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Fantastic site!

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A Place Of Love, Inc feline rescue/sanctuary is having to shut its doors due to lack of donations and helpers. Am trying to adopt out as many felines as possible, then do my best to find a no kill rescue/shelter for placement for the others. This has not been an easy task and I have been at this since March when we lost our main monthly donor due to job loss.

We were a large rescue so at this time I have apx 80 cats/kittens to find placement for--we did have many more in the beginning! In the meantime these precious kitties must continue to have at least the very basics of food/litter/meds.

The cost of maintaining these kitties right now is apx $600 per month ie: we go through 1-18.5lb bag of food each day. So you can see how easy the bill gets high quickly in caring for so many. We also just went through a terrible crisis with them catching a very strange URI. We lost apx 20 cats/kittens to this illness. I went through 8-12 iv fluid bags, numerous syringes, needles, medications, the total bill on that was around $200 and every single bit of it was donated or ALL of these cats/kittens would have died.

I am disabled and my only income is a small SSD check which does not even cover my basic bills, let alone have any money left over to help with the kitties.
I am pleading for donations of any size. Every bit of it goes towards the kitties care and needs.

You can make donations on my rescue web site:
You can use any PayPal button to donate as my web site is woefully out of date
To find out much more about A Place Of Love, Inc, come on over to the Facebook page which is where I post all the updates and such. Here is the link to the FB site:
PS: Could I ask you all to plz share this post as I need as many people to find out about the rescue as I can, especially Oklahomans so I can adopt out kitties. I have included a very short video of one of the adoptable's:)
#rescue #cats #kittens #donations #urgent #Oklahoma #adoption

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Friends, Reminding you of the extreme need of donations ie: cash, food, litter, meds, gift cards ALL kinds of help, to keep A Place Of Love, Inc rescue going until am able to shut down completely. The ONLY way we are making it is through the kind hearted animal loving public, YOU! who are willing to stick their neck out & donate; that have that gut feeling what they are doing IS making a difference in these kitties lives! Really is a life or death situation! Donations can be made through any of these links:
We have apx 100 cats/kittens we are in process of adopting out/finding placement via rescue/no kill shelter. This is not an easy nor quick task! So we need these donations to keep taking care of their basic needs until we are able to place all.
We use apx 555lb dry food per month
apx 1000+ plain clay litter per month
Medications costs vary but suffice to say a min of $175 per month on average
Emergency Vet visits--each visit different price so cannot give a ball park figure.
We are also in much need of donations for spays/neuters. Our number one goal has always been to get incoming rescues altered as quickly as possible, but due to our financial crisis, this has just been impossible to keep up with. Due to my low income, I am able to get spays/neuters including rabies vac and basic vacs for $35 though a place called Spay Oklahoma. If you would like to donate towards this, plz make note on your donation that is what it is intended to go towards!
We especially ask for prayers/thoughts et as we go through such a time as this! If asked, I am always happy to scan & email receipts proving where the money went!
If you have any questions, plz PM me!
Very Kindest Regards,
PS: PLz won't you share this post so we gain more exposure? THX BUNCHES!
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Have an SOS emergency right now: Need help to pay for a vet bill & meds--is a life or death situation! My vet is wonderful, often times not charging nearly what he is supposed to, office visits are $46.50 which many times he waves, no idea on price of meds needed yet. One can pay the clinic directly over the phone so they know they are not being jerked around! So plz if you are able and willing, send me a PM, I can give you all needed information. See the emergency below. Other wise you can send donations via PayPal on my rescue web site:

On top of embarrassment & being ashamed having to plead for donations to keep rescue cats/kittens in food/litter & meds until I can place them either via adoption or a no kill rescue/shelter placement to shut down completely, apx 4 nights ago I found 7-10 of my adult/teen females with what appeared to be a URI starting. However this time around, I have never in 40+ yrs of dealing and treating kitties, ever seen this type of URI. I started all on my go-to antibiotic for treating URIs right away, however have not seen any improvement which I should have seen at least slight improvement by now and actually they are becoming worse off.

