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I was going to edit the previous one, but realized it's probably still set to extended circles since I created it before changing it. (I'm not entirely sure what happens with default value posts when you change the default value.)

Oh hai.

Comments are public on my posts. However, many of my posts are closed entirely to comments (particularly the political ones) because I have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with flame fests.

I ain't here for that.

I'm here because I think there's a lot of really cool stuff out there to share and I'm the sort of person who thinks out loud on the 'net. I've been online since the late 80's so I've seen a lot of stuff online and I'm at the point where I just go with what I like because ain't nobody got time for anything else.

If you don't like it, then don't follow me.
If you saw it on What's Hot, that's nice. If you didn't like it, too bad so sad, move along to the next post.

I have no control over a post of mine popping up in your stream. Either you followed me & you can unfollow me, or you decided to look through Explore -- and YOU can stop doing that if you don't like what you find. Either way, there's nothing I did to appear in your stream.

(You'd be surprised at how many people whine that I'm in their streamz, killin' their buzz.)

I tend to be interested in politics, tech stuff (I'm a linux admin among other things), feminism, LGBT, and whatever else catches my fancy. I read a lot, and am writing a fantasy series which I might eventually publish as an indie.

That said, there's lots of cool people here and I look forward to meeting you!

Oh, probably also a good place to list a few links.

I collect my bookmarks at <>
You can find, for example, most of the articles I've shared on the current campaign at <> and there's many more tags besides.

I'm on twitter: <>
Quick note. I have comments on my posts set to extended circles and have done so for at least six months or so.

ETA It seems Google is preparing to remove or revise? extended circles fairly soon, given changes on the G+ app (see comment stream) although settings are still available on desktop. So I don't know exactly what I will do in the near future. I'll pin another post when I do change things.


Now, how that works exactly is a bit of a mystery. I would think this would mean that anyone who is in the circles of anyone in my circles should be able to comment. In effect, trusting those in my circles to in turn have reasonable people in their circles. I actually circle only a very small number of people, because I read most everything in my stream.

I do this to cut down on random psychos, drive by comments, harrassment, Trump supporters and other drivel.

It doesn't always seem to work the way it should, though. I have no idea why. If we have people in common and you can't seem to leave comments, then do feel free to reshare this post (that will notify me-- I hope-- or just strike up a convo with me in a mutual friend's thread) with an inquiry. Or ask someone here in the comments to plus you into the thread.

Oh, also I have a tendency to close comments altogether if the topic is Hillary Clinton. This is an outgrowth of the rather bitter intraparty fight between Sanders and Clinton supporters and I'm uninterested in hosting any of that on my threads.

I do wish I could set comment permissions on a case by case basis, but G+ doesn't give us that option, so I'm sticking with the somewhat oddball extended circles setting.
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+Cindy Brown the first thing I ever did with that torch was make a spaceship-crash-in-progress scene.

Gelatin stinks when you light it on fire. Fondant at least smells vaguely like roasting marshmallows, but gelatin is nasty.
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Dammit, this kind of writeup on taxpayer funded medicines should be prohibited.
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If the pharmaceutical companies keep this crap up, there's a very good chance that there will be blood on the streets. There is no way you can call this anything but extortion. "Pay us, or your kid dies", is what it comes down to.

For the sake of the good people of America (ie: most of those that aren't living the high life as a CxO), I hope this gets all the government scrutiny and pushback it deserves.
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Still ongoing access issues today. There are so many issues here to unpack...
Trying to put everything that happened so far into one post. This is ridiculous that even nowadays, I still have to fight for my rights for equal access...
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Finally some MSM coverage. Front page in print edition, too <>

Leaders from the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, whose reservation lies just south of the pipeline’s path, say the protests are peaceful. Weapons, drugs and alcohol are prohibited from the protest camp. Children march in the daily demonstrations. The leaders believed the reports of pipe bombs were a misinterpretation of their calls for demonstrators to get out their wooden chanupa pipes — which have deep spiritual importance — and pass them through the crowd.

The conflict may reach a crucial moment on Wednesday in a federal court hearing. The tribe has sued to block the pipeline and plans to ask a judge in Washington to effectively halt construction.

The pipeline runs overwhelmingly along private land, but where it crosses bodies of water, federal rules come into play and federal approvals are required.

The tribe says the pipeline’s route under the Missouri River near here could threaten its water supplies if the pipeline leaks or breaks, and it says the United States Army Corps of Engineers failed to do proper cultural and historical reviews before granting federal approvals for the pipeline.

For all the charges of disorderly, weapons, etc. -- photo after photo shows only the police as armed. You'd think for all the police claims there'd be some photo evidence to support...but no. (As I'd expect, given LEO's track record on this sort of thing.)

A federal court will hear arguments Wednesday in a suit to stop the Dakota Access pipeline, which the Standing Rock Sioux tribe says threatens water supplies and sacred lands.
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That pipe line is going to be put through whether they like it or not.
We had a similar problem in the west and all the natives from 4 tribes protested and in the end it didn't matter money talks. If it's all white it's alright.
But if it was the natives trying to do something they'd get shot and sent to prison.
Look at Pelletier. No ones heard a peep out of him sense he got tossed in.
And if they do stop it for a while trump will get elected and it go through, probably by force.
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Awesome! A 100th year anniversary present to the U.S.!

