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Google Apps Developer Challenge IO Round up

If you are developing for the Google Apps Developer Challenge, then you should be interested in the following highlights from  #IO12 on Google Drive and Apps Scripts. I have added the relevant blog posts and resources if you want more information.

Google Drive: New version of the Google Drive SDK released!
-exposes all standard file operations (
-exposes methods to list, search files, convert between formats, copy files, manage revisions, and share files with users
-new client libraries and examples: .Net, Go, Java, Javascript, Objective C,PHP, Python and Ruby
-Full Mobile Support for Android and IOS Apps
-Installation of apps via the Chrome Web Store is no longer required (but remember you can upload your competition entries to the Chrome Web Store AFTER the 24th of August)
-Easier sharing of files on SDK

Have questions about Drive SDK? Please visit:

Apps Script: Remember this URL : !
-Can create scripts from  or from Google Drive. Projects saved in Drive.
-Use HtmlService to create web apps using HTML, client-side JavaScript, and CSS.
-Use jQuery to build web apps
-Store application’s data using ScriptDB, an embedded JSON database for Apps Script.
-Now able to publish your Apps Script Web Apps on the Chrome Web Store. (Again for the  #gappschallenge , this has to be after 24th August 2012 )

Have questions about Apps Scripts? Visit:

All other important updates about other platforms can be found on the +Google Developers  blog post:

Also, catch up with office hours on the Google Developer Live site:

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yes I think this would be a great addition to think about :D, might be somthing there I was looking for. :D
i have an idea but lazy to execute it... -_- i hope to find the time...  i am quite certain i could win this... cause everyone would use this hehe 
Hmmmm....too lazy to win twenty grand? come on man! Put your money where your mouth is. Submit your app and show us what you got!
i will soon work on it... I can only do this once, so i have to do it right. :)
is android apps allowed? or is it strictly web apps ?
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