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+Peggy K​ helps you better navigate in Google+

And since we are to help you better understand Google+ this is a great post to share.

via +MaAnna Stephenson
Peggy K originally shared:
Is your Google+ Home Stream flooded with posts from "What's Hot", Communities and your Circles?

Adjust the amount of posts in your stream from What's Hot, your Communities and each of your Circles from "More" to none at all. 

Turn off or adjust the amount of "What's Hot" posts

On a desktop computer:
1.  open your Home Stream
2.  click  Explore at the top of the page
3.  click "What's Hot" ( )
4. in the red box click the gear icon next to "What's Hot and Recommended"
5. choose the amount of What's Hot posts you'd like to see

Detailed instructions for adjusting the level of What's Hot posts on a desktop computer or mobile device:

Adjust the amount of posts from each of your Circles

On a desktop computer:
1. open your Home stream
2. click the name of the Circle at the top of the page
3. click the gear icon on the Circle's information card on the upper right
4. select the amount of posts from the Circle you want to see in your Home stream

Detailed instructions for adjusting posts from your Circles on a desktop computer or mobile device:

Adjust the amount of posts from each of your Communities

On a desktop computer:
1. open the Community
2. click the gear icon below to the Community name on the left 
3. select the amount of posts from that Community you want to see in your stream

Detailed instructions for adjusting the level of posts from your Communities on a desktop computer or mobile device
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Great!Very useful reminder +Peggy K , thank you!
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Did you know that it was #NationalHighFiveDay  yesterday?

We are a bit late, but we celebrating today the #InternationalHighFiveDay  together with +NOD3x (where we found this post ;) ).
Google+ originally shared:
It's #NationalHighFiveDay! Give them out generously and don't leave anyone hanging!
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Happy International High Five Day!
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Google created the space. We hacked it.
by +Mark Traphagen 

A very interesting study on Google+ numbers and a very interesting discussion in the comments on the original post:

Well done +Eric Enge and +Mark Traphagen!

#googleplus #statistics  
The Hard Numbers for Google Plus Activity

Read +Eric Enge's massive study of over half a million Google+ profiles

Click here >>

Learn how much public posting actually occurs on Google+ from real data on real Google+ profiles.

Please share this important study!

Read at

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Thanks for the share +CircleCount 
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Let's draw some circles, algorithmically.
Dynamic Opacity
#CirclesCounted: 70

A pulsation can be generated with different elements. In this case the pulsation is done by many circles with a dynamic opacity. The more circles used, the less you can see different circles in the animation.

You can find the live animation and the full (processing) code here:

And here is the overview in case you have missed one:


#processing   #circles   #animation  
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+CircleCount Thanks for the information!
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Google+ Events on CircleCount

Today we are launching a new search and analysis tool for Google+ Events.

On the main page (linked above) you will find current Google+ Events. You will be able 
► to check for more events on other days with a date selector
► to search for events by keywords
► add new events that are not yet in our index

Every event is linked on this page to an analysis page where you can find more information about this event, like
► the most plusoned comments on the event
► the persons/pages with the most followers having commented on this event
► all commenters of this event
► all guests of this event who are going/went to the event

What could be a better example than an event with +Mark Traphagen, +Ronnie Bincer, +Jeff Sieh, +Wade Harman, +Eric Enge, +martin shervington, +David Amerland (ordered by their Google-ID ;) )?
Check out this event by +Plus Your Business! at:

What's the first event you will add on this page?

#circlecountupdate #events #analytics

Special thanks to the professional team of +Quote Mirror for providing the background image for this and many more upcoming posts. Please check out their awesome quotes and graphics!
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Am I so late +Denis Labelle? ;)

A great weekend to you, too!
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Looking good in hangouts
here are some great tips by +G+GoTo Gal

The link in the original post looks broken, here is a working one:

via +martin shervington
How NOT to look ugly on a webcam

Aside from the Enhanced Features  that Google added to Hangouts onAir, here are additional tips to pay attention to if you want to look great on camera.

Pay extra attention to your environment (background) and the fact that you need to be wired in.

Via H/T +Liz Lockard Marketing Consulting 
#howtohangout   #lookgoodonvideo   #hangouttips   #hangouttraining  
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Have them in circles
96,056 people
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Google+ is baking cakes now

+Takahiro Yamamoto is celebrating his 3 million followers with a cake sent by +Google Japan

Congratulations Takahiro!
That's an impressive follower chart:

+Google+ prepare some cakes for +Jamie Oliver and +April Summers who are the next ones to get 3m million followers:  ;)
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本日のClosing Partyを以って大盛況のうちに『山本高裕写真展 Bright Lights~街灯り、星明かり~』を終えることが出来ました。そしてGoogle+Japanチームからは、お祝いの特大ケーキも届きました。
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+CircleCount hermoso<3
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Have you seen my views?
I need my views back!
Unviewed Views?

