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Heard about this historical book because +Ambrose the Printer printed both the book and release party invites!

" Mosquito to Orange" Book Release Party!
Sunday, June 26, 3:00 p.m.
5901 S. Orange Ave.

Learn the history they said could never be told!

Join us this Sunday, June 26 at 3:00pm for the release of our new book, "From Mosquito to Orange: The Making of a County" by Dr. Paul W. Wehr.

This amazing volume tells the story of Orange (formerly Mosquito) County from 1820 through 1892. They said it couldn't be done, since all Orange County records were destroyed in the courthouse fire of 1868, but this history was carefully gathered by Dr. Wehr and is now available for all to read!

Come join us for our book release and signing party, featuring a presentation by Dr. Wehr and Jane Tracy, as well as free A&W root beer floats!

For more information, please visit:

#history   #Orlando   #OrangeCount   #Bookrelease  #historybooks

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Life of an Outreach Nerd:

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"How can you judge if something was done as expected when you are in the midst of creating it? If you are doing something for the first time, there is no benchmark, so what do you measure against? " Evaluating Innovation by EMC Arts

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Interested in narrating #Audiobooks for a living?
You Should Do Audiobooks
Getting started is easier than ever, but getting established and making a living as an audiobook narrator in today’s highly competitive voiceover landscape requires Skill, Stamina and Strategy.

This intensive audiobook Master Class reveals what’s really required to begin and maintain a rewarding career as an audiobook narrator.

• Discover where and how to make money

• Learn how to best invest your time

• Acquire insider marketing strategies that will propel your career forward

The first part of the day will be an in depth exploration of breaking into and getting established in today’s audiobook industry.

The second part of the day will focus on recording techniques and story telling skills.

Bring Chapter One of a fiction book you’ve read, like, and would want to narrate.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make storytelling your way of life…

Join us for this unique insider perspective!

Christa Lewis will be presenting at this year’s Audiobook Producer’s Association Conference panel “If I Knew Then, What I Know Now” in Chicago in May.

She has made an unprecedented splash into the traditional audiobook publishing realm, winning Earphones for each of her first 3 titles for publishers Blackstone and Hachette.

Read more about Christa here:

She also is a most valued Sensei on the V.O. Dojo Team.

Price: $395 for the 5-hour workshop

Register Here:

#voiceover #acting #entertainment 

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I love reading about businesses with a long history. Startups excite me too, but there's something so interesting in learning how a company evolves through the years.
As I start work with Ambrose the Printer, bringing their social media on par with their word of mouth, I have to remember how important the color green was to them!

Ambrose the Printer in 1908.
Ambrose the Printer originated in Jacksonville with the great-grandfather of Karl Ambrose. Karl worked in his grandfather's print shop and later, his father's shop. The company's logo, then and now, consists of the letter "A" with a colonial-era man operating a Gutenberg printing press in the center of the "A". The company color was a dark green, referred to as "Ambrose Green". Back in the earliest days, in order to work as a salesman for Ambrose the Printer, you had to drive a green car. Mr. Ambrose's motto was that you could drive whatever color of vehicle you chose, as long as it was green. If yours wasn't already green, you were required to have it painted!

Ambrose the Printer Today
These days, we don't require our staff to drive green colored cars, although we are very committed to keeping our operations as environmentally friendly as possible. We use soy-based inks on the presses, recycle all of our printing plates and chemicals, and recommend recycled paper to our customers whenever possible. Ambrose the Printer was reopened in Orlando, by Karl and Dale Ambrose in 1986.
#smallbiz #Orlando #printing 

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If you've ever been told "You Should Do Voiceover," this weekend intensive with +Tish Hicks is for you!

Learn the essentials from V.O. pros and find out how your voice could be MAKING MONEY!
Join top L.A. voiceover pro and coach Tish Hicks (voice of Citibank, Subaru, HP, Burger King and many more) for a hands‑on, pull-no-punches workshop that could change your life and your livelihood!

In just one SUPERCHARGED, POWERFUL weekend you get:
A thorough overview and delicious taste of the many ways your voice can be making money — from commercials to animation to much, much more

A hands-on understanding of what you need to break in and what it takes (mentally, physically, spiritually) to really make it

How to apply your skills from other mediums — stage, film, singing, dancing, gardening, parenting — to excel at voiceover

Recommendations on the recording equipment and software you need to get started

Experience working in both a home setup and professional recording studio environment — so you can walk in like a confident pro on your first job

The skinny on demos, agents, subscription casting services, other markets — and what it takes to build a sustained career in V.O.

Resources to take home: a comprehensive Copy Bible — real copy from all voiceover genres — and MP3 copies of all your work

A safe, supportive, encouraging environment to explore voiceover and see if it's for you
#voiceover #acting #auditions #animation #videogames #losangeles

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This articles addresses The Curse of Knowledge in #Crowdfunding, but it absolutely applies to obstacles I work to avoid in Audience Building. Too many hassle factors between you and getting a sale or new audience member to forget this. #newaudiences  

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“Mixed Feelings: The Cat in the Hat & Consent”
What would you do if your mother asked you? @cindymariej

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Imagine your child only eats 3 food, IF they are prepared perfectly. My college friend and her husband have worked with their son Liam, to keep him healthy through these challenges.
Please take a look at their fundraiser. They are so close to their goal that will get him to a feeding clinic where he will go from #3from30foods !

