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I was going to edit the previous one, but realized it's probably still set to extended circles since I created it before changing it. (I'm not entirely sure what happens with default value posts when you change the default value.)

Oh hai.

Comments are public on my posts. However, many of my posts are closed entirely to comments (particularly the political ones) because I have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with flame fests.

I ain't here for that.

I'm here because I think there's a lot of really cool stuff out there to share and I'm the sort of person who thinks out loud on the 'net. I've been online since the late 80's so I've seen a lot of stuff online and I'm at the point where I just go with what I like because ain't nobody got time for anything else.

If you don't like it, then don't follow me.
If you saw it on What's Hot, that's nice. If you didn't like it, too bad so sad, move along to the next post.

I have no control over a post of mine popping up in your stream. Either you followed me & you can unfollow me, or you decided to look through Explore -- and YOU can stop doing that if you don't like what you find. Either way, there's nothing I did to appear in your stream.

(You'd be surprised at how many people whine that I'm in their streamz, killin' their buzz.)

I tend to be interested in politics, tech stuff (I'm a linux admin among other things), feminism, LGBT, and whatever else catches my fancy. I read a lot, and am writing a fantasy series which I might eventually publish as an indie.

That said, there's lots of cool people here and I look forward to meeting you!

Oh, probably also a good place to list a few links.

I collect my bookmarks at <>
You can find, for example, most of the articles I've shared on the current campaign at <> and there's many more tags besides.

I'm on twitter: <>
Quick note. I have comments on my posts set to extended circles and have done so for at least six months or so.

ETA It seems Google is preparing to remove or revise? extended circles fairly soon, given changes on the G+ app (see comment stream) although settings are still available on desktop. So I don't know exactly what I will do in the near future. I'll pin another post when I do change things.


Now, how that works exactly is a bit of a mystery. I would think this would mean that anyone who is in the circles of anyone in my circles should be able to comment. In effect, trusting those in my circles to in turn have reasonable people in their circles. I actually circle only a very small number of people, because I read most everything in my stream.

I do this to cut down on random psychos, drive by comments, harrassment, Trump supporters and other drivel.

It doesn't always seem to work the way it should, though. I have no idea why. If we have people in common and you can't seem to leave comments, then do feel free to reshare this post (that will notify me-- I hope-- or just strike up a convo with me in a mutual friend's thread) with an inquiry. Or ask someone here in the comments to plus you into the thread.

Oh, also I have a tendency to close comments altogether if the topic is Hillary Clinton. This is an outgrowth of the rather bitter intraparty fight between Sanders and Clinton supporters and I'm uninterested in hosting any of that on my threads.

I do wish I could set comment permissions on a case by case basis, but G+ doesn't give us that option, so I'm sticking with the somewhat oddball extended circles setting.
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+Cindy Brown the first thing I ever did with that torch was make a spaceship-crash-in-progress scene.

Gelatin stinks when you light it on fire. Fondant at least smells vaguely like roasting marshmallows, but gelatin is nasty.
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Well worth a read.

I came along a very similar trajectory (though I started out supportive of Sanders and lukewarm for Clinton and changed a bit more quickly than Saul did). The more digging I did, the more clear it became that the anti-Clinton rhetoric is just that.

Anyway, this is also packed to the brim with links and such. I can't even find a good pull quote without doing disservice to the rest of it...
When this election began, I was like millions of millennial men: a "Bernie bro" rooting hard for Sen. Sanders. Watching the candidate of my dreams get s...
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I never hated seems to me that people exaggerate their grievances to performatively demonstrate their anti-establishment identity/fashion. Politics isn't (or at least shouldn't be) a fashion show.
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"Rare image of a shark stepping on a Lego."

oh +Bruce Shark...
@Sonikku_a The Pacific has an area the size of Nebraska where legos litter the ocean floor. A shark steps on a lego every 30 seconds. Charles Black. 9m9 minutes ago. Charles Black @char_blac. @Sonikku_a But this shark's pain is not a statistic. · 3m3 minutes ago. @1rhquvn_.
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You guys, OW.
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This is more than a little reminiscent of men bitching because more women are coming up in education, jobs, etc.

Andrew Cherlin, a sociologist at Johns Hopkins University, noted that people tend to evaluate their own prospects based on their parents' experiences.

"When whites look backwards, they compare themselves to a generation that was doing better," Cherlin said. "Blacks and Hispanics," who face less overt discrimination today, "compare themselves to a generation that was doing worse."

As incomes have stagnated for working class whites, their rates of suicide, drug addiction and mortality have surged. Two economists in December 2015 reported that death rates have been rising since 1999 for whites between ages 45 and 54, with the sharpest increase among the least educated.

By contrast, the suicide rate for black men has dropped since 1999. And the gap between black and white life expectancy is now the lowest in more than a century: 3.4 years. More whites have died than were born since 2011, and the Census Bureau projects that whites will be in the minority by 2060.

Interesting read.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Consider two women in their 70s, both residents of the Kansas City area. One is white and affluent; the other is black and working class. Guess which one is more optimistic about the country's future…
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Those dudes that are resentful should be looking at the jerks shrinking the pie, not the people getting a fair slice.
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I'm not one for nicknames (I loathe them sufficiently that you will only see me use surnames myself) but Hills is short for Hillary.
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I think she treaded on it. :D
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Thus far, Pence has not moved the bloc of anti-Trump or neutral Republicans in the House or Senate beyond the recent conversion of Cruz. But his presence has brought Republicans skeptical of Trump to more enthusiastically embrace the ticket. They swoon over Pence’s steady demeanor, geniality and strong grasp of congressional procedure. And they are noticeably more comfortable talking about Pence than whatever Trump news of the day is on the media’s mind.