In the last week we have received a lot of messages like these.
It looks like something happened with the view number on Google+.
This post is to inform you that you are not alone.

If you want you can check your view number history here: (and click on "Views" in the history chart)

According to the TCs +John Skeats and +John Elstone (and probably some more), these are the most common reasons:

* There are occasional glitches in the view counting algorithm. (It is not as simple as one might think because multiple actions contribute to the view count.) When that happens, the counts generally return to their prior level within about 72 hours.

* Google is constantly policing Google+ for Terms of Service (TOS) violations. Repeat violators and serious violators can have their accounts closed. When that happens, all actions by the accounts that contribute to the view count are removed permanently. There is usually relatively constant activity in that area, however occasionally the Abuse Team detects a pocket for related accounts which can result in a substantial drop affecting specific pages. Note that this would not imply that the person experiencing the drop did anything wrong, only that people who viewed their profiles/pages or acted on their posts did.

* When you delete posts and photos that have activity associated that contributes to the view count associated with them, your view count is reduced by whatever activity was associated with the deleted items.

(I hope it is ok for you that I copied this text from your comments)

There was a similar bug 6 months ago:

Let's see if we will get our views back ;)

#googleplus   #views  
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Thank you for your help it is appreciated.
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20.000 Chrome Extension Users

Like you can see in the attached image, we have a lot of new chrome extension users in the last days.
We have hit today the huge milestone of 20.000 users!

These are 20.000 persons who have installed our extension and are running Chrome at least once per week.
This is unbelievable and something we would have never imagined when we launched version 0.1 ;)

Are you one of these users?
What is your favorite feature and why isn't there a review written by you yet? ;)

You can find more stats like this about CircleCount here:

#circlecount #chrome #extension #milestone
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I have it. But only activate it occasionally. Does that affect it? Chrome already eats up what little memory I have.
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Google+ Stories in Google Now

Interesting update. 
10 months after we have added Google+ Stories to CircleCount ( the Stories have now arrived also in Google Now. ;)

Did you know that the story with the most reshares, plusones and comments is one of the first stories on Google+? Created by +Mesut Özil on day 1 of this Google+ feature:

h/t  +Peggy K  +John Elstone 

#googleplusupdate   #googleplusstories  
A cool feature from Google+ is now making its way to Google Now. "Stories," which is a feature that automatically creates a story from photos based on location,
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Thank you very much. Finally the people that share a lot of photos in the album have their own stories to be shared. I wish you a happy day on Sunday.
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Your photos in Google+ and Google Drive

Looks like +Bradley Horowitz​ has some news for us.

Google+ Photos will of course keep helping you store, edit and share your pics. But if you want to organize all your files, all in one place, Drive is here to help. You’ll start seeing your photos in Drive today—immediately if they’re new, and a few weeks for your entire library—so give it a try

Check out the article linked below for more information.

#googleplusupdate #photos
Very excited to see progress here...  

Two great products, working great together.

Congrats to the teams.
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Great news +Vance McAlister! Thanks for letting us know.
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#CirclesCounted: 35

For a Greek guy this is pretty interesting. Especially if you are living in Germany and always thought that Spanish is the language to blame when you don't understand something.

Also interesting:
Looks like Japanese people don't have any problems at all since they don't have an equivalent of “It’s all Greek to me” ;)


via: +Yonatan Zunger
Fascinating graph. "The phrase actually comes from a Medieval Latin proverb, “Graecum est; non potest legi,” meaning “It is Greek; it cannot be read.” From there, the phrase filtered into many European languages. Today, English, Spanish, Polish, Norwegian and Swedish all use Greek as a metaphor for incomprehensibility.

Mark Liberman, a professor linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, started wondering what the equivalent was in different languages. Drawing on a variety of sources, including Wikipedia, Omniglot and user comments, he created the graph above, which shows the language that other languages use to describe things that are hard or impossible to understand."
English speakers say, “It’s all Greek to me,” when they find something hard to understand. Shakespeare used the phrase in “Julius Caesar” (“Those that understood him smiled at one another and shook their heads; but for mine own part, it was Greek to me”). It’s also common in Spanish, where some people think it gave […]
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Helps you better understand G+
At you will find a lot of statistics about your profile on Google+ but also about other Google+ Profiles, Pages and Communities.

We have also several rankings and you can find the most-followed, the most popular or the most following persons, pages and communities. And each ranking can be shown country-specific!


Good tips in our posts:

Check out also the Cream of the Crop with daily new suggested profiles or your personal Dashboard at

Any feedback is welcome!

You can reach a few of us directly on Google+:
+Nils Tschampel (Marketing Manager)
+Rick Lutz (Design)
+Chris Macidis (Developer)
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