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Since I'm so utterly uninterested in candidate bashing right now, I've been collecting what I think is most interesting about this election campaign instead.

It's quite a range of stuff. I add to it fairly regularly.
According to Tribe, constitutional originalism defines "natural born" very narrowly, in a way that would exclude Cruz. By extension, Tribe argued in the Boston Globe, any judges Cruz would appoint to the federal bench as president would invalidate his own presidency.
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So right ! And at the moment it's dystopic... (or dystopian...) but that's where funding for local party groups comes in...

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I suppose this could be called truth in advertising?

Speaking before a colorful backdrop of crushed aluminum cans, Trump pitched himself at a factory in Rust Belt Pennsylvania as a change agent who would bring back manufacturing jobs and end the "rigged system," which he argued presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton represents.

(Video at article; see PA speech here <>)

(See also, courtesy +Susan Stone, <>)
Donald Trump, whose campaign has homed in on the decline of American manufacturing, will deliver a prepared economy policy speech on Tuesday in Pennsylvania.
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Possibly, but that still wouldn't do what populists are currently lying to voters about; large volumes of manufacturing jobs are never coming back to first world countries. If manufacturing does come back here, it'll be either hyper-automated factories (for high volume goods) or less automated, but still low employment factories for high-end low volume niche products. Nobody can turn the clock back to 1955 and give everyone with a high school education a high-paying factory job.

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Why do I have this sudden vision of the EU dropping English, only to put it back a few years later when Scotland is admitted and presumably requests their notify language as English. (Or are there enough Scots Gaelic speakers they'd ask for that? My impression is no, but I am not Scots...)
The language of Shakespeare may be kicked out of the halls of Brussels.
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you're right jasper, it was a decent turnout. i was wrong but my checking says it was a turnout of 72% not 80. i was thinking of the lower turnout of the young in some areas i'm sorry.

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+God Emperor Lionel Lauer My comments don't make that assumption either. The very richest benefit even from substantial violence and chaos.

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If I roll my eyes any further they're gonna get stuck. Fox are fucking stupid.

CADDELL: But somebody didn’t do [inaudible] because it makes a difference. So anyway, I’m not saying -- I don't mean to be sexist.

Of cooooouuuuuuurse you don't, sweetie. Of course not.

<rolls eyes again>. Whaddya think? 70? 75? Give him a few b/c he managed to tie on a tie, or assume someone else dressed him?
From the June 27 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:
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I can't plus this. I need an angry button.

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Hrm. Whether or not we push for a two state solution in Israel I think is immaterial. The truth is in the end the region will reach some sort of "solution" (whatever it might be) independently of us. (If we had the influence we think we do, this would have been resolved decades ago.)

But I strongly disagree with condemning BDS. Why was it okay to boycott South Africa but it isn't okay now to call for boycotting Israel? We have every right to call for and support BDS policies. The federal government might have its own position on that, but in terms of actually stopping it? No. NY's actions were completely out of the pale. IMO, the Dem platform should stay away from language one way or the other on BDS.

The Democratic platform for the first time condemns the BDS movement.

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I was waiting for a bit more info, even though I knew it was mostly going to be "oh shit"...

It's apparently not yet clear who did this or why, exactly. Several theories are offered here.

Officials reported that as many as three suicide bombers struck at Ataturk airport, and that the police fired on suspects in an effort to stop them.
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Well fuck 

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Oh, Canada. You went as sensible as quickly as we & the UK went nuts. I think that means there's hope?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday that his nation will drop its visa requirement for Mexican citizens, effective Dec. 1.
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+Jim Douglas At the same time parliamentary systems can get a little crazy if theres' too many feeding at the table. Seems like every system has its strengths and weaknesses...

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My Sanders supporter friends have told me, over the last two months, that their candidate has to hold out to secure the best platform when the party gets to Philadelphia. That may have been true until the last week. But I think Sanders risks weakening his negotiating position by delaying to endorse Clinton, while insisting she and the party accept his every campaign plank, including a single-payer health-care system, a fracking ban, and an aggressive promise by Democrats not to vote for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (Clinton, like Sanders, opposes the TPP, as do the majority of the DNC platform committee. But the committee voted not to demand a no vote on the trade deal, in order to avoid embarrassing Obama, who is still pushing Congress to approve the TPP.)

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Or, in other words, power corrupts.

Now, let me say that I am hesitant to even write this dissenting view. And I want to make it clear that many of those I know in Silicon Valley are thoughtful, intelligent, interesting people. But this is their blind spot. They have funded or built massive institutions of social change without much scrutiny, and now that the scrutiny is coming they don’t know how to handle it. Paul Graham, a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, unfollowed me after I tweeted in support of Gawker. A single email from any of these guys could torpedo my next round of funding. I have more to lose than to gain by putting my name on this.
The next ValleyWag will be more like Wikileaks than Gawker, and perhaps even published on the dark web.

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Voter reform, in making it much easier for certain groups to vote, would also be helpful. One problem with targeting millennials is that their voting rate is terrible. There's multiple factors for that, some of which can't be helped, probably, but making it easier to register to vote, making it much more easy for students to vote, and increasing the available hours to vote would all go a long way, I think.

In any case, some of the elements here including loan forgiveness and tech startups seem like good starts. I'd like to see something more comprehensive addressing student debt, though.

Student loan deals and incentives for start-ups in poor neighborhoods are among her tech proposals
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+peter k, I'd advocate for making election day a Saturday or Sunday (in Australia, it's always on a Saturday.) For those who have to work on Saturday, open early and close late; for those who can't make it in even with the extended hours (or for whom Saturday is a religious day of observance, and hence voting is forbidden, such as ultra-orthodox Jews), make early polling stations available in a broad region.

The solutions are there - the USA just needs the political will to implement them, rather than actively working to disenfranchise large groups.

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Interesting perspective on the Democratic Party platform draft:

Over the weekend, Democrats on the convention’s Platform Drafting Committee announced a series of compromises that represent meaningful, serious concessions to Sanders. Dave Weigel has a good rundown: The draft language (which has not been released in full) includes a general commitment to the idea of a $15-per-hour minimum wage, a compromise commitment to some sort of “updated” Glass Steagall financial regulation and to breaking up too-big-to-fail institutions; and a full-throated commitment to ending the era of mass incarcerations. It also includes a multimillionaire surtax and support for the principle that universal health care should be a right.

On top of all that, the draft includes a commitment to expanding Social Security benefits. And that is not a small thing. The idea of expanding Social Security was long dismissed as a fringe proposal even among many Democrats until only recently. That it is now in the platform shows that Sanders’ campaign and economic worldview has had a real impact on party doctrine and priorities.

True, Sanders did not get everything he wanted. As Sanders said in a statement, the Platform Drafting Committee, which contains five representatives for Sanders, six for Clinton, and four for the DNC, nixed a definitive pledge to support specific legislative language on the $15 minimum wage. It also voted down a proposal to keep the Trans-Pacific Partnership from coming up for a vote in this Congress (though that’s somewhat understandable since such a vote would have bucked President Obama), as well as nixing a carbon tax and a fracking ban.

But four of Sanders’s five representatives on the committee have endorsed the outcome, as Weigel notes. Indeed, one of those representatives, Dem Rep. Keith Ellison, who is one of Sanders’s most prominent backers in Congress, has hailed the compromise for producing “significant accomplishments that move our party firmly towards justice, fairness, and inclusion.” Though Ellison agreed that the outcome was not perfect, he said: “The platform draft is the strongest progressive statement to come from the Democratic Party in years.”
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