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A couple of other Forbes writers have responded to my columns on the driverless car.  Summation of their views in a word:  "Nonsense" and "Baloney," respectively.  Spirited discussions are going on.  Take a look.

Here's one:
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No idea as "altering" as a driverless car could ever happen in a vacuum. Several groups have & will work on it for years. Is Google the ones that will pull it off? Only looking in hindsight, 10 years from now, will we answer that. But the economic implications if the tech are very real. 
The driverless car will be beneficial for all. I'm sure the auto industry, hospitals and the business of the insurance companies will adapt.  Can't wait for part 2.
Here is my take on driverless cars:

I got much the same conclusions as +Chunka Mui .
It's inevitable and it is going to change our whole society. Can't wait.

I also read  through some of Google's related patents and there is some interesting stuff there. I also blogged about those, but in short: Google is trying to patent something the traditional car companies are not good at and may have an advantage there that could offer it significant benefits in the short to medium term. We might be looking at a similar development path that windows had in the market place.
+Joe Taber thanks got it!
I particularly enjoy the endless possibilities of how to use the commute time. Productivity on steroids! Video conference calls, meetings, school carpool, etc, etc. 
+Joe Taber  thanks.  btw, articles are linked at Forbes.  Is that what you mean?
I really don't see his point (Haydn Shaughnessy), I might be missing his point. Fine, there are other companies working on autonomous cars. There has been interest in this for 30 years. All possibly true. This doesn't contradict anything in +Chunka Mui 's articles. Will it be Google? will Google make cars? Who cares?
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