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Mauro Marchetti Photography

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Maria è una semplice mamma, come ce ne sono molte tra di noi, che ha voluto ritagliarsi un giorno a lei dedicato per ricaricarsi di sano narcisismo e voglia di sentirsi bella.
Il tutto si è svolto in circa 2 ore, compreso il trucco e l'acconciatura, con l'ottimo risultato di 13 foto meravigliose che rimarranno per sempre nel suo cuore e dei suoi cari.
Maria is a simple mom, as there are many around us, who wanted to spend a day devoted to her to reload healthy narcissism and feel beautiful.
Everything took place in about 2 hours, including make up and hairstyle, with the excellent result of 13 wonderful photos that will remain forever in her heart and in her beloved ones.

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"Escape from melancholy"

Camera: LG Nexus 5X
Model: Nastya
Studio: NS-Studio, Saratov, Russia
Light: natural window light

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Beard and Mustache championship: amazing artists! Hope one day to see this beautiful creations with my eyes.

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It was some years ago, a shooting day for brides wedding dresses;
Usually is very difficult to find the right own bridal gown for each woman, but when you find it and your heart start to feel the happiness, that is the right one.

#bridal #weddingdress #wedding #bridalgown #photographer

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The importance of family photos, you are not taking enough!

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Hyperlapse Journey Through the Ancient City of Rome
It’s a timelapse and hyperlapse journey through the Eternal City with creative transitions.
“Rome has endured for over 2,800 years and has a history and an appeal like no other city in the world, the mixture of the modern city and the plethora of monuments, piazzas, villas, museums, churches, Egyptian obelisks, along with the Colosseum, the Forum and Vatican City results in an epic, glorious ambience that will have you hooked and anticipating your next visit."
© Kirill Neiezhmakov photographer

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Six Ways to Grow Your Skills and Your Business

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Tips for Shooting Aerial Photos from a Helicopter
How to take pictures out of a helicopter?
Alex Stelmacovich access to unparalleled views that you would never see otherwise. Read it. ;)
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