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In-Depth Analysis of Google+

A great article by +Dan Petrovic and +Dejan SEO
You should check it out if you are interested in any kind of Google+ numbers (and you are otherwise you wouldn't follow us ;) ).

Honored to be represented in a screenshot there ;)

via +Christine DeGraff

#googleplustips #googleplusstatistics #googleplusanalysis
+Dan Petrovic published a very comprehensive post about +Google+, Ripples, Communities, the API, Content Success Analysis, HoA, Events ... well, about everything you possibly want to know to dive deeper.

Great post!

FYI: +Mark Traphagen, +Christine DeGraff +martin shervington, +Denis Labelle, +Stephan Hovnanian, +Eric Enge
A detailed analysis of Google+ platform with case studies, actionable tips, statistics and a visual guide to little-known features.
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Thanks +CircleCount 
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What you should know about your Google+ Posts

Very interesting stuff here by +Brian Jensen!
While we are waiting for our server to get back, I've found this article via +Jaana Nyström on +Pinterest ;)

#googleplustips #googleplusposts
Google+: Looking Behind The Scenes of Profiles and Posts

I love Google+. In addition to using it for content discovery, this rapidly growing social network is an incredible tool for micro blogging, networking and relationship building.

While Google+ can effectively be used as a micro blogging platform, it lacks many of the features that give blog owners using a CMS more control of the HTML elements, tags and styling of their blog.

To help Google+ users understand what is happening behind the scenes, I’ve dug into the source code of Google+ posts and pages to show you elements that affect how your posts appear in Google+ and in Google Search. In this guide, you’ll learn what tags are added automatically and how to optimize the elements you have control over including:

☞ Titles
☞ Meta descriptions
☞ Canonical tags
☞ Alt attributes
☞ No follow attributes
☞ Rel=author
☞ Target="_blank" 

Read the full post here:

Pinging +Denis Labelle, +martin shervington  

#googleplus   #googleplustips  
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Wonderful work +CircleCount 
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Problems and Doubts  - 
Website not loading in Chrome for Android
when save bandwidth is enabled

Our website ( is not loaded in Chrome for Android when the option to save bandwidth is enabled. After disabling it, it works without any problem.
Is that a problem on our side or a temporary bug on Google side?

The rich snippets tool is showing us everything without a problem:

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

cc: +Matt Clark 
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+Owen Ellis about
The vision and inspiration of connecting the dots

Another great post by Owen after his "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" post (

#franklin   #ellis   #smallwood  
Vision (Connecting The Dots)
disseminating seeds: The Series - INSTL 019

When I think of Benjamin Franklin, I immediately recall the impression of his likeness on the currency of the land. But lessons of vision and perseverance while bridled by challenge, certainly go far beyond that.

Examining Benjamin Franklin, one can be impressed that he was driven, self-educated, and endlessly inventive — some might even consider him to be the classical entrepreneur. To me, Franklin was less about being an entrepreneur, and more about networking with others. He was in fact, the quintessential social media manager of his time.

All about connecting the dots.
He [Franklin] believed that if he brought people together in a relaxed atmosphere and let the conversation flow, opportunities would emerge. He set in motion a trend that the French writer Alexis de Tocqueville noted in Democracy in America, his 1835 classic assessment of the young United States,

“That nothing was as distinctive [about America] as its people’s proclivity to form associations around interests, causes, and values.”

This same vision and inspiration
to connect the dots, is something I witness each day in the likes of +David Amerland and +martin shervington  , as well as in efforts underway by +CircleCount and +NOD3x.

Men and women of such vision are a wonder to behold.  When asked by a student during a recent +Glass in the Class episode to expound on the evolution of working in groups within Google+, Martin suddenly was transformed to an almost blissful state of contemplation while gazing out from his balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean ( Like a child pondering a wrapped gift on Christmas day, his eyes light up. With the wisdom of ages before, he ponders a connectivity of people — three, five, and even ten years into the future. That future, as he discusses, is built upon #relationships . On Connecting the Dots.

Likewise, the men and women behind Circle Count and NOD3X present analytic tools. Some may see them as mere metrics measurements. Yet the vision behind these enterprises is built upon looking at the past, in order to build upon  —  Connecting the Dots.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.”  This presence and state of mind probably could not forecast what the world has become today. But does it really matter that he could not see the technological advancements of the current day?

No. It is simply the mind and vision to advance forward — and CONNECT THE DOTS.

~ owen

Question: How are you making use of YOUR ABILITY to have vision and CONNECT THE DOTS?

