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I'm interested in fighting back the excesses of this administration because FuckTrump is #notmypresident and #thisisnotnormal (see <>)

Some places to start:

Also sharpen those pencils and charge up your phones. Make sure your representatives (Rep OR Dem, new OR old) hear from you!
(also at)
#grabyourwallet could also be applied to bring pressure to companies supporting Trump (and to boycott Trump holdings as well)

MoC/Members of Congress (the 115th congress starts Jan 3rd 2017) may be presently located at
This is a work in progress, and offers pdfs of "unofficial" lists. It looks like officially vetted lists won't be available until March or so. I don't know if that is a normal delay in updating this kind of information.

I'll probably still collect political posts in the same vein as I used to, at, or retweets on my twitter at, if you feel like perusing them. I'm not going to post them here though. Sick of that.

Something to probably keep a constant eye on:

Places to consider donating to help in this fight (I'll be adding to this as I go):
Natural Resources Defense Council: <>
Planned Parenthood: <> (Donate in Pence's name: <>)
Goodwill: <>
The American Civil Liberties Union: <>
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR): <>
Lambda Legal: <>
NARAL Pro-Choice America: <>
The NAACP Legal Defense Fund: <>
The Southern Poverty Law Center: <>
The Union of Concerned Scientists: <>
EFF: <>
Emily's List (elect pro-choice women): <>
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF): <>

Jezebel put together a list: <>

Consider also local resources: Donate to your local library, local independent newspaper, local youth homeless shelters. You can check charitable donation status of most at <>. You can also evaluate various metrics on charity organizations via <> (more about them: <>).

I'm not going to suffer any fools. I have no compunctions whatsoever about blocking people if I'm the slightest bit uninterested in engaging and you're bloviating unwelcomed on my threads. I'm not here to entertain anyone else.


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So there'd be fewer of us to vote for him, amirite?

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I've said this for a long time now. Also, need infrastructure. Look for when charging stations are as ubiquitous as gas stations.

Besides the price point the reason I didn't get an electric car is that I can't do a round trip to my parents like I can in a gas car (250 miles). The range isn't there yet, and I don't want to be stuck charging a car for a relatively short trip like that.

But it's definitely coming.
It's all about the price
The price point is what will cause the final shift. I often remark that Tesla need to create a 'peoples car' 10 grand no matter what the currency. Yes that means a stripped down model but so what, we are talking changing the world here and frequently the extras are what make car repairs so expensive.
I drove a propane powered Lada in the 80's and would drive one today if they were still around. C'mon Elon, green shouldn't cost the earth.

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So Comcast stuffs the FCC's comments box, get caught, try's to cover it up, then the Streisand effect kicks in.... Please forward this.

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Trump's speech on Islam and the Middle East

This is a few days old, but if you haven't actually read the official text of Trump's speech, it's worth doing so, for a number of reasons.

1. An incessant, constant use of religious language. Good vs evil. Blessings. Sanctuary. Multiple times, Trump frames the War on Terrorism less as a matter of nations than as a matter of faiths.

There's a bit of disingenuity here -- it's language that Trump rarely uses at home, where Trump tends to frame things in very nationalistic terms. That could simply be speaking to the audience, but it also presumes the audience, too, sees the world primarily through religious terms.

What will be interesting to see is how that language gets dragged back home. Will conservative Christian groups start adopting some of Trump's phrases? Will his opponents throw some of that language back at him?

2. There's also disingenuity (if not schizophrenia) on the subject of Islam. At home, Trump hammers away (enough to warrant judicial notice) on the dangers of Islam, on the threat of Islam. At times, he focuses on "radical Islamic terrorism," but usually he's much less specific, using "war of civilizations" style rhetoric to paint Islam as an opponent of the West, of "civilization," of (presumably) Christendom.

In this speech, there are Good Muslims (and Good Muslim Governments) and Bad Muslims (and Bad Muslim Governments). It's clear which one he's saying he's speaking to, and who he lumps into the latter category. It's a more nuanced public approach, but it's also one that will be hard to reconcile with past (or, presumably, future) statements, and which I expect will come back to haunt him.