While I was out today, I put in a call to my vet as but he was out doing a cattle call, so he did not get a chance to call me back yet.

We had a ice/snow storm hit us last Thursday and living in my rural area, road crews don't bother to touch the roads out here, so have been unable to get out until today.

Had another pain mgmt treatment--this time a BIG injection in my back, then had to run round to all the stores to get supplies as we were out of everything practically! By the time I made it home, was nearly 8pm. No sooner than I got home, I noticed MANY more adult and teen kitties had this URI/whatever it is going on which doesn't seem to heed vaccinations! Separating is not seeming to matter at all (although I have truly ran out of rooms to separate them all)!
This is a very serious situation as I am seeing my most active healthy kitties just laying in a daze, slobber coming out of their mouths, sneezing over n over as well as puking!

This is spreading like wildfire! The first ones I noticed becoming ill, they have gotten much worse & I have that very sinking feeling if I don't take at least one to the vet to find out what is going on & get the exact medication I need so I can treat all, I will have many dead or dying kitties by the weekend!

I'm not stretching the truth & am sick to the pit of my stomach seeing all of this, not knowing what the heck is going on nor the best way to treat. If you can help, you have no idea how much I and these poor babies will appreciate it!
PS: If you don't mind would you plz share?
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PLZ HELP FEED ME! Friends, my PayPal rescue account is down to $128.73 which is honest to God all the money I have left for food/litter/meds. This is just enough money for me to buy 4-36lb bags of food and 13-25lbs bags of litter leaving me with a couple bux left over. That amount of food will last roughly 7 days. As I have mentioned previously, it takes roughly $600 per month for food/litter/meds. Sometimes it is more as sometimes I must buy more medications or take one to the vet,

I am still trying to contact places to see if they can help in any way--other rescues to see if they could possibly take even a few off my hands and still trying to find some organization that might take in the rest of the kitties. You know many times when I have heard of a rescue having to shut down, I have seen peoples responses saying "WELL WHY DIDN'T THEY ASK FOR HELP?". I can certainly tell you now from my own experiences that there AREN'T any places for HELP! Least not any that I have found yet and I have been relentless emailing countless places!

I am embarrassed to keep asking for donations, but I do not know what else to do. If you all could spread the word by sharing my plight with others and they in turn sharing, then maybe we can make it until I can find "Real Help"!

I do want to mention, I have not yet received the money donated to the Go Fund Me account that Terri so thoughtfully set up for donations. Terri has told me that Go Fund Me only cuts out checks once per month and they are like a month behind. So I do not know if I will receive the check this month or possibly even in January.

Here are the two links to donating for these precious innocent babes that look to me to keep them safe, fed and happy! This is my rescues web site. Donations go through Paypal and when someone donates, I receive the donation right away unlike Go Fund Me.
Here is the Go Fund Me link to donate: 

PS: I have had some people want to send orders of food or gift cards. If you would like to do so, plz send me a private message and I will give you all the information needed!

Also, Yeahhhhh-am adopting out two more kittens tomorrow evening if I can make it through the ice n snow to deliver! Pray for our safety going out as we are also supposed to get more snow tomorrow evening as well! 

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Friends, hope this isn't too graphic or offensive to anyone. I just wanted to show you what I've been doing all evening/night and is a regular thing I do around here with so many babies born to sick mama's. This wee one is actually apx 14 days old yet less than half the size of his siblings. He was robust and very vocal since being born and has seemed very determined to live. However he has had some bumps in the road. He had a massive eye infection which we have cleared up and lil things like that. Even though he was robust, due to his size, his siblings are able to shove him out of the way during nursing time so he hasn't grown much. Early this evening I noticed he was laying quite a distance away from his siblings. When I checked on him, he was cold--basically dying. So I have been working with him all evening. I've had him tucked into my bra most the evening/night for warmth and human skin to skin contact and to feel and hear my heartbeat. This seems to be a very important part of saving a dying kitten (or cat). He nestled right in, prefers to squish his entire body head to tail inside of my bra--had to pull his head out to get a pic of him lol! As par for the course I ran out of items needed to make kitten glop so I have only been able to feed him regular whole milk but it seems to be doing the trick--getting something of nutrition into his tummy. He seems a bit better now. Plz say some prayers and send thoughts to this wee one:)
This is yet another reason why we need your donations. Plz do what you can!
You can donate by going to our web site or Terri started a Go Fund Me account for donations:
And plz, share this as much as you can so others who otherwise might not see this, get a chance to see it and possibly donate!