#disseminatingseeds   #essaybyowen  
disseminating seeds 019
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Splendide +CircleCount 
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Export the View Count History

We have added the view count history in the export files of our business service.
You can see in the screenshots how your monthly update can look like and also the data that will be exported.
You will get it via email automagically every month (or if you need more often) so that you can save time (=money) when you manage a Google+ Page.

If you want to get a demo, try it out here: 
(you will get the data for +CircleCount)

Feel free to share this info/post with the people you think would be interested in. There are also a few testimonials on the page :)

#business #googleplusanalytics #circlecount
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Curated Shared Circles on CircleCount

Today we are launching a new page, where we are suggesting a few curated shared circles for different topics.

We are starting with the following shared circles:
The Sunshine Ladies On Google+ and The #31people
curated by +Christine DeGraff

People Who Hangout On Google+ and Video Game Fans on Google+
curated by +Amanda Blain

The Social Media Mentors on Google+, The Most Helpful People On Google+, The Most Creative and Inspiring People on Google+ and The Best Photographers on Google+
curated by +Dustin W. Stout

Social Media Tools On Google+
curated by +Bernd Rubel

The #Super8
curated by +Denis Labelle

Feel free to suggest any other shared circle that should be on this page.

#circlecountupdate #sharedcircles #quality
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Cool! +CircleCount 
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Have them in circles
73,653 people
We are back again
a bit off-color, but back

Yesterday we have had a server crash because of a hardware defect. The problem was that it was a very bad timing since we got two defects, so that the last available backup of our database was 3 weeks old.

The server is back and running now. Thanks to the quick support of the team (our hoster here in Germany) and a lot of sweat on our side ;)
All data we could restore is there now and the site is up and running.

The good news:
- no loss in the follower history data
- the most data that are lost will be updated automagically in the next 24 hours, when our daily update scripts are done
- your favorite posts could have been restored completely

The bad news:
- the view count history is lost (the database table storing these data couldn't be restored and was created 2 weeks ago; after the last available backup)
- the plusones history for pages is lost for the last 3 weeks (again one of the tables that couldn't be restored)

Our learning:
- backup the backups

If you see any error message on the website or the chrome extension, please give us a note. We have tested a lot and are still testing, but your eyes are two helpful eyes more.
You can give us a note here in the comments or post a screenshot in our community (

We are very sorry about the downtime and the lost data!
We hope that this won't happen again and we will do our best to avoid it.

#circlecount #backagain #upandrunning
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Danke +Olivier Klastat und +Jörg Müller! Euch auch frohe Ostern! ;)

Gracias +Regina María Castejón Asturias!

You are right +Terry Johnson. Unfortunately the backup takes more than one hour, so that am hourly backup is technically not possible right now. The best would be a replication server, where the database would be replicated in real-time on a second system, but this would double the costs, which are already at our limit.
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Shared publicly  - 
We have some server problems right now, but we are working on it.

Sorry for the inconveniences, we'll be back soon (hopefully).

Update at 22:22pm (German Time):
It looks like that our server had a hardware defect with the hard discs.
Our hoster is fighting to restore as most as possible.
Downtime will be longer, we'll be hopefully back tomorrow.

Update 2 at 12:30pm (German Time):
It looks good that the server will be running again soon. Still trying to restore as many data as possible.

#circlecount   #down  
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Yeay - it works now +CircleCount and of course I'll send you a note if I spot any oddities :-)
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We love circles
And we found a lot of circles in +Brian Fields awesome fractal collection. Check it out!
Top 10 Fractals from January, February, March
As calculated by stats from +CircleCount since G+ stats still fall a bit short. Let me know which ones are your favorites!
Meanwhile, I'm still re-calibrating and figuring out where this project goes from here. I'm thinking I want to spend more time on each one, so maybe not one a day.
#fractalart  #apophysis   #jwildfire 
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Thanks +Jorge Santana 
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+Dunken K Bliths *starts the engine* ;)

If you are looking for an animated cover picture, Dunken should be one of your first stops to look at:

#dunkpunked #animation   #coverpic  
It just needed Smoke !!!

+CircleCount +Rick Lutz 

#dunkpunked   #animated   #circlecount  
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Wonderful +CircleCount 
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Helps you better understand G+
At you will find a lot of statistics about your profile on Google+ but also about other Google+ Profiles, Pages and Communities.

We have also several rankings and you can find the most-followed, the most popular or the most following persons, pages and communities. And each ranking can be shown country-specific!


Good tips in our posts:

Check out also the Cream of the Crop with daily new suggested profiles or your personal Dashboard at

Any feedback is welcome!

You can reach a few of us directly on Google+:
+Nils Tschampel (Marketing Manager)
+Rick Lutz (Design)
+Chris Macidis (Developer)
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Essen, Deutschland