3. There's irony about rallying the crowd of politicians and potentates at the summit to stand "together against the murder of innocent Muslims, the oppression of women, the persecution of Jews, and the slaughter of Christians," in a country where apostasy is a capital crime, where proselytization will net you imprisonment where women are legally suppressed, and where it was a newsworthy item that Trump's plane was traveling directly from there to Israel.

On the campaign trail (and before, and after), Trump criticized the Obama administration sidling up to the nation from whom the 9-11 terrorists came from, and criticized Clinton for taking money for the Clinton Foundation from a country that persecutes women and gays (the latter group not mentioned above). Not surprising, Trump not only is doing the same, but made Saudi his first foreign visit.

4. Iran bore the nationalistic brunt of the visit, made out to be the font of all terror and oppression, and the opponent of everyone present, including the US. In so doing, he seemed more than willing (for public consumption, at least) to ignore the complicity of the Saudi government, not just in oppressing its own citizenry, but in giving cover to radical Islamist groups within its own borders, either directly (Saudi quashed in recent days an effort by the US to get "ISIS in Saudi Arabia" identified by the UN as a terrorist group) or implicitly (turning a blind eye to factions within the nation that fund terrorist groups and support fundamentalist intolerance).

Not to turn a blind eye to Iran's list of sins, internal and external, but the KSA is hardly a poster child for all that is good and right and constructive in the region. But, hey, they're good enough for us to sell $110bn in arms to, right?

5. Trump's focus was not just on international amity and defeating Islamist terrorism, but on himself and his legacy.

He tooted his own horn to the Middle Eastern politicians how cool his presidency has been so far:

'For Americans, this is an exciting time. A new spirit of optimism is sweeping our country: In just a few months, we have created almost a million new jobs, added over $3 trillion of new value, lifted the burdens on American industry, and made record investments in our military that will protect the safety of our people and enhance the security of our wonderful friends and allies—many of whom are here today.'

He framed the summit around his presence:

'Let me now also extend my deep and heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of the distinguished heads of state who made this journey here today. You greatly honor us with your presence, and I send the warmest regards from my country to yours. I know that our time together will bring many blessings to both your people and mine.'

And made it clear that the meeting, highlighted by his visit, will go down in the history books:

'With God’s help, this summit will mark the beginning of the end for those who practice terror and spread its vile creed. At the same time, we pray this special gathering may someday be remembered as the beginning of peace in the Middle East—and maybe, even all over the world.'

Trump's ego, and desire to be fawned over, is hardly a classified secret, and it's clear the Saudis pulled out the stops in doing just that.

Don't get me wrong -- the speech could have gone far worse (e.g., carrying on the "Islam is evil / Muslims are terrorists" rhetoric from the past), but some remarkable visuals aside (Trump dances with a sword! Trump invokes a Palantir!), the trip seems to have been much more about petrodollar splendor and taking ceremonial center stage in the world than in any sort of substantive progress being made to the lofty goals Trump referred to. 

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McConnell and Ryan both need to be brought to account over this.
So, they all knew well before the election.

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Another good one.

In an upset, Democrat Edith DesMarais defeated Republican Matthew Plache in Carroll County District 6, which includes the town of Wolfeboro. The vote total, confirmed by both parties, was 811-755.

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Did you receive this letter inviting you to submit comments about healthcare reform to before 23 May? I didn't think so, as they were sent only to a short list of Republican supporters. Send 'em your input anyway.

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Excellent, excellent.

Democrat Christine Pellegrino defeated Conservative Tom Gargiulo on Tuesday in the 9th Assembly District special election as the progressive and union-backed candidate pulled off an upset victory for the heavily Republican seat.

Paywall article, but it is noted elsewhere that the district originally went Trump by 23 points.

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Two years ago, then-citizen Trump criticized then-first lady Michelle Obama's decision to go bare-headed on a January 2015 visit with her husband.
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