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Friends, I am embarrassed to keep on sending out messages concerning our need for donations, but I must do all I can to get the word out concerning our situation. Our rescue/sanctuary has been running since 1998. In all that time it has been very rare that we ever got any donations, but believe me we have been just so thankful for every lil bit given to help us as it really has!
Unfortunately, the rescue/sanctuary is having to shut down. This is due to several things such as I've had no volunteers to help me in 3 yrs. I have been "it" when it comes to every single thing to do with the care and needs of all the kitties. Next thing was my own health took a downturn last January, specifically back troubles which I have been having a multitude of treatments done to no avail so the next step is surgery which I'v put on hold until I am able to get all the kitties adopted and/or find a no kill place, willing to take them in. This is no overnight deal and will take a long time as we have more cats/kittens than ever before thanks to people actually dumping their unwanted animals on our property.
The last and final blow was our one stable donor we could always count on that has 99.9% paid for all of the kitties needs, lost his job of 28 yrs and has not been able to find another in his field of work, back in March. He is not able to support the rescue any longer. He did give us a sum of money back in March, but it has since ran out. So as you can see, we are in dire need of donations of every sort. Along with monetary donations, we could use gift cards to places such as Tractor Supply Co. (which is where I currently find the best deal on food and litter) or Walmart (buy food there sometimes too) or even donations of food/litter sent here. You name it, we can use it! If you would like to actually send something to us, plz contact me privately so I can give you our address et.
I PLEAD with you to plz do what you can as I don't even want to think of possibly having to give any of them up to a kill shelter! That thought has been in the back of my mind constantly! Also, would you plz share this post in hopes more people will see it and have the heart to donate???
You may donate via the rescues web site or my friend Terri has set up a Go Fund Me account for donations, the web site
PS: Plz SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! thx bunches!!!

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I've ran a feline rescue/sanctuary since 1998 in my rural area due to the extreme dumping of unwanted animals out here. Sadly, (my heart is crushed!) I must shut down as we lost the last faithful donor to keep the doors open-he lost his job of 28 yrs back in March. Also my health took a downturn back in January (severe back troubles) that I've been having many treatments on which have failed to work so next step is surgery which I am putting off until I can deal with this entire situation as I have no help--it is me and only me taking care of all these kitties. Lost both my helpers 3 yrs ago. I actually stopped to rescue back then as I knew I was in over my head but locals and others know our physical address and continue to dump on our property! Right now I have 6 batches of kittens thanks to the dumping of ready to pop pregnant felines!
I am on SSD so my income is not nearly enough to even cover myself, let alone have any left over for the kitties.
Right now I have nearly 100 cats/kittens I am doing my best to find homes for as quickly as possible. I severely need help to pay for their basic needs such as food/litter/medications (we have a number to places such as Tractor Supply Co or Walmart which are the two places I purchase food/litter, (Tractor Supply being the number one place) to pay for their basic needs such as food/litter/medications (we have a number of sick kitties, even direct donations of food/litter.
It takes 555lbs of dry cat food and 40 25lb bags or more of litter to care for these precious kitties per month.
Plz seriously think about donating to this cause and do what you can to help. If you would like to send gift cards or direct donations of items such as food/litter, plz contact me privately here on FaceBook or at
You can donate by going to the rescues web site: or my friend Terri set up a Go Fund Me account for donations:
Thank You So Very Much for your help in our most dire time of need!!!

