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Life Skills You Need To Have
You should be well aware of those life skills which we are talking about in order to manage keeping them always in your life. Check them on:

#profiletree   #skills  
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Ciaran Connolly

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Look me in the eye if you dare!
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Je suis un magnifique chaton. Je n'ai pas l'habitude de ce biberon. Je mords la tétine mais rien ne sort. Pourtant j'adore le lait. Par contre en mordant sur cette tétine, je me fais un massage des gencives.
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Ciaran Connolly

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Ciaran Connolly

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Cheetah In Love!
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Muito legal.
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Ciaran Connolly

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Ciaran Connolly

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PEOPLE WHO SAY "THANK YOU" (Aug16) - appreciation to the 491 most significant people I know here on G+ . All of these people I observed taking a second to say "thanks".  I was so pleased, I am amazed every day what a fun group of people have been accumulating here on Google+. I continue to be impressed with quality, the professionalism,  and the sincerity of everyone I am meeting. This circle is for YOU. 

#TSU NEW free social media platform. 

THIS IS FOR YOU -- To me saying #thankyou and showing gratitude to fellow human beings is one of the most wonderful experiences and proves to me that #thankyoumagic is every day changing the world we live in and making it a little more safer, nicer place for us all to live in. I do not think we can ever have enough appreciation for each other, so I honor, respect and love each and everyone of you for the part you are taking in this endeavour with me.


+Liz W - Its good to have a group of people that always keep each other in d circle and support each other and not just think abt to raised d # of followers.. thanks +Robby Ball... sharing those nice post w me... hv a lovely evening...

+Fauziah Samad  - Hi dear Robby Ball  thank you so much for always sharing and including me, really appreciate what you've done. Plussed and reshared.

+John Brody  - Please consider including me in your next circle share. You will be plussed and publicly shared. I'm an active Landscape Travel photographer - Thanks much :)   

+Tara Meyer-Robson - I absolutely adore Robby Ball circles. He brings such a grateful, lovely energy to curating his circles, and because of  that, he has put together a group of really lovely people. Take a look and consider adding some or all of these great G+ers to your circles!  Have a beautiful Friday!! :o) 

+Heather Koroll - Thank You Robby Ball  for the really excellent circle! You're incredible! Plussed, shared with much appreciation. Have a terrific week! : )

+Chris Winkley  Robby Ball once again thank you, and thank you for all the time you put in to appreciating all those people who are polite, and appreciate what you are doing on g+... 

+tee janna  -  Great one, my compliments!!! Thank you +Robby Ball for having me among these great  people

+Sandra Deichmann  Thanks a lot for including me and for all your efforts to share great circles at G+  :))

+Troy MacDonald   Thank you for always including me, to is always my pleasure to plus and share =) Robby Ball Keep up the momentum and the awesome work buddy! Cheers, - Troy

+Steven Krohn - Thank you +Robby Ball for the inclusion in your most outstanding circle.  I am happy to add it to my circles and to share it the public

+Krzysztof Felczak - Thank you very much +Robby Ball for including me in this great circle. Much appreciated. Will share the circle 

+Igor Schevchenko  Robby Ball Thanks a lot for including me in this great circle, my friend! I'm honored! Have a great Friday!

+LISI RIVERA  - Thank you Robby Ball There is just one moon and one golden sun And a smile means friendship to everyone. Though the mountains divide And the oceans are wide It's a small world after all!

+Fauziah Samad - Hi dear Robby Ball really appreciate what you've done to always sharing with me . Thank you so much for the inclusion.Warm regards to you and family.

+Osiris Jenkins  - Let all say Thank You to +Robby Ball for sharing this with us. Its always great to see his hard work in my feed! 

+Dark Cleo Productions  - Lots of great people to add to your circles including now us, Thanks Robby Ball 

+John Lawson  - Robby Ball continues a great #circleshare resource. Please go to the original post for details. Thanks!

#TSU A Very Interesting NEW free social media  
platform. Definitely worth a look to see. 

PLEASE VISIT the "The Magic of Circles" hosted by +Circle Magic Each day we gather the most active Circles on G+. Circles are #Magic , and if you love them, they will love you back. Are you just getting started and you are staring at and empty page, but you want to get started now. Carefully select, then add or share a Circle and watch your community grow. Once you have gotten started you will start wanting to focus and refine your adds, but getting started by diving in, will hep you to learn really quick what you like and do not like. Sharing circles that catch your eye benefits everyone, Sharing circles can also help you by getting you added others circle and it helps the #circlecurator know he is doing the right thing by getting them recognized and promoted as active circle distributor. The more shares he/she gets THIS WEEK the more people that follow you NEXT WEEK. 


SPECIAL THANK YOU FROM +Circle Magic  - I just wanted to take a second to thank all the best of the best circle promoters, who probably mostly go un-noticed, but without them, the success of the circle sharing would be much more challenging. These SPECIAL people have all dropped by my community "The Magic of Circles" and shared someone else's circle. #TIPHAT to .....

+Logan Lynn Roberts 
+Michael Q Todd 
+Sandra Deichmann  
+Jasmina Brozović 
+Ivana Zuber  
+Suzanne W 
+Abby Baker 
+Ralf Skirr 
+Michael Sonntag 
+Tantalizing Web Marketing 
+Laura Kimmel 
+Laura Sanna La Lupa 

SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE #circlecurators - I cannot forget you either. without your  thankless hard work, building, maintaining, auditing, promoting these lists in the first place, none of us would have anything to promote.

