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Guiding Film lovers through a sea of celluloid.
Guiding Film lovers through a sea of celluloid.

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my three panels are:
Cartoon Creatives: Womenpower in Animation
Cartoon Legends Speak: Diversity in the history of animation
Women Rocking Hollywood

4:30 - 5:30 Cartoon Creatives: Women Power in Animation-While Women in Animation’s initiative strives to have a 50/50 workforce in the animation world by 2025, there are women leading the charge right now, creating, innovating, and guiding cartoons into a future filled with talent that goes beyond gender, and their fans are loving every minute of it. Scheduled to appear are Lauren Faust (creator, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) Brooke Keesling (director of animation talent development at Disney TV Animation) Lauren Montgomery (co-executive producer, Voltron: Legendary Defender) Stevie Wermers-Skelton (co-director, the upcoming Frozen Holiday Special) Gina Shay (producer, the upcoming Trolls) Katie Krentz (senior director of development: Cartoon Network, Steven Universe), Daron Nefcy (creator/executive producer, Star vs. the Forces of Evil) and Marge Dean (co-president, Women in Animation) to discuss their experiences and upcoming projects. Moderated by Leslie Combemale of Animation Scoop. Rm 24ABC

1:30 - 2:30 Cartoon Legends Speak: Diversity in the History of Animation-A panel featuring great artists including Disney Legend, and first African-American animator hired at Walt Disney Studios, Floyd Norman (The Jungle Book, Monsters, Inc), first African-American animator to get a screen credit and award winning illustrator Ron Husband (The Rescuers, The Little Mermaid), Japanese-American and Inkpot winner Willie Ito (Lady & the Tramp, The Flintstones), Jane Baer (Sleeping Beauty, Roger Rabbit) and Emmy Award winning Mexican-American Phil Roman (Sleeping Beauty, The Simpsons) discuss their careers, their futures, and how diversity has played a role in their artistic lives. Moderated by Leslie Combemale of Animation Scoop. Room: 24ABC

2:00 - 3:00 Women Rocking Hollywood-This exciting new panel features powerful, talented women changing Hollywood from the inside. As creatives, directors, and producers, they are breaking box office records and showing Hollywood altering the status-quo just makes for better movies. Scheduled to appear are Victoria Alonso (exec producer, Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War) Angela Robinson (writer/director, D.E.B.S., True Blood, How to Get Away With Murder) Catherine Hardwicke (director, Twilight, upcoming Love Letters to the Dead) and Kirsten Schaffer (exec director, Women in Film: LA) and other special guests, talking about positive changes in tinsel town, their work, and future projects. Moderated by Leslie Combemale of Cinema Siren. Room: 25ABC

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The Nice Guys review and interviews: Does the fun on set translate to a fun film? YES and here's why:

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Always nice to see George Clooney and Julia Roberts-but is #MoneyMonster a solid investment? Review:

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Is KEANU comedic purr-fection or a cat-astrophe? Check out Cinema Siren's video review:

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New @ElvisNixonMovie's Liza Johnson talks about her film & working in Hollywood: #Elvis&Nixon #womeninfilm

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Yes, I think @thedarkhorsemov is the best movie of 2016 so far. Why? Review and exclusive interview:

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Ck out Cinema SIren's vid review of MILES AHEAD & why it's worth the trip into Davis's head:
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