been checking the Google+ landing page in a while but it’s worth a look as it was redesigned, see the screenshot:

It’s a page of the Google+ website with an overview of the product. In the past it focused on traditional social network activities such as sharing photos and updates with friends and family.

A year or so ago Google+ pivoted to an interest-based network and the new landing page reflects this. The tagline in the top fold reads “Discover amazing things”, with the following images and text highlighting collections and communities. People are still mentioned, but Google+ now helps you connect with those who share your interests.

The redesign is part of Google’s ongoing work on Google+.
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Awe, Guiding and not seen before. Thanks +CircleCount +Paolo Amoroso
Given Feedback there with request to activate the working of the "Search Box" at "Featured Collections" (for topic wise search)
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+Eli Fennell​​ is explaining what the new Google Spaces are.

Have tried them out yet?
What do you think about it?
Google Launches Spaces App

Ahead of Google I/O, the company has launched a new 'social' app called Spaces. Spaces is more-or-less a hybrid of Google+ Communities and Collections and the Gboard iOS Keyboard. Users can create topical 'Spaces' and invite people to join them via Email, Social Media, or a Shareable Link to Join. It is intended as a solution for 'small group sharing', i.e. something halfway between group messaging and an ad hoc social media community.

Its 'killer feature', if it can as yet be said to have one, is that it the mobile app has Google, YouTube Search, and the Chrome browser built right-in, allowing users to find a web page, video, etc... and share it to the Space without leaving the app as well as view web pages shared by other members of the Space. At present, only the mobile app versions of Spaces appear to have the built-in web and video Search features, while the browser-based version currently lacks them, though this seems likely to be a temporary situation.

It can also upload images from your +Google Photos account from inside the mobile or web app, giving you one less reason to ever leave it. And, of course, users can also Search for anything shared in their Spaces as well, even images (courtesy of Google's advanced image recognition software).

The company will be demonstrating the new service in-action at their I/O Developer Conference, at which time it should be more apparent how they see this service being utilized by their users.

#SocialMedia #GoogleIO2016 #GoogleSpaces
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Great work +CircleCount 
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#CirclesCounted: 3

Thanks for sharing this one +Corina Marinescu.
Great work again Matthen!
A Reuleaux triangle is built from three circles. As it rolls, its height is always the radius of one of the circles - a constant.
This makes it a curve of constant width, just like a circle.

Animation & info via matthen

#mathematics   #reuleauxtriangle  
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Kathy D
That's kinda hypnotic! 🙃
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#SpheresCounted: 60

A nice animation by Dave Whyte: 
See this Instagram video by @davebeesbombs • 120 likes
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is beautiful... Have a great day +CircleCount 
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Google+ Android Update

And there was also an update for Android yesterday.
The "new posts" notifications has been moved to the bottom again ;)
G+ Android Update 7.8.0
Today we're starting to roll out our ninth Android app update of the year. In addition to addressing a number of bugs and accessibility issue, we've also added quicker access to new posts and additional Google apps.

* 22 bugs fixed
* Quick access to Google Photos, Hangouts, & Search apps
* "New posts" notification moved to the bottom of screen to make it easier to access on bigger phones. Thanks for all the feedback: (we do listen :)

And as always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them. Thanks~
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+Eli Fennell is very successful with his Google+ Collections.

Check out his article with some very good tips about how to use Google+ Collections.

#googleplustips #collections #eli
My Tips For Using Google+ Collections

Google+'s new focus, ever since its recent 'Material Design Makeover', has been squarely on two areas of the network: Collections and Communities. It has now become far easier to connect with Followers along a particular topic or theme than to attract Followers to your Profile. (By all accounts, including +CircleCount's extensive data about Google+ users and trends, Profile and Page growth has virtually flattened as the emphasis has changed to Collections and Communities.)

It is no longer optional, if your goal is to build a large and engaged audience on Google+, to place your focus on these areas. Admittedly, I've never been very good at running a Community of my own (though I do moderate a few), but when it comes to Collections, I've had several of my Collections Featured by the network, three of which have over 100K Followers, with one Collection achieving over 300K Followers since debuting last year.

In the following article, I offer a few basic tips for creating and getting the most traction from your Google+ Collections.

#SocialMediaTips #SocialMediaMarketing #NewGooglePlus
Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Using and Marketing the New Google+ Collections Feature
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+Daniel Watson I'll have to read the article and try and figure it out. 
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