+Big O circles 
+Michael's Awesome Circles  
+Circle Pusher   
+Michael B. Rasmussen  
+Togs Circle Connect 
+Circle Boss 
+Captain R.B. 
+Rusty Ferguson 
+Work With Billy Funk  
+Billy Funk's Sharing 
+Billy Funk 
+Ludovic Moreeuw 
+Jason Levy 
+Google Plus Engagement Circle Share 
+Circle Plus 
+Vladimir Samsonov 
+Tiny Prints 
+Mario Falcetti  
+Carlos Esteban 
+Andrey Vlasoff 
+Auth Icle  
+Riccardo Lemons 
+Paula Teshima 
+Shared Circles Magic G+ 

Here are some of the most amazing circles I have seen released in the last seven days, each of these amazing people have worked really hard to deliver a specialize list just for you

+Chad Mc Whirter 
+Chad Hart  
+Cristina De R.Costa 
+Mario Falcetti  
+Raffaele Romeo Arena  
+Bikash Das 
+Silvio De Rossi   
+The Rusty Ball 
+Marlo Angelo Tito 
+Amig Von Hallen 
+Swapnil singh Solanki 
+Thea Groom 
+Blonde Spotting  
+Circles & Circles & Circles    
+Mary Gunter 
+Cristina De R.Costa 
+Pretty Poison  
+Thomas Kohler  
+Blonde Alien 
+Mariana Lopez de Waard 
+Quality Circle 
+Richard Heby 
+Tancredi Matranga 
+Brandon Leibowitz 
+Tory Stephens 
+Manica Circles 
+Crazy Circles 
+AyJay Schibig 
+Sam Stormborn Ormandy 
+Roy Erling McKellar  
+Amig Von Hallen 
+Corlis Gray   

I know we are all doing this for free, with no real idea of why we are doing this, except that it feels like the right thing to do. One day in the furture it might pay off with a friendlier, happier world. To me saying #thankyou and showing gratitude to fellow human beings is one of the most wonderful expereinces and proves to me that #thankyoumagic every day change the world we live in and make it a little more safer, nicer place for us all to live in. I do not think we can ever have enough appreciation for each other, so I honour, respect and love each and everyone of you for the part you are taking in this endevour with me.

#sharedcircle #publiccircleshare #circleshare #circleoftheday #circleshares #circlesharing #circlesshare #publicsharedcircle #publicsharedcircles #sharedcircleoftheday #sharedcircleoftheweek #sharedcircles   #sharedpubliccircle #todayspublicsharedcircle #todayssharedcircle #publiccircle #circle #circles   #awesome #awesomeness #awesomepeople #shareyourcircle #bestengagers #followers #followback #paulaawesomecircle #awesomecircles #paulateshima #topsharedcircle #topsharedcircle #myseoissocial #besocial #Circlejerk #circlejerks #socializethesocial #trust #circles #sharedcircle #followers #social #socialnetworking #topsharedcircle #communities #topsocialcircle 
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Ciaran Connolly

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Mt. Meru, Tanzania by Hudson Henry
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Remarkable view
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Ciaran Connolly

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Is that a baby fox?
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Ciaran Connolly

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Marketing & Operations
Online Marketing, Marketing, People Management
  • TrezeLtd
    Operations, present
    Helping with marketing for
    Operations, present
    Helping the team running reach as many people as possible. For anti bullying advice, cyber bullying help - interviews and articles. Find Cyberbullying statistics and real stories of what has and is happening online.
  • XRayData
    Operations - Marketing, present is a Cyber Alert - anti bullying system that will help parents be alerted if their child is being bullied on social networks
  • ProfileTree
    Operations, 2010 - present is a website where anyone can advertise their skills or services - also blog or be interviewed about their business - to share their tips and advice with others.
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Clones, Ireland
Belfast, UK - Rochester, Kent - London, UK - Dubai, UAE - Cairo, Egypt
Ciaran Connolly - Irish, working on and more! Do Say hello! :-)
Originally from Clones in Ireland - moved to Belfast and kept moving - London, Dubai, Cairo - and now back to Belfast. Two young boys keeps me very busy!!  

My current project NoBullying - CyberBullying Help - cyber alerts and fighting against online bullying / cyber bullying. 

Check out some of ( in my opinion ) our best articles on this topic - would LOVE your kind support in sharing the message - so do Plus 1 our page and if you can share an article - thank you very much :-)

Now the boring bit ;-) working in an online business -  where people who offer services can do so for free to their local community or international. You can create a profile of your skills and highlight your services through your public profile. 

Check us out at Treze Ltd  ps not the dancer - Ciaran Connolly ;-) 
Bragging rights
Irish:-) Ireland B4 the boom, Dubai during, Cairo After,
  • Life
    Learnt the hard way - retail, operations, customer service, finance- taking all this online and helping people create skills profiles to offer services locally and internationally. Helping people find employment or just find work on a temporary basis, present
  • St Macartan's College, Monaghan
  • University of Ulster
    BA Hons Business Studies and Marketing, 1999
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