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Tailor-make your personal Tibet tour.
Tailor-make your personal Tibet tour.


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Notice from TTB: the ending time of Tibet Travel Permit is Feb.25, 2017 and next starting time is Apr.1, 2017.
If you are considering a #Tibet #Winter #Tour, you need decide ASAP.

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What do I need worry about the #altitude and the coldness in #Tibet? What should I do about the altitude?

For altitude sickness, before you come:
a. Do exercise to improve your fitness and health as possible, both physically and psychologically.
b. Take care of yourself and avoid catching cold, for it is difficult to recover from a cold at high altitude.
c. Prepare necessary medicines against altitude and take high-altitude medication a day before arrival at Tibet.
d. If never go to high altitude before, it is better to consult a doctor and make a medical examination.
e. If you fly to Lhasa, make sure to get a good night's sleep the night before.

After your arrival:
a. Do not brisk walking or running immediate after your arrival, especially if you arrive by air.
b. Take a good rest and don't take shower at the first two days! Avoid catching cold.
c. Avoid tobacco, alcohol or depressant drugs, including barbiturates, tranquilizers, or sleeping pills.
d. If you feel Uncomfortable or your AMS symptoms are mild, do not take oxygen immediately and do adapt to high altitude by yourself or move to lower altitude. Because if you 

quite depend on oxygen, you will find harder to adapt to higher altitude in the next tours.
e. If your symptoms become worse and worse, pleas take oxygen and go to hospital.
f. Drink plenty of water, eat light, high-carbohydrate meals for more energy.
g. If you have any symptoms of AMS, please tell your group members and tour guide in the trip.

For coldness,
April is the spring of Tibet. The ice melts and the weather warms during spring. April is also one of the best months to see Tibet because the weather starts to turn warm, and it is still in the dry season. You are more likely to see the peak of Mt. Everest clearly. In Lhasa, it is sunny and dry with sunshine 8 hours a day. The temperatures range from an average low of 2 °C to a daily average high temperature of 16 °C.

For comfort in the changing temperatures and high UV radiation, you'll need to dress in layers and cover up if you are in the sun for a prolonged time due to the UV radiation. Have a T-shirt, coat, trousers, and a sun hat in Lhasa, and a heavy coat and gloves for higher places. Sunglasses can protect your eyes.

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Top Sightseeing Platform in #Sichuan - #Mountain #Niubeishan
Highlights: clouds sea, snow-capped mountains, dazzling sunrise and golden mountain in the sunshine.
Day 1: Chengdu - Yaan - Tianquan - Erlangshan - Lengqizhen
Day 2: Lengqizhen - Jiexin Garden - Cloud Sea Home - Summit of Mt. Niubeishan
Day 3: Mt. Niubeishan - Sanhe Township - Yingjing - Yaan - #Chengdu
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Victorious Lake (4560m)
#Lake #Manasarova , or Mapham Yum-tso in Tibet, is the most venerated one of Tibetan many lakes and one of the most beautiful lakes. With its sapphire blue water, sandy shoreline and snow-capped mountain, backdrop and welcome change of veneu from the often forbidding terrain of #Mount #Kailash .

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Photography Guide to Holy Mount Kailash and Sacred Lake manasarova: 
As to landscape and documentary photography, Mt. Kailash offers a variety of subjects to shoot, and is favored by global landscape photographers for its stunning pyramidal-shaped summit covered by perpetual snow. This article guide you the travel route, the best shooting place and angle, and the best time to shoot...

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Guide to Mount Everest Photography:
1) Best season to shoot Mt. Everest - from April to May and from September to October
2) Best moment for photography - one hour before and after sunrise and the same applied to the sunset
3) Best places to shoot Mt. Everst
a. Mt. Everest Viewing Platform in Tingri county
b. Zhegula Mountain Pass
c. The Sand Dune near Rongbuk Monastery
d. Everest Base Camp(5200m)

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Sakura (サクラ) Railway & Snow Railway: from Beijing to Yanqing
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The Black-necked Crane is a very unique bird in Tibetan society, and are favored by Tibetans and called “saint bird of the snow land”. When you take one of our Tibet winter tours, drive from Lhasa and along the Yarlung Tsangpo River to Shigatse city. You can see them on the riverbed.

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