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Most reports on Google's driverless car focuses on the gee-whiz and misses the millions of lives saved and trillions in revenue thrown up for grabs.  I try to fix that in a new series at Forbes.  Here's the first piece.

I hope you'll take a look and share your comments.

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The best take on the driverless car I´ve seen, great work. Eager to see the next articles...
thanks, daniel.  i appreciate the kind words.   look for the next piece early next week.
Excellent article. Look forward to learning from the series.
Great work and thought provoking.    This is the first time I've seen someone take a real look at the economic implications of "Driverless" vehicles.   I've often wondered about the displacement of entire sections of the workforce, e.g., taxicab drivers.     We might not have seen an example of this kind of workforce displacement since the late 1800 when the automobile replaced horses.     

Looking forward to the next piece.
I ended up finding this because +Haydn Shaughnessy referenced it in his article yesterday. But, it's as if he didn't read what you wrote. You're talking about the disruption, not just the business opportunity.

Great to finally start finding people that are seeing it correctly. Thanks for this series.
And only one more suggestion. At the end of your next piece, add "or you can follow me on Google+". Give us some love. ;o)
Great work! I look forward to reading part II and III.
Good point, Bob.  I'm going to do that right now.
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