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My feline rescue/sanctuary is in a dire situation and we need to shut down unless by some miracle we can overcome this extreme situation
I have a large rag tag feline rescue/sanctuary in a rural area of Oklahoma. I started out rescuing a few animals here and there when I first moved to the area back in 1998. At the time it was like 2-3 per month, I had a good paying job and was well able to bring the animals (at the time I also rescued dogs) to health, get them spayed/neutered and find good loving homes pretty quickly. Never knew at the time where these animals were coming from, just did my best to take care of them all.

A year later, I had the chance to purchase my own home on 2.5 acres about a mile and half away. No sooner did we (my children and I) move than we were inundated by several animals in need of rescue. I soon found out that animals were being dumped just around the corner from us at the dead end of a major avenue coming from the city. So I just kept on taking them in, bringing them to health, spays/neuters and finding good homes though finding homes got to be pretty hard as the years passed due to the sheer number of animals dumped.

The dumping of unwanted animals is staggering out here in my rural area. Sadly most of the animals dumped are killed either by being ran over, starving, natural predators such as coyotes but worse of worse, there are some particularly wicked evil people who love nothing more than to mame, torture and kill these poor dumped animals and they actually have the guts to hang the dead bodies on the fence lines like you may have seen out in the country ranchers do with dead coyotes. Thankfully this has not been happening often as it used to, but none the less still does so that means whomever is doing this is still at large. This is particularly scary as if a person will do such a horrendous thing such as this, they would have no problem at all doing this to a human being!!!

In the summer of 2004 I became disabled. I went from a good paying job to zero income in the blink of an eye. Thankfully a dear friend stepped in to support the animals needs plus our mail lady started a dog rescue so I no longer had to take in the dogs.

In 2010, my daughter, vice president of the rescue, was found to have a brain avm-short for a series of blood vessels and arteries that had not formed correctly before birth-while she was pregnant with my miracle grandson. Needless to say, she could not continue helping with the kitties. She has had numerous procedures to correct the problem, the latest being gamma knife surgery which ideally causes the avm to die but over a period lasting 5 yrs or more, so she has not been able to resume helping with the rescue at all (there are a lot of unfortunate side effects from this avm).

My best friend, the secretary of the rescue, had planned on moving here to be on site to help care for the animals and help with adoptions, however she was hit by unforeseen circumstances in that her mother developed Alzheimer's. Her mother lives in another state, so my dear friend has had to spend all of her time and resources going back n forth to see to her mothers care and affairs.

So, for the past 3 yrs, I have been the sole caretaker/runner of the rescue. This past January, my own health took a down turn. Among several problems, I have bad discs in my back which have required all kinds of treatments that have not worked, the next step is possibly surgery, and this has slowed me down to practically nothing when it comes to caring for the kitties. My son and my brother have been most gracious to come help with clean up duties etc, however it is just not enough--is not what I consider proper care but we've done the utmost best of our abilities to do so.

I stopped taking in any rescues 3 yrs ago when my daughter and friend were unable to help anymore as I knew I was in over my head, however locals and some others know where my rescue is physically located and have exceedingly dumped unwanted kitties at the door step. One person was so bold as to dump their unwanted kitty right inside of my pickup!!! Over spring and this summer, the number of rescues has grown to apx 100. Most of the time when they are dumped, they are fully pregnant and/or ill. At this current time I have 6 mama kitties and kittens along with the rest I have not been able to get adopted out since I have no help to host adoption events any longer. I recently was able to adopt out 3 of the kittens and am so grateful! Adoptions right now are by word of mouth or via my web site or FaceBook.

The latest blow is that our financial "rug" was yanked out from under us back in March. We have never seen much in the way of public donations, I guess I am just not that good when it comes to drumming up donations. Anyhow the soul financial provider for the rescue lost his job of 28 yrs and can no longer provide for the needs of the kitties. A new company took over the place he worked for and started targeting the employees nearing retirement. Sadly he was one of the casualties.

