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THis is completely insane.

(And you'd think that a logical application of this law would also toss anyone arresting and incarcerating a pregnant women into jail for harming her fetus...)

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Time to move all the women and doctors out of Tennessee... o.0
I am at the point where I think it's actually originally intended. Next step would, of course, be to prohibit women from workin at these kinds of jobs, and then...
The similarity to Islamic fundamentalism seems inescapable. What I don't know is whether they're sincerely trying to build up a religious dictatorship, or whether they're just trying to scare us into thinking that's what they're doing, so we'll donate more heavily to the Democrats (and dial back criticisms of Obama, etc.).
I think my tinfoil hat just exploded.
Women represent a threat to the status quo of the privilege and power structure. As such, the kyriarchy will push back to disempower us with whatever it can find. Religious extremism is a convenient tool, but not the underlying reason.

+Woozle Hypertwin As for your suggestion that it's to encourage support for the 'opposition', setting up false dichotomy between two factions of a coalition has been a tactic used for the manipulation of populations throughout recorded history, and the Bronze Age mythology that has survived to this day certainly suggests that it's been going on for far longer.
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