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Chuck Topinka
Internet Marketer since 1995
Internet Marketer since 1995

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#RorschachDoodle I see... hip bones.

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Hmmm... one less reason to hold on to my laptop.
Kickstarter is kicking CES's ass. is more useful than 99.999% of the gadgets I have seen and it was funded by Kickstarter and isn't part of CES. This makes it possible to touch type on on iPad.

It ships at the end of February. $44.95. I just ordered one. Steven Isaac, CEO, is showing it to me.

Kickstarter is a new way guys like Steven can get funded. Steven got $200,000 from individual backers.

Here is audio of Steven showing it to me:

In my tests in using it I'm twice as fast as just typing on the iPad's screen.

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Hmm... might get one of these for the new office.
Folding Chair 3.0

The last folding chair I shared with you was pretty cool, but this one takes the cake!

I love Google's hold music: "They said be patient, patiently waiting ain't for me, they said maybe someday, but I don't like playing wait and see."

Lost in translation? Seen on site: "...friend us on facebook and follow our twits."

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Who doesn't love a free phone?
Best Buy has a one-day deal today (Wednesday, August 3rd): a free Nexus S phone for AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile if you do a 2-year contract.

I use a Nexus S as my main phone, and it's a great device.

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Just did a Google search and there were only 2 organic site results. Everything else was AdWords, Youtube or Places. WTF?

Not sure why, but periods outside quotes are really starting to bug me.
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