He took his 401K out to live on and graciously gave us a sum of money to exist on until I could find homes for all the kitties, but now that money is gone, and there is no other income. As I mentioned above, I am disabled. My only income is SSD which is not enough to cover my most basic expenses ie: house payment, utilities, let alone anything left over to keep the kitties in food/litter/medicine/spays/neuters or vet visits.

Since 1998, I have reached out for help to other rescues/shelters to no avail. I am constantly told there is no room at the inn and some places have been down right rude when I have inquired if they could help in any way. Even our county shelter did not begin to take in felines until this past yr and even though they have started taking them in, they have a max limit of 15, any incoming after that number are immediately euthanized.

I am at my wits end, not knowing where to turn for help. I have emailed a number of places with only one reply back and in their reply they had no room to take in any kitties. I have maybe 2 more weeks of money left for food for the kitties.

I really need the public's help with donations for food/litter/medications the kitties need or could even use gift cards to places such as Tractor Supply Co or Walmart as those two places have the best deals on food, Tractor Supply Co being the best.

A friend has set up a Go Fund Me account for donations to be able to keep maintaining the kitties until I am able to find homes for all or a no kill shelter that will take them in. One can also donate through my rescues web site  via PayPal.

I know times are hard for everyone, but would you plz consider donating? No amount is too small as the saying goes pennies add up to dollars! If so, you will know in your heart that you really did help save a kitties life!

The web site for the Go Fund Me for the rescue is:  

TYSVM for taking the time to read this long post and for considering donating! One more favor to ask; would you plz share this so more people are able to see and and know about our situation?

Very Kindest Regards,

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SOS! RED ALERT PLZ READ ALL THX! A Place of Love, Inc is in need of shutting completely down. I am embarrassed, ashamed, mortified and practically paralyzed that this happened so suddenly! My heart is crushed! This comes as a result of several blows, first my health took a major down turn in January and am needing back surgery that I've put off until I can get these precious babies situated some place. The last blow being our only faithful donor who has foot the bills for 99.9% of all the kitties needs, suddenly lost his job of 28yrs back in March when a new company took over and began targeting those nearing retirement. Sadly he was one of the victims. He has been unable to find another job yet so can no longer pay for the care of the cats/kittens. He took out his 401K to live on and graciously gave us a sum of money for us to hopefully get by on until we could find homes or a rescue/shelter to take in all of the kitties, but sadly this money is now gone and we still have a great number of cats/kittens to adopt out or find a no kill rescue/shelter willing to take them in. I am disabled and on SSD, as you might imagine my income leaves nothing towards paying for the kitties needs, let alone paying all of my most basic bills. As if this were not a bad enough situation, people continue to dump their unwanted animals on our property constantly--at least one or more a week are dumped right here--someone was even as bold as to dump one inside of my pick up truck! The bottom line is even though we are shutting down, I can't find homes for all of them all of the sudden and all at one time which means we still need food/litter/meds etc. until the last one is adopted or has a place to go.
Friends, we are in a desperate situation and need every shred of help we can get, any way we can get it! Those wishing to donate money can do so two ways. Our web site has PayPal donation buttons and you can click on any of them to donate. The web address is (the web site has not been updated in a very long time so plz forgive as my brother is the one who takes care of it)
A friend was kind enough to start us a Go Fund Me account so one can also donate through them at this web site addy:
We can also use gift cards to Sams Club, Walmart or Tractor Supply Co. The best deal on food right now happens to be Tractor Supply Co. I can buy 1-36lb bag of cat food for $19.99, litter there is cheap too at $2.99 for a 25lb bag clay litter. Food/litter at SamsClub/Walmart is a bit more expensive. If you would prefer to send gift cards or send anything at all to help (some have purchased food from Walmart and had shipped here), plz send me a private message and I will give you our address to do so. Folks, I'm telling you every single cent can and will be used solely for the kitties needs. Plz, do whatever you can to help, no amount is too small! Most of all, thank you in advance for your prayers and thoughts directed our way as we go through this terrible time!
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