We are raising funds to help with the costs associated with taking Liam to the St. Joseph’s Hospital Pediatric Center for Feeding & Swallowing. Liam’s complex feeding issues have accelerated rapidly over the past few months and we now require this intensive approach to help him regain his skills and to prevent him from being placed on a feeding tube. We are so hopeful that he will make great progress there--our current specialists have assured us that we can expect to go from Liam's current 3 foods to 30 foods! We will need to travel to New Jersey and stay for five weeks for this singular program designed to help children just like Liam. The medical, travel, and lodging expenses associated with this trip are simply out of reach for our family. Anything you can give to help us get Liam the care he needs to grow and THRIVE will be greatly appreciated. If you’re not in a position to donate, would you please share this page? Every bit helps! Liam's admission date has been set for April 4 so our time is limited. To kick off our fundraiser, Liam’s uncle, Andy Natusch, owner and artist of Artisan Tees will be offering a Limited Edition “Liam, Let’s Eat!” t-shirt to the first 25 donors of $100 or more!

More About Liam:
Liam is a joyful, energetic three year old boy diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With the loving support of family and a stellar team of therapists and medical providers, he has made so much progress in so many areas of his development. Since the summer, Liam went from being completely non-verbal to speaking words, using signs and gestures, and now making requests in two and three word phrases! He’s learned to tolerate swinging movement and how to walk up and down stairs…and he’s even working on riding a tricycle! A year ago, his idea of play was running in circles and opening and closing cabinet doors over and over. Today, he enjoys making cars and trains go, can play pretend by cooking in his kitchen set and feeding his stuffed animals, loves to act out scenes from Star Wars, and reading his “Pete The Cat” books. However, there’s one area of his development where, try as we might, we have not made any headway. Liam has a long, complicated history of feeding struggles that have gotten worse over time. We’ve worked our way through feeding therapists all the way to the head of the Pediatric Feeding Team at UNC Children’s Hospital. The overwhelming advice of Liam’s feeding specialists is that we need to take him to an intensive feeding clinic program where he will gain the skills to eat a variety of foods and we will be trained in the protocol for how to help him continue his progress. And we need to do this as soon as possible.

The urgency is REAL.
After a year of feeding therapy, Liam is at an all-time low number of foods. Right now he will only eat 3 foods. All of the foods that we have recently worked with in therapy (even some of his FAVORITES), he will now no longer eat. Our specialists have warned us that when a child gets down to so few foods and loses them as rapidly as Liam has in the past few months, there is, essentially, a 100% chance that he will get down to eating no foods. The other alarming factor is that when Liam gets sick, he will often refuse all food and drink forcing himself into dehydration. It is hard to describe how fearful and powerless we feel when ER doctors say things to us like “We’d really like for him to drink before we discharge him” while offering no solutions for how to make that happen. We live in fear each time he catches a little virus that he won’t come around and drink in time and the hospital staff will have no choice but to progress from IV fluids to an NG tube to a surgically-placed feeding tube—and once you go on a tube, it’s even harder to restore normal eating behavior.

We know how hard it is to believe how extreme this situation is because Liam looks so HEALTHY. And he IS healthy because, despite his limited diet, we work furiously each day to get the nutrition in him that he needs. We fill his cup (the ONLY cup he will drink from) full of fresh fruit and veggie smoothies (that we have to push through a fine mesh sieve so that no textured bits touch his tongue and make him refuse to drink all over again) where we disguise the taste of the GI meds (because if he tastes them, he might refuse to drink…again) so that maybe he will feel good enough to eat. If we’re out of routine, visiting friends, on vacation, Liam can't eat. The amount of energy and anxiety involved in feeding Liam has stalled other areas of development (like potty training and staying on top of academic, cognitive, or fine motor based work) that require strength and PATIENCE. So while he’s getting further behind in feeding, he’s getting further behind in everything else.

Why have we chosen the program at St. Joseph’s?
Well, it is the only one of it’s kind that is designed to help children specifically like Liam. For five weeks, we will focus intensively on feeding all day, every day. All of the many factors that affect Liam’s issues will be addressed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts. What really sets St. Joseph’s apart is the way that they address the EMOTIONAL issues that surround feeding for the whole family. And the success rate is IMPRESSIVE! THIRTY FOODS and an increased repertoire of cups and utensils--it will be such an incredible, positive change in our lives!

So where will the money go?
Lodging For 5 Week Stay--$5000
Medical Expenses While At The Clinic--$3500
Travel Expenses (gas & airfare for Jon to fly back and forth)--$1500

Stretch Goals:
Therapy Visits (Liam will use up a lot of his allotted therapy visits while at the clinic. We will have to pay out of pocket for the rest of his feeding and speech sessions for the year)--$2500
Meals (Liam's therapy meals, plus we will go through a lot of takeout living in a hotel)--$1000
Medications (Liam's reflux meds are VERY expensive and our insurance doesn't cover them; some help in this area will give us time to appeal and try different options while keeping Liam from suffering)--$500
Nest Egg (funds to help us recoup the processing fees, pay the taxes on the donation income, other medical and therapeutic equipment, and some to save for needs that arise next year-this fund will inflate how our 2016 earnings look and may exclude us from assistance that is based on tax returns for the following year such as SSI/Medicaid if eligible, medical grants and our YMCA membership and other areas where we receive financial assistance)-$4000

Thank you for supporting us and our beautiful little boy. Now, let’s get Liam EATING!
#autism #ASD #feedingtherapy #therapy 

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They have better Storytellers on staff than this narrator, but it's a cute video on their Jobs page. #library  
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