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Remembering Spring... and cats from the past...

This bold, sweet, fierce looking fellow came to us wild... and left us way too soon. But he was great with the kids. Never once bit or scratched when my toddler son tried to body slam him. These were taken years ago, but even with the old camera I had, he was a great subject! .... go ahead... ask me about his ears... :}

This is for my +CATURDAY! friends! +Lee Daniels +Christophe Friedli +Khrystiane Friedli & +Jules Falk Hunter! Hope you enjoy my bad/good boy!
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I'll bite: What about his ears? Part Scottish Fold?
Awwww so cute! Lovely story my friend. I'm so sorry he stayed with you guys for a short period of time. :( at least the moments were great that is what matters right? +Cicely Robin Laing
I ran out of time today to tell the story, but don't worry I will. My daughter has her "Coming of Age" ceremony today... That is keeping me very busy! :)
Thank you everyone for your great comments! I was just about to write the story of Verdi, but I am being called away... I'm on call... A Mom's work is never done! :}
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