“Following years of support from many local and state elected officials, tribal leaders, businesses and members of the public across the state, this designation will build on the robust tradition of growing the park system through private philanthropy, and will reinforce the need to continue protecting our great outdoors as we enter the second century of the National Park Service,” the statement said.

The designation occurred almost exactly 100 years after President Woodrow Wilson established Sieur de Monts National Monument, which eventually became Maine’s sole existing national park, Acadia.
The 87,500 acre area along the east branch of the Penobscot River is designated a national monument, but whether it will ever become a national park is unclear.
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Can't exploit any more land or our wild animals... I Thank you so much, Mr. President Obama!!!!
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"Why won't Muslims integrate?"
- Well, actuall.....
"How do they get radicalised?"
- I mea...
"I guess we'll never know."

Text credit :@sciencewitch
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Dibs on dressing as a high medieval. Complete with dagged sleeves and a wimple. 
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Why is the price of insulin, a hormone we've known about since the 1920s, spiking? There seem to be a few major reasons, all of which speak to the fundamental dysfunctions in the pharmaceutical market. Rather than compete against one another, the three major drug companies that produce insulin in the U.S.—Sanofi, Eli Lilly, and Novo Nordisk—seem to have raised their prices in tandem. As Bloomberg explains, this follow-the-leader approach is called “shadow pricing,” and it’s fairly common in pharma. At the same time, there is no generic insulin on the U.S. market,
At this point, it’s getting hard to keep track of all the stories of drug companies jacking up the prices of prescription medications to nauseating hei ...
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I know several Type 1 diabetics (and live with one, so I'm well acquainted with this trend). All I can say is that I hope that the pharma execs involved travel with bodyguards. They've pissed off millions of people with this crap.
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And yes, comments closed.
A very good twitter essay.  More at the link, but here's the pertinent tweets:

2) AP claimed in blockbuster story that HALF of Hillary's meeting while secretary were w/ Clinton foundation donors.

3) AP then gave numbers: 85 of 154 people who met or talked by phone with Hillary were donors. More than half!

4) Then you think about it. In 4 years as Sec of State, Hillary only met or talked to 154 people? Really?

5) AP would like us to believe that Hillary has fewer than one meeting or phone call per week as Sec of State? Uh, no.

6) In fact, Hillary met over 1,700 people as Secretary. And if only 85 were donors to foundation, that's pretty lousy rate of pay-for-play.

7) Oh but it gets worse for AP. AP devoted 1/3 of the story to Muhammad Yunus. He's their big smoking gun.

8) probably because the AP reporters had no idea who Yunus actually is. He's huge. Done more than anyone alive to alleviate poverty.

9) Yunus won the Nobel peace prize for founding the Grameen bank and pioneering concept of microlending to women in LDCs.

10) no shit the Secretary of State met with Yunus. He's global poverty's Mother Teresa. That's AP's big smoking gun.

11) AP could find no actual examples of any pay-for-play, of any Clinton foundation donors who got anything special from the Secretary.

12) And AP's reporters outright lied about how many phone calls and meetings Hillary had as secretary, in order to inflate their story.
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It’s the type of story that sounds perfect for the big screen. Two L.A. gang members— one a Blood and the other a Crip— turn their backs on crime in order to launch a successful catering...
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Interesting article.

To judge by Read’s account, both Gawker and blogging were victims of their own success, albeit in very different ways. Gawker got big enough to earn a frighteningly powerful enemy, a relentless and unforgiving man who deployed his vast resources and the legal system to crush the publication. Blogging got so popular that it caught the attention of the mainstream media, which bought up the best talent, and of Silicon Valley, which recast the writer’s medium from an intimate platform that was all about voice to a social network all about clicks and shares. Banks are lucky enough to be too big to fail; Gawker and blogging were too big to succeed.
The demise of also marks the end of the utopian promise of blogging. Here's what killed them.
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In other words, what it comes down to is “it just plain looks bad.” That is basically what most every drummed up “scandal” against Hillary Clinton comes down to: from the perspective of the people judging her – it looks bad. Welcome to the world of optics as scandal.

One way to look at this is that the AP spun the story they wanted to tell about this information. That happens almost all the time and we often don’t notice. To clarify how that happened here, note first of all the AP headline: “Many Donors to Clinton Foundation Met With Her at State.” As Adam Khan points out – that’s actually not true.
This is why it's important to be vigilant in how we consume the news as it's reported.
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You're seriously going to compare that <> to any of dozens and more of Trump's stuff?

In particular, the moment any questions were raised, it was flushed out. I really... jesus woman. We agree on 99% of things, so this anti-Clinton hate baffles me.

Closing comments. Which I should have done to begin with on this post.

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Hundreds out at #NoDAPL rally in DC, & growing by the minute. Massive show of solidarity. #NoDakotaAccess · Embedded image. 10:40 AM - 24 Aug 2016. 22 Retweets17 Likes. Reply to @collinrees · Home · Sign up · Log in · Search · About. More like this; Less like this; Cancel. Not on Twitter?
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