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Does anyone remember the app that +Francisco Franco used to show all the cores individual speeds?

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St Patrick's Day parade in Washington DC

I know this is a dead horse... But...on liquid ROM they r saying to delete certain files from Franco kernel to make it work with their ROM. Are there any negative side effects that anyone knows? I prefer Franco , but I also prefer liquid as a ROM.

Folders inside folders? Could that be an option? Sure would be easy to maintain a very minimal look on the home screen with quick access to organized folders/covers inside of folders/covers. 

Definitely have alignment issues after the latest updates... Folders turned into covers and icons not in folders or covers are misaligned... At least for me. 

When I apply DCiconZ theme action launcher force closes....I don't know about other themes.

+Chris Lacy if we don't see 1.7 soon I'm going to go on a hunger strike. My life is in your hands.

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Darkest Days, Seether, Bush, and Nickleback.....rock on! No Sammy this will have to do.

Watch "Attacked by wild animals!" on YouTube
Attacked by wild animals!
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