For people like McCain, who has supported Trump’s candidacy with a clenched jaw, Pence gives them something to be excited about.

How much you wanna bet some in the Republican establishment have plans, in the event Trump wins, to impeach and force Trump's resignation to put this guy in?

/only semi-serious conspiracy mode activated

*note that politico tends to the overwrought lefty ZOMG reporting...
Pence’s former colleagues are hoping he would make a Donald Trump presidency — and the sacrifices they made to support his campaign — all worthwhile.
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Pointed, laughed, cleaned up on aisle three.
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/sad trombone noises

My sympathy, it is here somewhere. Hang on, I need an industrial scraper to get a little off the floor...


Now, a year later, the Odgaards and other conservative evangelicals interviewed in central Iowa say they feel as though they have been abandoned. Many say that they have no genuine champion in the presidential race and that the country has turned its back on them. Americans are leaving church, same-sex marriage is the law of the land, and the country has moved on to debating transgender rights. While other Americans are anxious about the economy, jobs and terrorism, conservative Christians say they fear for the nation’s very soul. Some worry that the nation has strayed so far that God’s punishment is imminent.

>.< The stupid, it burns. I hope this crumbles gracefully (or otherwise) into the dustbin of history.

Nevertheless, polls show that the vast majority of evangelicals are now coalescing around Mr. Trump, largely out of fear that a President Clinton will appoint liberal Supreme Court justices.

The change in America seemed to happen so quickly that it felt like whiplash, the Odgaards said. One day they felt comfortably situated in the American majority, as Christians with shared beliefs in God, family and the Bible. They had never even imagined that two people of the same sex could marry.


Nah. Fuck you. Fuck all of you.

“I’m worried for America if we don’t turn away from abortion,” said Mrs. Berkheimer, who is 48. “I think our country is going to be punished, with a nuclear weapon. I don’t think you can mock God forever.”

She quickly added that she was worried she would sound crazy saying such things.

Hon, that ship sailed, and took the port with it.

/sad trombone noises morph into long dirge
In small-town Iowa, conservative Christians say they feel abandoned, with no true champion in the presidential race and a country that they believe has turned its back.
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I thought this quote was particularly telling:

"Everyone in the room just went, ‘Are you kidding me?’ Even if you’ve never done it, you should at least know the right answer,” Mr. Rohloff said. “That’s a fundamental thing for Christians."

In other words, don't be ethical and tell the truth, just tell us what we want to hear and we'll believe you because we believe in a all knowing skyfather who had to be born so he could die and forgive himself of his own sins. You know, for mankind.
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When Trump did visit, the club’s managers went on alert. They scheduled the young, thin, pretty women on staff to work the clubhouse restaurant — because when Trump saw less-attractive women working at his club, according to court records, he wanted them fired.

_"I had witnessed Donald Trump tell managers many times while he was visiting the club that restaurant hostesses were 'not pretty enough' and that they should be fired and replaced with more attractive women,” Hayley Strozier, who was director of catering at the club until 2008, said in a sworn declaration. _
Donald Trump wanted only the pretty women, his employees said. When he saw less-attractive women working at Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, according to court records, he wanted them fired.
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Who's surprised?

The town of Palm Beach, Florida, has provided documents to the New York Attorney General's Office as part of the probe, a lawyer for the town confirmed to TPM on Wednesday. The documents relate to a legal dispute that Trump settled with the town using foundation money. The details of the 2007 Palm Beach case were first reported by the Washington Post last week.

"The New York Attorney General’s Office did contact me in regard to this matter," John Randolph, the Palm Beach town attorney, told TPM Wednesday evening. "I just sent them the documents that I had previously sent to the Washington Post."

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had announced earlier this month, before the Washington Post's reporting on the Palm Beach case, that his office had opened an investigation into Trump Foundation after it was reported that Trump had used foundation money to buy personal gifts for himself.
The New York attorney general's investigation of the Donald J. Trump Foundation appears to have broadened to include new allegations of self-dealing by Trump that surfaced after the probe began, TPM has learned. The town of Palm Beach, Florida, has provided documents to the New York Attorney General's Office as part of the probe, a lawyer for the town confirmed to TPM on Wednesday. The documents relate to a legal dispute that Trump settled with ...
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Bondi is in a world of trouble too, methinks.
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It’s time to stop pretending that this is about substance. This is about an eagerness to believe that a woman who seeks power will say or do anything to get it. This is about a Lady MacBeth stereotype that, frankly, should never have existed in the first place. This is about the one thing no one wants to admit it’s about.

Consider, for a moment, two people. One, as a young woman at the beginning of a promising legal career, went door to door searching for ways to guarantee an education to the countless disabled and disadvantaged children who had fallen through the cracks. The other, as a young millionaire, exacted revenge on his recently deceased brother’s family by cutting off the medical insurance desperately needed by his nephew’s newborn son, who at eighteen months of age was suffering from violent seizures brought on by a rare neurological disorder.

What kind of a society treats these two people as equal in any way? What kind of society even considers the latter over the former for its highest office?

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This honeypot was perhaps more successful than I would have thought :-P Shoulda turned it off while I was having that beer.

Cleaned up, mostly... Some orphaned comments, but now y'all know why.

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I mean, if I were a small (or not so small) business owner, I'd run like hell from offering any kind of bid or otherwise working for Trump industries...
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Of course it's someone else's fault! #sarcasm
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