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I'm interested in fighting back the excesses of this administration because FuckTrump is #notmypresident and #thisisnotnormal (see <>)

Some places to start:

Also sharpen those pencils and charge up your phones. Make sure your representatives (Rep OR Dem, new OR old) hear from you!
(also at)
#grabyourwallet could also be applied to bring pressure to companies supporting Trump (and to boycott Trump holdings as well)

MoC/Members of Congress (the 115th congress starts Jan 3rd 2017) may be presently located at
This is a work in progress, and offers pdfs of "unofficial" lists. It looks like officially vetted lists won't be available until March or so. I don't know if that is a normal delay in updating this kind of information.

I'll probably still collect political posts in the same vein as I used to, at, or retweets on my twitter at, if you feel like perusing them. I'm not going to post them here though. Sick of that.

Something to probably keep a constant eye on:

Places to consider donating to help in this fight (I'll be adding to this as I go):
Natural Resources Defense Council: <>
Planned Parenthood: <> (Donate in Pence's name: <>)
Goodwill: <>
The American Civil Liberties Union: <>
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR): <>
Lambda Legal: <>
NARAL Pro-Choice America: <>
The NAACP Legal Defense Fund: <>
The Southern Poverty Law Center: <>
The Union of Concerned Scientists: <>
EFF: <>
Emily's List (elect pro-choice women): <>
Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF): <>

Jezebel put together a list: <>

Consider also local resources: Donate to your local library, local independent newspaper, local youth homeless shelters. You can check charitable donation status of most at <>. You can also evaluate various metrics on charity organizations via <> (more about them: <>).

I'm not going to suffer any fools. I have no compunctions whatsoever about blocking people if I'm the slightest bit uninterested in engaging and you're bloviating unwelcomed on my threads. I'm not here to entertain anyone else.


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Disregard the general context of this article -- obviously several months old -- for the more sobering economic point it's making...

Though now multi-millionaires, the Clintons came from relatively modest beginnings. Bill grew up in poverty in Arkansas, while Hillary grew up in an Illinois family that only reached middle class stability in the mid-20th century. The Clintons rise to power was not buoyed by inherited wealth, but by a system that allowed lower and middle-class baby boomers increasing access to higher education and prestigious jobs.

But the contemporary versions of Bill and Hillary Clinton—talented middle-class or lower-class students from the Midwest or South—may find that achieving the same success will be stymied by their family’s class status or their geographical distance from centers of power. The prototype for a future Hillary is someone who grew up more like Chelsea Clinton—wealthy, connected, and able to pursue multiple advanced degrees.

While gender barriers have eased over the past forty years, economic barriers have tightened. Older generations of women have diversified once closed fields: female lawyers are now common, the number of female politicians is still disproportionately low but has been slowly rising, and we have our first female presidential nominee. But the path to professional success is increasingly narrow, dependent on expensive advanced degrees and the financial ability to work in prestigious fields for no or low pay in America’s most expensive cities. Momentum forged by earlier generations has stalled.

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