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Quick note. I have comments on my posts set to extended circles and have done so for at least six months or so.

ETA It seems Google is preparing to remove or revise? extended circles fairly soon, given changes on the G+ app (see comment stream) although settings are still available on desktop. So I don't know exactly what I will do in the near future. I'll pin another post when I do change things.


Now, how that works exactly is a bit of a mystery. I would think this would mean that anyone who is in the circles of anyone in my circles should be able to comment. In effect, trusting those in my circles to in turn have reasonable people in their circles. I actually circle only a very small number of people, because I read most everything in my stream.

I do this to cut down on random psychos, drive by comments, harrassment, Trump supporters and other drivel.

It doesn't always seem to work the way it should, though. I have no idea why. If we have people in common and you can't seem to leave comments, then do feel free to reshare this post (that will notify me-- I hope-- or just strike up a convo with me in a mutual friend's thread) with an inquiry. Or ask someone here in the comments to plus you into the thread.

Oh, also I have a tendency to close comments altogether if the topic is Hillary Clinton. This is an outgrowth of the rather bitter intraparty fight between Sanders and Clinton supporters and I'm uninterested in hosting any of that on my threads.

I do wish I could set comment permissions on a case by case basis, but G+ doesn't give us that option, so I'm sticking with the somewhat oddball extended circles setting.
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I'll try labelling the ones I actually close comments on. 
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Oh, for fucks sake.
While Hillary Clinton won the historic presidential nomination last night, her husband made the front page of US newspapers.
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Most likely trying to pull coverage away from the DNC. OTOH, does the man understand what AMA on Reddit can entail?

Pffffftttttt....BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, this is going to be the shit show of the century. My fucking word this man is so stupid. | @AnonyOps. APT69 GLITTER BEAR · 45m45 minutes ago. APT69 GLITTER BEAR @epikmani. @AnonyOps wow trolling a Reddit ama #slowclap.
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I heard it wasn't an official AMA, is that true?

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OK, we'll see how this goes. Found a live DNC stream that claims to have cc. Nothing's happening at the moment (that I can tell).

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I should stop saying I'm speechless because somebody appears to be taking that as a challenge.

But are we seriously seeing a Republican-nominated candidate for the office of the US President calling on Russia to hack into Clinton's emails for political gain?

Yes, yes, we are.

Relevant links:
Trump's tweet: <>
Law in question: <>

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[props to +Rugger Ducky's thread for the additional links above]
Trump also calls Obama “the most ignorant president in our history.”

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The main problem with the notion that the DNC rigged the results for Clinton is that it requires one to assume the improbable. The DNC had no role or authority in primary contests, which are run by state governments. Clinton dominated the primaries. The DNC, through state parties, had a bit more influence over caucuses … where Sanders dominated Clinton.
The controversy surrounding WikiLeaks's big email dump obscures a much bigger problem.
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I was a big supporter of Wikileaks back in the day. I still approve of the concept, but WL itself has proven problematic and has betrayed the ideals it originally trumpeted in 2010.

Whatever else you might say about WikiLeaks, it’s hard to think of an institution that squanders goodwill more efficiently. Even the people most sympathetic to its aims and ideals have had a hard time defending it recently. Just over the last couple of weeks, whoever ran its Twitter account posted tweets that are either anti-Semitic or deeply weird (the fact that WikiLeaks founder and head Julian Assange ranted about Jewish reporters to a British journalist in 2011 certainly makes it harder to view the posts in a charitable light). Then it was revealed that some of the Democratic National Committee documents it leaked last week — timed intentionally to do maximum damage to Hillary Clinton’s presidential chances, according to Assange — contained personal information, including credit card and Social Security numbers, of DNC donors.

In the past, WikiLeaks has tended to defend itself against (frequent) charges of recklessness, indiscretion, and negligence by citing an absolute commitment to free speech and transparency. But these defenses are increasingly less credible, as WikiLeaks seems unable (or unwilling) to rigorously process its leaks — or even fact-check its own claims. The recent fiasco of the “Erdogan emails” (which, as we’ll see, actually have very little to do with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan in any meaningful sense) is a shocking demonstration.

After the documents were leaked, on woman dug through them and found quite a few problems.

Disturbed by all of this, Tufekci took to Huffington Post to report her findings on Monday, highlighting both the misleading nature of WikiLeaks’ “Erdogan emails” claim and the mass doxing to which it had contributed: “According to the collective searching capacity of long-term activists and journalists in Turkey, none of the ‘Erdogan emails’ appear to be emails actually from Erdogan or his inner circle,” she wrote. “Nobody seems to be able to find a smoking gun exposing people in positions of power and responsibility.” She pointed out that the mass doxing of women was particularly harmful in light of the fact that “every year in Turkey, hundreds of women are murdered, most often by current or ex-husbands or boyfriends, and thousands of women leave their homes or go into hiding, seeking safety.”

WikiLeaks responded to Tufekci’s criticisms in a rather WikiLeaks-ian fashion: by accusing her, among other things, of shilling for a despot.
The radical-transparency organization has not showered itself in glory lately, and this may be the weirdest, most dishonest example yet.
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+D. Luria In the concept and tradition of whistleblowing & safeguarding the identities of the whistleblowers -- who really got a bad deal under Obama, I'm sad to say -- is a good one. That was what I hoped to see out of WL. I don't know if they started that way & got coopted or if it was always a fraud.
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The FBI is investigating. WikiLeaks promises there is more data to come. The political nature of this cyberattack means that Democrats and Republicans are trying to spin this as much as possible. Even so, we have to accept that someone is attacking our nation’s computer systems in an apparent attempt to influence a presidential election. This kind of cyberattack targets the very core of our democratic process. And it points to the possibility of an even worse problem in November — that our election systems and our voting machines could be vulnerable to a similar attack.
If Russia really is responsible, there's no reason political interference would end with the DNC emails.
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Well, they make it something by constant news headline about it. That's what I'm saying.
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Lady in pink jacket (cc messed up her name) discussing reform committee, who mentioned her family (Texan/Mexico) background looks like she's a firecracker...

Watching here: <>


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Huh. The representative from Portland, Maine is up, introduced herself as a Bernie delegate & pointed out she introduced the first amendment on fixing the Superdelegates.

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We the people ask the federal government to Call on Congress to act on an issue: Obama, Dept. of Justice & Congress: Investigate Donald J. Trump for Sedition and Treason for Russian hacking request. Created by M.W. on July 27, 2016. Sign This Petition. Needs 99999 signatures by August 26, ...
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+Charles Moore Thanks. Looks like one is doing fast business... :)
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Well this is amusing. WaPo basically threw up their hands on Trump's speech. They've reproduced the entire transcript and annotated every falsehood in it.

Yes, this is still bringing the fact checker to a cultural war, though I think the treason issue will work well. But it's a fun read.

The man just can't stop lying.

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+LEIGH EDWARDS actually quite a few of us have been calling him a Reich-wing authoritarian racist piece of shit for awhile now.
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Even on acid this does not make sense
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